1. So I have been farming Zealots for around 5 hours now and haven't gotten 1 eye while yesterday I was getting a eye a hour i was wondering if there is a bug and they don't drop eyes, Cause people have been saying its bugged right now so they don't drop eyes, Is this true?
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    Oh hi mark
  3. It's all rng, luck bases. I average about 6 hours of grinding per eye so yeah, I don't grind anymore
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    No, you're just unlucky.
  5. I’ve gotten 3 today, it’s all luck. One lucky day leads to one bad one. RNG is cruel.
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  6. Yeah, I haven’t gotten one in the past couple days. But I did just get a super lucky day a week ago.
  7. I think they should change the eye drops from „per zealot“ to „per player“.
    So 1 out of 420 zealots you kill is an eye and not one out of 420 wich spawn.
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  8. Someone hasn't been praying to RNGesus
  9. why they taking so long to make the zealot rebalance change from their forum post, they should of made that thing a week after the update and got peoples inputs early so us unlucky players wouldn't have to suffer
  10. 1/420
  11. i got 2 in 10 min of the halloween event

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