1. hey boys its a spy!
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  2. Phlooph

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    I murdered your toys as well!
  3. damnit, damnit, damnit, damnit, damnit!
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  4. ManCityFC

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    I think adding more cosmetics for ranked players in Skyblock would be cool. Right now ranked people only have the Runecrafting extra levels and Carpentry extra levels if I remember correctly. Just like those features, this can be available to nons to a certain extent but moreso this would be geared towards the ranked players of Hypixel. I don't think there is any room to complain on the side of nons of people who actually paid money/donated to the server to get special cosmetic features.

    Nice idea mate.
  5. True, but I supposed some nons will feel left out as their are too many cosmetics exclusive to ranked already. But if you think about it another way people could trade the armour, to nons. Maybe, E.G James have a friend who have VIP but, he doesn't he gives his friend the item, and some other stuff, that sells for a lot of money. And his friend make it, and give it back to James.
  6. You will have to change the part of the suggestion based on ranks as that breaks mojang's eula which hypixel has to follow to be a legitimate server. Basically hypixel can't add that part no matter what.
  7. BLOODY SPAI!!!!

    I want a nebula effect on my ender helmet
  8. true but the unusual items are supposed to be very expensive and cool to own so nons COULD buy them but it would be expensive
  9. ummm this is completely cosmetic and doesn't effect gameplay at all also ranks get an xp multiplier for runecrafting and carpentry and guess what? those are cosmetics
  10. Let me remind you this is 100% cosmetic.
  11. Good idea but I don't really agree with the concept of getting it as a chance from crafting because that just makes it too rare and hard to get, especially for armour and armour pieces that require a lot of material (perfect tier x, speedster, emerald etc.). Maybe this could be implemented as a rune but for helmets since we don't have those yet, only boots and weapons.
  12. That's actually doable tbh, it'd take 500 blocks of dia for 100 perfect helms, but FOR THE MEMES
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  13. that's the point. its meant to be very hard to obtain and if you are lucky to get it then it looks very cool and you can sell it for a ton more than its original price
  14. Good idea. So long as we don't have a skyblock crate depression.
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  15. lmao yea
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    SkyLeague SKY

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