1. there should be an achievement in sky block that requires you to plant a certain amount of trees on your island to get #teamtrees !!!
  2. teamtrees is related to plant irl trees. this would only makes any sence, if hypixel would donate like a dollar for everyone who got that archivement, and I am not sure that they can afford that/would want to do that.
  3. Ah yes I have to upgrade my foraging skills to get strength now bye
  4. still it would be kinda cool for an achievement for everyone to have :/ maybe they dont have to give a dollar they could give like sappling called something related to team trees
  5. ALAND

    ALAND Active Member

    Fortitude MIND
    TeamTrees: Wants to plant trees and protect the environment.

    Hypixel: Yeah it's time for a foraging update to let players cut more trees.
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  6. Dimerite

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  7. I ment that it would just not be ok to use the Name TeamTrees without actual planting irl trees.

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