1. i been tryna get more wins than losses on the leaderboard so far. im currently on 1.8.9 rn.
    no matter how much i aim at them. they get more hits out of me. im just one of those tryhard punching bags.
    i been tryna get atleast +1 win on the leaderboard so far. its not rly that hard once you face the right guy but.. well i guess that no matter what causes the outcome to be that way.. even if i keep using sprint key, i wont succeed. and thats typically facts.. earlier i was kinda making some wins but then yet again i cant even beat the advanced players. and if i were to chest i would be no better than that one flying person i faced with earlier before recording this terrible youtube video. pvp is pointless for me, typically. cant even beat hard missions on skywars, blits, other. the battlepass means nothing to me. i'd rather probably crawl in a hole full of despair while waiting for some guy with op experience to 25x combo my for little to no apparent reason whatsoever. this day along with the past week has modtly been the worst experience since the day when i lost to a single person 138 times in a row.

    so ehh..

    i got nothing els to do right now. cya on the flipside.. or not.

    i'ts best to stop trying. it'll just stress me out til my heart stops.

    i'm goin to sleep -_-

    o and btw. getting out of a combo is impossible. so why even try?
  2. There are other games on the network that are stress free. ;)
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  3. true. but if i cant pvp i cant win most of the games here.
  4. I8AB

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    Yeah, I’ve heard about this game called UHC Champions. Seems pretty stress free!
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  5. OK so here's what I've found: sumo is closet-cheater infested and is very difficult to beat closet-cheaters in sumo. Also, ping affects sumo skill greatly. Don't play sumo, spend your time on UHC duels or Classic or something lol
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  7. oh hey MINEMENTHANOS246 thats me
  8. your aim is very bad and its obvious you arent w tapping you should try those.
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  10. no lmao
    this is so wrong
    like real wrong
    heres a simple trick to winning sumo:
    hold w when your exchanging hits, w tap after you hit him, rinse and repeat.
    as easy as that bro
  11. private18b

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  12. 0ffense

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    Your aim is the biggest problem. Wtapping is your 2nd biggest problem.
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  13. Tormin

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    i agree. blood > all
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  14. Gekyxme

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  15. You better stop playing hypixel sumo because its a cheater infested game that gives you nothing. Practise on other pvp servers and watch tutorials. Then get on mmc and do what was mentioned in the tutorial. Practice and master every single technique you know. Then find more information until you become a god. Its very obvious that your aim is your biggest problem. Practice untill you get good at aiming and them master techniques.
  16. Hypixel sumo isn’t the best thing you can do to get better at pvp. The first thing you need to do is fix your attitude, your negativity won’t help you get better. Secondly, I would try to play nodebuff on some practice servers (like mmc) to take care of your aim. I also want to point out having friends that pvp is also really important as they can help you get better and pick out your flaws.

    You should also try getting better at w tapping (or s tapping if that works better). I would watch some good sumo youtubers and study their keystrokes (demolishing, iusehuzuni, orangearrow).

    As for tips on actual sumo I want to point out that:
    1. If you jump forward right as the game starts you can get the teleport glitch (on your opponents screen it looks like you teleport to the middle)
    2. For whatever stupid reason jumping is really op on hypixel. Try implementing jumping and it can help, although badly timed jumps can hurt you

    I can tell you tips for days but what will help you most is fixing your attitude and working on your improvement
  17. Possibly work on your aim a bit, aim is more important then Cps in almost all cases
  18. dude i found the best game for noobs like u HOUSEING ROLEPLAY its honestly realy fun
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  19. PraveGz

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    well u play this game very bad and he wasnt cheating, u just had 200 ping and 30fps and 0 skills
  20. Hey man I totally get you, some things that can potentially help you win more is turning your sensitivity down, your aim can be much smoother that way. Secondly, learn how to w tap to keep people in combos. Combining those, with a lot of practice you will develop gamesense resulting in getting better at the game. But to be honest, sumo is not very good at training you to get better at pvp, I would practice on classic duels.

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