1. Honestly the blocking dead deserves some love. Some people say they shouldn't add a new map because the map is "Iconic", but honestly just having one map gets super stale over time. It's such a great game yet it hasn't been giving a content update ever (I think).
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  2. JulianElf

    JulianElf Active Member

    Yes. They won't do it, but I sure would like them to add a new map :D
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  3. As a new map a graveyard might be interesting. Maybe give zombies pumpkin heads for the month of October. Even a zombie hoard at Santa's workshop would be cool. (pun intended) A new map is Definitely needed.
  4. Yeah, while I think a permanent map (not seasonal) would be better, if they still really want that map to be an icon for the blocking dead they can keep it that way if they only add seasonal maps and keep the original map as the main one.
  5. I don't have an opinion. But this is intriguing.
  6. Even this animation proofs it
  7. The best Halloween update would be removing Blocking Dead

    jk jk
  8. Lol, you mean your opinion is that this is intriguing?
  9. Yeah, updates have long been overdue.
  10. Tormin

    Tormin Well-Known Member

    The Bloodlust BLOOD
    good idea
  11. Maybe the original map developer isn't in team now, but I wish…:rolleyes:
  12. If you are observant enough and have played this map for long enough, you might have spotted the road between the gas station and cornfield lead to vase expansive area with a forest of some sort, connected by a tunnel.

    Thus I speculate the original map maker left some room for expansion when the map was created.

    So I think maybe the blocking dead map can be further expanded, so its iconic setup can be retained while giving new content to the players.

    Or a new map featuring a neighboring town, so to speak with parts of the structures in the original map featured on the edge could be considered as well.
  13. JulianElf

    JulianElf Active Member

    Well the original map was based off of a board game, and I think the tunnel was more for atmospheric purposes than possible expansion. I bet if they made another map it would just be a different map, not attached.

    Blocking Dead starts around 2:30
  14. This is pretty interesting, I didn't know that! This is probably the major reason why they say it's "iconic", but I still believe they can totally add another map (I know you're not arguing against this).
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  15. JulianElf

    JulianElf Active Member

    Yeah, I actually saw the actual board game in person too and the map is made of interlocking, double-sided tiles for each of the corners and the middle can change as well. Basically, each corner can be switched out for something else in the board game, so that'd be great material for another map ;)
  16. it won't happen, give up arcade gamers
  17. Worth a try IMO
  18. Post farming?

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