1. I don't know about you, but Sumo is one of my favorite game modes. I practically main on it. However, it's come to my attention that there are so many hackers on it, whether it is blatant or subtle or kill-aura/reach. Hacks are hacks. But my primary focus is velocity (/subtle antikb?). It's a blacklisted modification that gives reduced horizontal/vertical knockback to the player. It also isn't something watch-dog picks up on very frequently? Is there any way that attention can be brought to this matter and maybe a potential fix? (Yes I'm accounting ping, w-taps, s-taps, 'highcps(?)'

    - SirSalad
  2. Admirably

    Admirably Active Member

    Best way to solve this would be if you actually record the supposed cheaters and post it in the "report a rule breaker" section, maybe the developers will end up finding a way to stop people from having this unfair advantage but for now I recommend just recording them or using /wdr on them and see if you get lucky enough to get them banned.

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