1. Hey there! I’m knight14610, and I can make you a free 3D Render for a profile picture! I enjoy making profile pictures, even though I’m definitely not a master. :p

    For those of you wondering what I use, I use Blender, a free 3D Animation software, to create my renders. For props and players I use a collection of rigs I’ve collected over the past few years, including Black Plasma’s character rig.

    Here’s an example of what one would look like, in this case, it’s for @Hypixel:

    And here is an example of two I made for @TheFatalConceit, which uses a couple different props, and @RememberSlain, which uses a gradient background color:



    Here are some of my favorites out of the ones that I’ve made:





    YouAreAmazing Request 2.png

    Minicheat Request.png

    @knight14610 (mine)
    knight14610 Request.png




    B78808E8-1294-4F2D-8BB7-2015C3942D9A.jpeg B3D70450-4C68-4EDB-AAD7-311C21D66B70.jpeg



    Special Renders
    March 2018 Helper Congratulation

    Past Work Showcase
    D5A38321-DE56-4B2E-8BC1-3D6C5C9ACBAB.jpeg 5D7B1320-0ECC-46C5-BF3B-B12A826819C7.jpeg 291A605C-2C9C-4199-922D-D48A1FB210B0.jpeg 9BC36591-4451-4DA2-8795-E4762DB76240.jpeg

    Request Form
    If you want me to make you one just comment down below with your ign, the color you want surrounding you, text content if you want text, and if you would want some basic props or so.

    Use this format please:

    Player Color (color surrounding player):
    Text (if wanted):
    Text Color (if applicable, white is suggested):
    Animals (Optional, include positioning if wanted):
    Props (Optional; Blocks and Armor are included in this but be specific about positioning for blocks):
    Other Criteria (for things not included above):

    Concerning items (like weapons, foods, etc.) I may be able to use a custom texture that you want BUT only if you link the custom texture into your post along with your request. Even then I may not be able to do it, but I’ll try my best! :D

    Also note that custom items will take significantly longer to do, so only do this if you really really want to.

    Black will always be used for the background color because other colors will not necessarily contrast as well with the text and the player color. Black has also shown consistent high-quality results with these kinds of renders, and for this reason I am not opening up the background color to customization. If you can give me a good reason to make the background different I may make an exception.

    Please know that the more criteria you add the longer it will take for me to create the render.

    You are free to request multiple renders at once/stack them in the queue, but know if you do so that:

    1. You can have a maximum of three different renders in the queue at once.
    2. If you don’t request your multiple renders at the same time they will go into the queue as if they are separate (you will still get your renders one at a time regardless).


    The main times I will be able to work on renders are on the weekends and later at night on weekdays (for me approx. 7-9 CST) but I occasionally have access to my programs and files during the day on weekdays while I’m at school. I’m also available during school breaks.

    I look forward to working on pfps. :D


    EDIT 1: I’m temporarily locking new requests so I can catch up on the ones I have now. :p
    EDIT 2: Requests are re-opened!
    EDIT 3: Updated the request format, allows for further customization
    EDIT 4: Temp locked requests to catch up on new ones
    EDIT 5: Requests unlocked!
    EDIT 6: Custom item requests are now available as long as the texture is provided.
    EDIT 7: Locked Requests to work on something cool
    EDIT 8 (3/9/18): Requests reopened!
    EDIT 9 (3/14/18): requests locked while working on small fight animation
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  2. Ign: MagicTin
    Color: Anything cool
    Text (if wanted): MagicTin
    Props (Optional): Anything cool

    Looks great! Thanks!
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  3. Thank you!

    Are you sure you don’t want to choose a color? Also using props will take me significantly longer, so make sure to choose something specific so I make sure I get you what you want. :p
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  4. Ign: Cooldude18364
    Color: Grey
    Text (if wanted): None thanks
    Props (Optional): Just a nice pose

    Thanks :D
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  5. Color: Green
    Props: None

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  6. Ok thanks!

    I’ll get on it!
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  8. Ign:MagicJer10
    Text (if wanted): MagicJer10
    Props (Optional): Anything pvp style
    Thank you so much! :)
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2018
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  10. #10
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  11. I’m glad you like it! :D
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  13. WolfRift

    WolfRift Well-Known Member

    N0L1F35 NOLIFE
    IGN: WolfRift
    Color: Blue
    Text: None
    Props: Cookie
  14. iEric

    iEric Well-Known Member

    thorn v2 THORN
    Ign: iEric
    Color: Green
    Text (if wanted): iEric
    Props (Optional): If the pose would look cooler with a prop, feel free to add anything. Thanks!
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  16. No problemo
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  17. IGN: XNetherNitroX
    Color: Dark Blue
    Text: XNetherNitroX
    Props: Diamond Sword

    Please put me in a landing pose, or a fighting pose.

    Thanks! I can't wait!
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  19. Ign: PopularYouTube
    Color: Anytime cool
    Text (if wanted): No
    Props (Optional) Anything cool
    Thank you so much! :D
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