1. Right now there isn't any way of showing off your collection progress. With this suggestion, users will have the ability to view another user's maxed collections in their "trophy case."

    Once a user has maxed a collection by finishing Tier 9 they will be rewarded with the respective materials "trophy." These trophies will be displayed along with your User Profile (Right clicking in lobbies).

    The first addition is the book (or map) in the right click user profile. This book will have a hover text displaying how many full collections and individual collections a user has maxed. This is the trophy case!


    When clicked, it will bring you to the users "Trophy Case."
    If a user doesn't have any trophies, a red dash will fill the middle of the menu.

    If they do, the trophies will be displayed on the first "page."

    Trophies can be given for anything, rewards, achievements, secrets, events, finishing a full collection, finishing X collections, eating a pufferfish, etc! Having a full page of trophies would be super cool and exclusive trophies would be extremely sought after!

    Clicking on an icon at the top will "flip the page" to that skills materials.





    Each materials trophy can only be unlocked by finishing the collection. Otherwise it will be greyed out with grey dye.
    A practical example of this concept:

    Hovering over these trophies will display how many of each material the user has collected.

    With this system implemented, players will have more of a reason to grind and to show their friends their progress!
    Please leave your feedback down below! Threads sink quickly so replies are needed to keep the thread alive!​
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  2. Very much agree with this, it would be cool
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  3. This would be cool^2
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  4. I saw this get posted in game and I just wanted to say that.
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  5. -insert lenny face here-
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  6. i agree although i dont have friends it would be cool to know my player stats more specifically
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  7. iHack

    iHack Active Member

    Raid RAID
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  8. Dialga

    Dialga Well-Known Member

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  9. abzers

    abzers Well-Known Member

    NoWifi NOWIFI
    yes pls
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  10. As cool as this would be, you can get a max collection per day so I’m not sure there would be a good reason to earn trophies, and even flexing a full page would be pretty common.
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  11. I maxed out Coal collection. could work.
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  12. Well the collection trophies are only displayed when you select a skill tab at the top, the rest are trophies that can be earned through various ways. Some can be super exclusive and prestigious while others can be common. Sure you can flex a full page of common trophies but only the best will have rarer ones.
  13. This would be lit!
  14. I've edited the fishing picture to match the new additions in the recent 0.5 update!
  15. +1
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  16. Thanks for all the support everyone!
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  17. Good idea
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  18. Yerp
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  19. Thanks!

    Yerp indeed!

    More feedback would be appreciated!
  20. Sounds cool. Flex time
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