1. Discontinued.

    ez 80mil

    No scamming/exploiting involved btw!
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  2. Idk is it tested? If so I may be interested but probably like 10mil plus if its legit since peoples want the horse.
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  3. I have 2 hands so I can get 3500-4000 with your method?
    Also did you factor in Hypixel's math, they calculate 6+9=5
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  4. just post it public for the clout
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  5. I tested it and it works, I give a money-back guarantee if you dont get the horse in the next few events, so dont worry!
  6. Is this using a lobby fill party, or solo?
  7. you only need yourself to do it.

    By the way I will not reply to any comments asking how to do it.
    DM me on forums, you will have to pay me and I will tell you how to do it.

    By paying me, you are guaranteed a horse or your money back, if you dont get horse back in next few events.
  8. Why do u need 4k,go behind the mountain in a private lobby and farm skeletons
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  9. is it bug-related? if so I would report it to get a game breaker
    if it isn’t bug related I would say sell it for like 5-10mil or just tell everyone

    or the third (and best) option, tell me, your biggest fan, the method and nobody else
  10. 4k is overkill but you can get it every single event!
  11. I KNOW FPF reads this thread and thought...

    aw shit... waitron has the goods...
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  12. Lol theres plenty of ways to do this. One is not used and I won't say it, the other 4 are like any of the spiders den/empty hub methods mainly jockies.
  13. isn't it really JUST ABOUT HAVING THE ARMOR???




    admin of adNIMS
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  14. Horse pet i useless,plus vampire mask ghast method got patched,so no
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  15. I just wanted to know whether I needed to pay anyone else besides you thats all.
  16. says the dude with 83 fairy souls
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  17. would u be nice and tell it to a guild member lmao jk
  18. I mean the method is quite obviously jockey farm / pit so stop trying to sell methods you didn’t even come up with. There’s a established community for horse payments (I’ve done them forever) and I’ve always charged 5-10m if you want to keep drops or give drops and help pay for alts. As you probably know you need to fill a lobby. Idrc about money so I mean you could charge 20m. I know when we did end fills (gurenteed first) we charged 20m as we had to get real players.
  19. you dont know what it is. It is something new lol
  20. hevex

    hevex Active Member

    Ideal IDEAL
    would you like me to get an admin to investigate your account buddy?
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