1. i tried to do some new things. Tell me what u Think:
    Do u like the black bars?
    Do u like the coloring?
    Do u like no coloring (1:21)
    Do u like screenbumbps and or velocity? (1:21)
    thx for leaving feedback :D
  2. for some reason the thumbnail's quality decreased when i uploaded it rip :(
  3. The black bars look good, I'd say the cc is a bit too harsh when added to the clips with greener graphics. Maybe try to turn down the opacity a bit to make it blend more with the video itself or use another color for those clips? Just to make it easier to look at.
    Velocity and screenbumps are a nice effect tho, as long as they are smooth and blend together :)

    Also, do you have motion blur enabled? If not then I'd suggest that as it makes the edit a bit smoother ^-^
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  4. Thx for leaving such great feedback <3
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  5. gj
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  6. Ty <3
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  7. I didnt know what motion blur was so i checked ot out and sadly i cant use it my fps is too low and it makes the whole screen lag like 10 times more but thx for the tip!!
  8. Oh ok, yeah that's understandable, it's very useful for more complex editing tho so keep that in mind if you move on to making other types of videos! ^-^
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  9. tilting your screen side to side seems unnecessary for so long
    the filter looks odd but it is probably because you dont have fresh renders and a clean texture pack
    the screen bumps and speed ups seem to quick but it looks like the problem here is the song being not easy to edit with
    you don't have to speed up everytime instead you can do a screen bump alone
    From what you made near the end it looks like you're aiming towards this:
    (old montage from the LEGEND himself Clipay)
    p.s. this is my opinion you can edit it any way you want
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  10. Thx for the tip also what is the name of the yt his vid was awesome ;)
  11. swoop all the egirls cutie
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  12. Xd <3
  13. the channel with the video is his channel he just unlisted all his vids
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  14. got anymore links of unlisted videos?? xd
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