1. make it so the greater priest has a golden apple icon in the buy menu, instead of an enchanted regular apple.

    The reason for this change is to make it more apparent when the normal priest is upgraded to the greater priest, so people won't buy them thinking that these are regular priests (has happened to me multiple times.)
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  2. Can't tell you how many times i've misclicked on it while trying to increase income :p
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  3. same ;p
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  4. Also make Spider Jokeys' icon a skeleton skull and either the normal or Charged Creeper's icon to gunpowder.
  5. bit off topic but does anyone actually use priest as an offensive mob
  6. No, but I've had High Priests steal lives for me.
  7. I rarely get the opportunity to do so, but priests mixed with tanky units can be quite nice, the heal is significant.

    A group of priests by themselves is pretty tanky too though if theres not enough single target damage out. Even more so for high priests.
  8. Likaos

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  9. The issue I have is that priests are slow, so while yes they can work well with tanky mobs they can only do so with mobs of the same speed, and slow mobs die the fastest
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  10. Golden apples... why not cake?
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