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  1. As you all know, only 1 player can be able to play the harp at this moment. If you get into a server with nice people, they line up. But if not, people just keep clicking to get into the harp. However, if you jitter click the song just goes super fast. This is really a pain for me and probably for a lot of you. It takes a long time just to go through all the songs.

    To cope with this, I suggest a few ways:

    1. Allow multiple players to play the harp at the same time and the music will only be heard by the person who playes it.
    2. Add a queue system where people have to queue up to play the harp
    3. Allow us to use a cheap amount of money to buy the harp and we can play the harp at our own island for the quest.
    4. Add more harps
    Feel free to suggest even more ideas
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  2. zKqrr

    zKqrr Active Member

    Ignited IGNITE
    I thought the harp can be used by multiple person at the same time...
    Anyway they can just make the harp work like auction master as many people surrounding the only him to browse many type of auction.
    Should be fine doing one harp multiple songs multiple person
  3. SSkitterr

    SSkitterr Active Member

    2, 3, and 4 are all great ideas
  4. Giorrno

    Giorrno Active Member

    The harp needs to be much more lenient when it comes to missing a note. I miss a single note and it's over because I won't get anything unless I hit 100%, but it lags way too much.
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  5. woodgod

    woodgod Member

    I definitely all for idea 3.
  6. MarioG204

    MarioG204 Well-Known Member

    Fezzy POG
    1 3 and 4 would be very good
  7. Anything but a queue system that would be infuriating
  8. We should be able to pay our way to 100%
  9. Dyc_e

    Dyc_e Active Member

    Ward WARD
    I don't see a disagree option
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    1. Wouldn't work because the harp makes noise when someone is playing (I think that's how the code is written). Plus, it's supposed to take a while, not just attempt after attempt and be done in 5 minutes.
    2. A queue system could work. You are basically guaranteed to get it every other time if you jitterclick though.
    3. How would this one work? The Melody NPC isn't on your island, plus as I said in number 1 it kinda defeats the purpose.
    4. Adding more harps will make everyone's notes to clash and make it even harder.
  10. For number one it is possible to have a plugin that mutes out other players individual note block sounds, I've seen it done on other servers for different purposes (wynncraft).
    For number two the harp is basically a furniture piece combined with a npc gui, which would be super simple for hypixel to add to the furniture collection to put on our islands.
    For number, 3 it would just make the the wait longer as everyone would just click on the queue and afk or chop wood while waiting in queue instead of actively clicking on the harp.
    For number 4 a note block sound only travels 8 blocks or so, so hypixel could add a bunch of mini floating islands a couple blocks apart that each have a harp.
  11. 3 and 4 sound awesome. However I personally don't need it since I've done all the songs 100% :p
  12. my opinions,
    1. Stuupid, its logical to think like this but its weird and doesnt make sense, i like how you can hear other peoples plays.
    2. ok i quess, it doesnt really help the issue of not being able to play tho
    3. Best one for efficiency but boring tbh
    4. In my opinion this is very nice, like 1 harp in every server (spiders den, hub etc.) they could even be themed harp that make a bit different sounds, like noteblocks.
  13. How about making custom Harp songs that can be shared and played by others? Basically turn sb into a rhythm game.
  14. Use note blocks on your island
  15. maybe add a random selection system based on how long your harps were not played.
    the longer you wait, the higher the chance your harps will be played.
  16. That's... not how rhythm games work.
    -Competitive idea created
    -Song could be sequenced directly in a menu instead of with redstone
    -Song can then be played by others in the normal Harp format.

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