1. As an older sumo player, I think I know a lot of stuff that would make you much better at sumo. Oh, and if you're just gonna say “oH yOu HaCkEd OnCe So YoU cAn'T tElL uS wHaT tO dO,” just because you hack once, doesn’t automatically make you know absolutely nothing about the game.

    1. Tip: Learn how to wtap.
    This is the most important aspect of sumo in my opinion. W-tapping indirectly makes you take less knockback by giving your opponent more of the same (it also resets your velocity). This also acts a placebo for reach, as you shift in and out of your opponent's range due to the changing forward velocity of your character is traveling.

    Trick: Timing > Frequency

    This is the most common mistake made by newcomers to sumo: They tend to spam the w button, instead of what you should really do, which is to time your w-taps so that they overlap when you hit your opponent as well as when your opponent hits you so that you get both benefits of w-tapping.
    Trick: Learn when to wtap and how that will affect the match
    If you want to take less kb, reset your kb right after you hit them. If you want your opponent to take more kb, reset your w key right before you hit them.

    2. Tip: Train your aim.

    For most people, this would be the most important aspect of sumo, but as someone who has had to make do with pretty trash aim (33%) for a long time, I would personally say that this isn’t as important as controlling the pace of the fight. (More on that later) But yeah, this is pretty self explanatory.

    Trick: Practice on Hyperspeed.

    The best way in my opinion to train your aim is to start at a ridiculously high sensitivity, then slowly whittle the sensitivity down. This can really help you learn how to not overshoot your target, and usually improves your accuracy as a whole.

    3. Tip: Click faster X)

    I think that we all know that higher CPS reduces knockback. Yeah? Ok? No nonces in this thread? Good. Then I don’t have to explain that higher cps reduces your knockback because every time an ‘attack’ packet is sent to the server, it partially resets your knockback. (I get 15-17 cps cuz I’m a Mineman Sweat)

    Trick: Jitter. Butterflying can get you banned by Watchdog.

    Self explanatory.

    4. Tip: Learn all the types of kb.

    Directional (dkb), vertical (vkb), horizontal (hkb) are the three types. Pretty self explanatory what they mean.

    Trick: Vertical kb is used to spot hackers.

    You can change your directional and horizontal kb legitimately. The only thing that can affect vertical kb is if your opponents Minecraft client is going from running to not responding back to running. If you see a 4-barring person who takes little to no vertical kb they’re still hacking.


    This, by far is the best and easiest way to beat hackers. Keep in mind that this only works on hackers if they make a mistake. One thing that I always see is people putting their backs precariously near the ledge so they can sTrAfE me. (And then I just like hit them once and I win lol)

    Trick: Know your knockback.

    Know, at which position you’re in, how many hits (on average) it would take your opponent to hit you off the platform. This really helps with the passive-aggressive strat that is pretty much the only one in use for sumo.

    6. Tip: Strafing, idk

    As I said previously: Aim is really important in sumo. Strafing, as you all know, is the only way in Minecraft to “dodge” your opponent.

    Trick: Pseudostrafe

    Strafing, in my experience, can ruin your timing for your w-taps. I do something called pseudostrafing, which is basically tapping, holding, and letting go the a or d button at random intervals. This is more effective than regular side-to-side or circle strafing in my opinion, just because of how erratic the movement is. (I suggest moving your head so it seems like you’re strafing at sprinting speed)

    7. Tip: Don’t be toxic and Don’t hack.

    Don’t be one of those people. You can still get pretty good stats in sumo without cheating. (i.e ValleyDew had a 7 W/L in sumo before he started cheating)

    Hopefully this helped :D If I missed anything, made any mistakes, or had any typos, feel free to let me know.
    Have a nice day :)

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  4. iSilas

    iSilas New Member

    without speed aim isnt the most necessary thing in the world. you still should be able to performe quick turnarounds with precision tho unless you play with speed having aim assist like aim isnt too much of an affect

    i would say start with ~500-750 dpi and 100% sens and then change it hyperspeed tends to mess game feeling up really hard

    never had an affect on my gamplay just sayin lol

    i wouldnt recommend saying everyone that 4 bars you is a hacker. hypixel players in general come from around the world its not like you play with ~50ms against someone with the same ping. most people get between 100-300ms or even more. hits beond 3 blocks are not that unusal on hypixel with much high ping players.

    hackers on sumo tend almost always have high knockback reduction. in little of the situations you would actually be that lucky to beat them.

    unless you are a multitasking god dont think about this that much it can ruin your concentration on actually playing the game

    the best way to strafe is just doing a mix of circle and side to side strafing. keeping your strafes as random as possible is the best way to strafe so dont let your enemy read your movements else they WILL beat you. also when your w-tapping comes mostly from muscle memory there wont be much of a problem with timing
  5. When did you start
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  6. Actually, if you base wtapping off of muscle memory your not going to be as accurate then if you just timed it according to your hits.
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  7. Aim is incredibly important in a game where one extra hit can be the difference between winning and losing.

    dpi scaling changes between companies, so I didn’t mention it.

    This was mostly just for all of the people who are like “omgosh u have 2 play MUSIC while pvping!!!!!1!11!one!”

    When did I ever say that XD I never said anything remotely close to that. I just wanted to say that just because they’re pinging, it doesn’t automatically make them impossible to decipher if they’re legitimate. Don’t know how you got that.

    Hackers also tend to play super aggressive. I’m not saying that it’s a good way, just the best of a list of very unreliable methods.

    I like to remake the platforms in single player so I can map out how many hits it should take for someone to knock me off on each block in ideal conditions. Then it’s just common sense.

    Never said it was the best. It’s hard to wtap in between two inputs. (This tip was more out of my experience speedrunning Metroid and how hard 2-4 balling was)
  8. The day after sumo first came out
  9. Villain

    Villain Well-Known Member

    Annoy v2 ANNOY
    my guy ppl have played sumo for years

    you are not an older player
  10. ValleyDew cheats? LMFAO what a joke he doesn't cheat at all its just his gaming chair combined with his gaming socks and gaming gaming breakfast

    im random okay dont bully me for that
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  11. iSilas

    iSilas New Member

    i think i missunderstood 4 barring with 4 blocking somehow lol sry
    its pretty late for me and im tired i cant really think properly anymore xd
  12. Yhac

    Yhac Active Member

    Dank Memes xD BLOOD
    He cheated while nicked to get like a 470 ws in sumo, he's good legit though
  13. I was joking lol of course he isn't legit
  14. Sorry that I didn’t specify. I meant hypixel sumo
  15. I personally like to listen to high bpm songs while playing, as that allows me to click faster and more consistently.
  16. I’ve tried that but end up not remembering how to strafe because their so fast-paced
    Good on you if it helps
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Yeah I got on lb on day one and only recently dropped off
    He’s talking about Hypixel sumo obviously

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