1. NettwixAndKill

    NettwixAndKill Active Member

    I just got the super compactor 3000 and all it does is turns resources into their enchanted form. I thought, when a minion collected resources, it would turn that resource into an enchanted one. What are your thought about this block?

    71680 cobblestone mined
    25600 redstone dust collected
    15+ Hours mining.
    I was seriously let down by this. This item is so useless and I don't get why its even an item. I spent all this time thinking I would get this really OP item, but instead I get an item that does things that I could do.

    I realized that I totally misread it and it’s my fault for crafting it all the way. I should’ve of made the connection between compactor and super compactor.
    I also realized it would be too OP if it transformed items into the enchanted form. I realized it’s full potential with monster minions and other non-block minions because you can be off all night and the minion wouldn’t even be close to full. If you didn’t have the super compactor it would be a huge waste of time because it would’ve been full for a while.
    I like someone's Idea but I forgot who it was:
    The super compactor should have an X percent of chance to transform a block into the enchanted form. I think maybe 1 to 3 percent.
    Even though I might not like the way it works and it might be useless to me, I need to keep the rest of the community in mind and remember that it could be a really good item for them.
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  2. Disagree
  3. Next time you should understand what the items do. Normal compactors are easy to get and they work the same way as this.

    Also if it took you 15 hours to grind this then you probably don’t have enough resources to get a max tier item.

    Its not useless, it just gives you more storage
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  4. It states it clearly IMO

    It is a good item BC u don't have to take out items from the minion.

    You could be offline for weeks and it would still produce resources
  5. NettwixAndKill

    NettwixAndKill Active Member

    Why do you disagree?
    i don’t care about storage because my Co-Op has 3 players and atleast one is on everyday so it feels like it’s useless.
    I misread it, I think it should clarify. And I can be off for weeks, but I rarely am, and I have several other people in my coop.
  6. I disagree because if it turned 1 normal item into 1 enchanted item, this would be insane. An enchanted item usually costs 160 of a normal item.

    Also the way it works right now is pretty good because crafting enchanted items actually takes so long if you think about it. You only get 2 from putting 5 stacks of an item into the crafting table.
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  7. Super compressor 3000
    Costs 3000
    Uses 300 hours to get
    Usage 30%
    Convince 3%
    And score given 0.3

    This is what super compressor 3000 stands for
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  8. It’s mostly used for items that don’t have a block version, like rotten fles, bones, obsidian, glowstone etc. This makes it so they can farm the whole night and produce a ton. That’s why it’s pretty good, but I do think it should get little buff.
  9. LosokosGPL

    LosokosGPL New Member

    It is a time saver, And storage saver.
    If you combine it with a cormal compactor it would save you loads of space.
    For example:
    1 enchanted diamond is 160 normal diamonds which is 2.5 stacks
    Diamond minion lvl 2 can hold up to 192 items.
    192 times 160 = 30720 diamonds (if not enchanted)
    now if you were using a normal compactor too:
    One enchanted block of diamond is 25600 diamonds
    now if you multiply that by 192 (the storage of lvl 2 minion)
    it will be 4915200 diamonds.
    Although it would take ages to fill up, it is still pretty OP
    Remember that its wihout any Storage chests and only lvl 2 minion
    Soooooo... yeah its pretty good
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  10. Strong disagree, this item is very useful for storage AND you don't have to craft the enchanted forms. People who are getting this early game and then complaining that its useless really need to understand what things do first. Yes, it was extremely hard to get because you aren't supposed to get it yet, its a late game item, so yes, its useless to you.
  11. NettwixAndKill

    NettwixAndKill Active Member

    Yes, I agree that it would be OP.
    And also it takes like no time at all. I don’t get what you mean when you say it takes no time.
    That’s what small storages are used for. I see a tiny use of it now, but other items that are much cheaper can be used for the same purpose. I agree that it should get a buff, maybe like it doesn’t cost as much to make an enchanted version of the block.

    It’s not good cause who’s going to wait that long. I mean if is a 1 person group and you aren’t on much, yea it’s good, but if it’s a coop and people are on everyday it has little to no use.
    what will the use of it be later in the game?
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  12. LosokosGPL

    LosokosGPL New Member

    Even if so, you will get a lot just overnight.
    And i am sure that there will be some days when nobody is around. I mean its summer, and i dont think or at least i hope that it wont be the only thing you and your friends are going to be doing whole summer time
  13. What takes no time?
  14. t61493

    t61493 Member

    Your math is right, but there are a couple mechanics that you did not take into consideration.

    First off for the regular compactor:
    Assuming your minion is level 2, you can only hold a total of 129 diamond blocks in the minion. Why 129 diamond blocks and not 192 you ask? Well, you need a slot open for the diamonds to get to 9 before it makes a diamond block. Let me explain: since there are three slots, there will be two stacks of diamond blocks and 8 diamonds, once it mines one more time, the diamonds go to 9 and creates a diamond block. Since there is no more slot for the regular diamonds, it will replace that slot with a diamond block. So therefore the max amount of diamond blocks you can have in a level 2 diamond minion is 129.

    Next is the super compactor 3000:
    You have to have 3 slots open for diamonds. Two and a half stacks makes one enchanted diamond, so you need a min of 4 slots for it to be efficient (3 for the regular diamonds and 1 for the enchanted diamond). So you need a level 4 minion BUT if you have a minion that produced two resources (cow [leather, raw beef], chicken [feather, raw chicken], etc.) You would need a minimum of a level 6 minion which has 9 slots available. I just established that you would need 4 slots for one enchanted item, so this would work.

    Last but not least is the Enchanted diamond block:
    What you just said is that you can get an enchanted diamond block with only 3 slots. But considering what I just said, that is not the case. All of what I'm about to say is if you are able to make 160 enchanted diamonds into 1 enchanted diamond block with the super compactor 3000. For it to work, you would need that minion to be at least level 6 to be efficient, 3 slots for regular diamonds, 3 slots for enchanted diamonds, and one for the enchanted diamond block. Sure you can make one enchanted diamond block with a level 4 diamond minion, but it can't stack to 64 since there is 6 slots in that level 4 diamond minion compared to the 9 in the level 6 diamond minion.

    In all honesty, it will take forever to get 1 of those enchanted diamond blocks. MATH TIME

    Let's say your minion is level 11, it will do an "action" every 15 seconds. What is an action you say? So there are 2 actions that the diamond minion has. 1: place a diamond ore 2: break a diamond ore when all 24 spots are filled in. So technically it will create a single diamond every 30 seconds (at level 11) which is 2 diamonds per minute. You need 25600 diamonds in an enchanted diamond block.


    25600 dia/2 dia per min = 12800 minutes for one enchanted diamond block

    12800min/60 min = 213.333333 hours

    213.333333 hours/24 hours = 8.88888889 days


    So in conclusion: You would need to wait with a level 11 minion with no fuel for almost 9 days to get one enchanted diamond block.

    I'm not going to go into fuel, because then I would need to know how long every day is in skyblock. Also I would have to do some testing to know if (example is coal) you multiply the time by .95 or divide by 1.05 to get how long it takes for the minion to complete the action.
    There is enchanted lava that increases the minions gathering speed by 25% and doesn't expire unless you pick up the minion, but I'm not going to go into that.

    Wow, I just realized how much depth I went into explaining how minions work, I guess I'll make a minion guide post.
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  15. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    r4wr RAWR
    craft some high tier minions and you will understand
  16. Lucylu

    Lucylu New Member

    I think that the compactor should auto turn 1 reg dia into an enchanted one. Since a max dia minion makes 15k dias a day and if I made 15k enchanted dias A day from 1 minion I would make about 25mil a day. With 20 make dia minions I would make 500mil a day by doing nothing. So I support this idea
  17. t61493

    t61493 Member

    That is way too overpowered, here are two few ideas I just thought of to make it better and balanced

    Reduce the amount of diamonds need to make an enchanted one.
    Has X% chance to make the resource an enchanted version; 5% sounds reasonable.

    Hopefully they change it though, it does kinda suck
  18. LosokosGPL

    LosokosGPL New Member

    Thats all true, Wow you had a lot of sparetime didint you?

    Oh and one more thing, you dont hav to AFK since minions work when youre not ingame.
  19. t61493

    t61493 Member

    Thanks, I meant to put wait.
  20. OK, so it's not for you. Games are built with multiple people in mind, not a singular type, and the majority of players can't play every day. It's a late stage item for sure but it's a good idea, even if it takes most players months to get it will pay off for people in the long run as they'll be able to offline for several days or even weeks - I know that's the item I'm anticipating most. Games are more fun when they have bigger items that take time/dedication to get, because it adds to the longevity of the experience.

    You took the risk in being let down when you went after a very uncommon item in the early stages of a prototype game.
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