1. Ok, i was just wondering.

    the Tarantula Leggings, they do seem... weak.
    i understand that you need it for the full set bonus and the unique piece effect (stacking defence the more spiders you kill) kinda makes them worth it even with no additional stats, but if you just look at the raw stats:

    60 health
    20 defence

    in comparison, the helmet, which requires less materials (2 stacks of ench iron less):

    100 health
    80 defence
    100 int
    +1% crit damage per 10 str

    another comparison, LAPIS LEGGINGS:

    35 defence

    that is nearly double the defence.

    the stats just seem really off.
    like said, the item should be worth it even with zero stats -- but it just feels so wrong having an item being more expensive and less useful which is in the exact same line. (helmet <-> leggings) boots being strong, i can understand; it's the most expensive piece of the set. the chestplate is in line with the rest of the item stats as well.

    just... the leggings. they r so weak.
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  2. sirgrindalot

    sirgrindalot Active Member

    Oh yeah. This is weird.
  3. the spider bosses keep poking holes through my pants
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  4. that's pretty lewd
  5. anyone else finds this... weird?
  6. Ya the pants are really bad. Loads of people been complaining bout them stats ever since it came out.

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