1. So superior does 100 more damage than strong now,let's ask this question."How often do you get superiors?" Oh the answer is "never"? Okay "How often do you get strong dragons?" Your answer is "always"?
    Superior used to cost at least 24 mil,that was if you bought the frags. I don't get why you should just rip off people like that when it is so expensive and hard to get compared to strong. It is just completely poop,all the superior owners just lost at least 14 mil. Honestly makes me wanna quit,we've been waiting 1 month for an update and this is what they give us.
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  2. epicicecream123

    epicicecream123 Active Member

    We riot in the streets
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  3. JustRayToday

    JustRayToday New Member

    I dont own surperior but, I understand your frustration with this. Hope they rethink this out more clearly. +1
  4. Yay
  5. I thing your forgetting the fact that superior gives base speed, crit dmg, chance and intel
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  6. This is
    The worst
    'lets nerf clay minions but leave other minions making tons despite the fact that the nerf will do nothing but screw over those who have used clay minions for money instead of magma minions'
    'lets "FIX" superior armor lolololol because it wasnt already broken enough'

    1/10 update
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  7. The update was never intended to be a balancing update, you can't expect the devs to spend equal time thinking about balance while half the items in the game are broken due to bugs. It makes way more sense to fix the bugs, see how the items intentionally play, and then based off the items intentional stats, decide how much of a buff/nerf it needs.

    If the armour seems weak now, then it could well be in the next round of balancing updates they update it to actually have the additional boost to damage, or even just a slightly smaller one (say if they decide 5% is too much they make it 2%).

    The update only had 2 balancing changes, and they were because the items in question were quote OP (in terms of making money, at least).

    Also for those of you about the clay minion - this game is still way in beta, there's going to be patches to change the value of things all the time until everything is balanced the way it should be. Lots of different minions are doing to see a lot of different changes while they work out the economy of the system - it's not like clay minions are useless either. I haven't tested it, but clay minions are still one of the more profitable ones, and according to some users they're still actually one of the top minions (above diamond ones) (which if anything goes to show how broken they were given you can reduce their income by 33% and still have one of the most profitable minions in the game lol).
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  8. It would be nice if we got some sort of warning about these updates. The same thing happened with Diver's armor during the fishing update. It just feels like we're chasing our own tails trying to get the best armor in the game or the best minion in the game when the next moment its nerfed.

    Time to go back to chopping pumpkins because that's all the devs seem to consistently want us to do
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  9. The game's still in beta, there's not much point in posting pre-updates until the game is fully released.

    Also, this was a bug fix update, they shouldn't need to consult the community before fixing bugs. You can give your feedback on what needs to be buffed/nerfed when they work on an update that specifically focuses on buffing or nerfing things.
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  10. The setup for those clay minions is the problem. Diamond minions only need a regular compactor, but getting clay minions and leaving them anywhere for more than a few hours pretty much requires you to get a super compactor. While I agree that they price was too overpowered there should be some sort of notice before changes are implemented. The sword "bug patch" reduced my maxed aote to something that can't even take out the 9k endermen. If the goal of the game is to have a repetitive farming task to get items it would make sense for late game armor to make that task easier.

    This feels like a let down in terms of communication to the community. We are still waiting for official skyblock rules so that everything is cleared up. The problems with superior and sharpness are not more problematic than things that delete items (still the quiver arrow glitch) and the lack of clarity in the rules. Dms and other forms of communication claim to be open, but its always a struggle to contact anyone higher up in the community. Sometimes even the staff don't know what's going on (AFK pools are bannable incident), and people will sometimes get banned even when an admin has claimed that an activity is okay.

    When you hide sneaky patches in the updates it causes trust to falter with the community. Things should be made clear upfront, and maybe talk with the late game players about what they think would be best? It seems like a lot of this came from the perspective of fixing multiple bugs, but if that's such an issue why are my items still getting deleted? There's little to no support for half the issues on the network. I understand that some of you are over worked and stressed out. Skyblock has become bigger than any of you have ever imagined. Please don't make it a long and frustrating experience for everyone in the late game though. This has a lot of potential and I'd hate to see it wasted

    I'm going back to pumpkin farming now. Thanks for reading.
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  11. at least we have aspect of the jerry to compensate for that
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  12. It's sad when this was the only thing "added" that brings new content to the game while all of the existing content was substantially tarnished
  13. Buts its so OP, why would you need superior armor when u have a sword much better than 50 mil midas.
  14. So...
    This update was not meant to have balancing changes because devs didn't have time to think about a good balance fix but we still went ahead and balanced stuff anyway?
  15. This shouldn't be blamed onto the developers, rules for this are made by staff managers, and the devs have little to no input on this - so this can't really be pushed onto their plate when looking at updates and stuff.

    The game's in beta, and with such frequent updates, it can't really go the community before releasing every update - especially when these updates are basically bug fixes (yes I know clay was a balancing patch however you agree clay was OP, so in beta it's inevitable to get nerfed eventually).

    But this is why they did it! Now they can buff the swords to where they want them to be, without having to worry about fixing damage bugs after - you can't accurate buff a bugged item, as if you buff it, if you fix a bug that effects damage then you undo any balancing on the items effected. Items need to be bug-free to ensure that they can balance them fairly. If you buff first, then you bug fix, you have to buff it again to counter the changes made by the bug fix - this way, by fixing the bugs first, they need only buff the item once, rather than twice.

    Items that are deleted are because they're either bugged items that you shouldn't have, or that you've stacked items improperly (for example stacking unstackable items). I'm not sure how communicative they are in bugs, however the end game will be to not have any items removed when the game is fully released - your best bet is to report it when it happened so they can prevent you from getting impossible items again in the future (and if you can't get them, you can't loose them).

    Devs spent the time fixing bugs - not thinking about how to balance the game.

    They didn't balance anything other than clay or ice minions, one of which was agreeably OP (and is still strong), and I haven't seen anyone complaining about ice so I'll assume everyone's fine with that.
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  16. Yeah, Clay minion was overpowered.
    But was it still justified? is it considered okay to just nerf a minion people spent hours getting because its 'broken?'
    Not to mention that there are MANY more minions that make MUCH more money that haven't been nerfed.

    Point is nerfing clay minions did nothing but remove a huge source of income from a group of people, and certainly did not fix OP minions in general
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  17. Such as? I mean bear in mind the time it takes to farm clay over other things is higher, because you can go into mines and mine some stuff, but clay is sorta just clay in the end.

    What you're implying is that the devs don't balance anything in the game ever and just leave it exactly how it is because everyone has the stuff that they want and setup exactly so what they have right now is the best. It's still in beta, stuff like this will change all the time - if anything it's a reason to stay so that you can stay infront, rather than maxing your minions, kicking back, and doing nothing but fishing all day.
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  18. 1. such as magma minions and blaze minions

    Lets say you have a job. You've spent Ages getting this job (ages fishing up clay) and at long last you have it! The job pays about 30k a month, (since clay minions represent this job, and clay minions are 'op')
    Then one day you're told your only going to earn 20k a month
    no warning
    no valid reasoning other than 'you got paid to much'
    all your coworkers still get paid 30k, some get paid 40k or 50k, but they didnt lose part of their paycheck for 'being paid to much'

    Your probably going to be upset that you just lost 33% of your income
  19. 42Wolf

    42Wolf New Member

    What minions, was better than the Clay Minion in term of income at hours?

    And to be fair, its not a problem for the superrior armor, since we've get the AotJ

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