1. I have an aotd and when I hit a mob. I deal only 10k can someone tell me the best reforge for my talismens to get better damage. Down you can see all my talismen so that u can tell me which one to reforge.

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  2. Smartboy7

    Smartboy7 Well-Known Member

    once they add scavenger ring and scavenger artifact you should fill your talisman bag with a bunch of those
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  3. wow thats kinda sad
    ok first get more tailsman(i dont have a guide on me, just look at a tailsman list made by clowns or something
    then reforge legend/epic to godly rare itchy and uncommon godly/zealous(until 80% cc) if u not at 80% cc then use commons to get cc as well
  4. There is a talisman optimizer Discord (sorry can't leave link) There is a bot that tells you the best reforges for all your talismans which is actually pretty cool
  5. I tried but it told me to make all my talismens itchy so. I did it and when i tried I get 8k rather than 10k
  6. Explain how u have half of superior but your top kill isn’t even past 1k...
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  7. maybe a new profile this profile is a month old low skills low stats.
    but how do u got half sup aotd and dh IV runnaans, with only a few talismans
  8. Bytr

    Bytr Active Member

    Get every single one on bizarre, if you don’t have enough money to reforge literally sell everything, trust me it’s worth it
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  9. BeltonFlintlock

    BeltonFlintlock Active Member

    Jesus Christ you need more talismans. I would recommend Thiryvirus' "how to get every talisman, and in what order" forum post. Like you are severely lacking on talismans. I don't even see how its possible
  10. That’s what I meant but I was too lazy to type all that
  11. ZAlex1029

    ZAlex1029 New Member

    Why do you have full superior and so few talismans? Judging from your top kills you barely play the game. What did you do to get full superior?
  12. A bit unoriginal
  13. Spike_

    Spike_ Active Member

    Duplicate talismans and their reforges don't stack
  14. Coop
  15. Its my Coop hes not playing not that much so he told me to take care of his stuff.
  16. and people call me bad for dealing 24k damage a hit with my aotd full superior
  17. Another reason why level limits are needed for gear.
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  18. Right!
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  19. I feel your pain :(
  20. I do almost double your damage with aotd and tara + 3/4 strong so yeah that's pretty bad

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