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    *Please note before reading*
    These are all my ideas and 100% original so don't make guesses if this is not original. And Also this Is end game stuff soooo yea. If you are bored, Leave a like on this and It might just get in :)

    Hello There fellow Hypixel Skyblock Players. My name is Bobby. BobbyLikesCake. Today, I will be suggesting future combat areas (Perhaps dungeons) and more! Lets Dive Right into it.
    The portal to the isles is located north east of spawn.
    Here is a picture

    1. The Sinful Isle

    This isle Is similar too the nether fortress world except with new mobs, New ores and of course, New collections. Lets get right on in! This requires combat level 15.[​IMG]

    The Sinful Isle contains a new collection, SOUL SAND!
    The Soul sand collection Contains 2 important items. The nether wart grower and the Turtle Potion. The nether wart grower acts how bonemeal works. But can grow nether wart instead. This can be used as fuel for nether wart minions. As the turtle potion Makes you have +5 defense every second you stand still with a maximum of 20. (At tier V it is up to 100)

    The next place at the Sinful Isle Is Jarbys Shack.[​IMG]
    Jarbys Shack Is where you will find the NPC named Jarby. He can offer a deal. If you bring him back a enchanted piece of quartz, He will tell you a secret. If you accept the deal and bring him the quartz back, He will take it and put it into a magic cauldron called Jarbys enchanter. This SPECIAL Enchanter allows you to exceed the level on your item, But for a cost and risk. If you do this, There will be a menu that pops up.[​IMG]
    If a sword is Sharpness V or VI, It can go up 1 more level with this powerful table. But at a great risk. It has a 40% chance to destroy your item FOR GOOD. If the item is a rarity of Rare or higher, It has a 50% chance instead of 40! If legendary and maxed out it has a 95% chance of getting destroyed. But if your lucky, It will increase EVERY SINGLE ENCHANTMENT ON IT BY 1. Have Luck V? Have luck VI!

    There is also a New Boss. The Wither. Which includes 3 different attacks and 4 different drops.

    How to summon: You must kill 3 special mobs containing a special wither head for a ritual to summon a boss. (The special mobs are some of the ones that are there but have a very rare chance of dropping)

    Wither attack 1. Wither Blast Wither Blast launches you flying across the Sinful Isle as well as have wither IV for 10 seconds.
    Wither attack 2. Dash Dash lets the wither go around speedily shooting wither skulls at nearby players as well as yourself.
    Wither attack 3. Clone As a final attempt too beat you (1mil health or less) the wither will explode and 2 other withers will appear. They are invincible and have the same attacks as The original wither. (except for clone) You must defeat the original too defeat the clones.

    Wither Loot
    1. Wither Gear: Wither gear gives in total 700 defense, 600+ hearts (This is without enchantments) and the full set ability: Fury Of the Wither. Fury of the wither makes every mob have the wither effect III for 3 seconds. This even works on wither skeletons!
    2. The Blinding Rod: The blinding rod is a Legendary weapon which only has a CHANCE of dropping every 20 battles with the wither boss. It has on the description: 235+ damage, 150+ Strength and a Crit chance +10%. The actual "right click ability" function (aka ability) is shooting 5 wither skulls in front of you. This makes mobs go blind (and players if you hit them with it EVEN OUT OF PVP) and they have slowness II as well as wither IV for 3 seconds.
    3. Wither Shards: These drop for all players and not just the top 3 most damage dealt.
    The recipes of these special shards are wither armor (requiring 10 in each slot like the dragon armor) and a Wither Head. These are just a cosmetic. (The recipe requires 80 Shards in total)
    4. Withering Bow: This bow is a epic bow that can shoot wither heads. This is given to the top 3 players.

    That is all for the Sinful Isle. Now onto the next one.

    The Decaying isle
    The decaying isle is full of Creepers, Zombies, And a smell of technoblade and requires Combat level 18.
    The Decaying Isle offers a few special mobs. The 1st Special Mob is the Charged Creeper.[​IMG]

    This creeper can drop a very special item. It drops Throwable TNT. keep in mind, This mob will only spawn at night and does 60% more damage then the average creeper.

    The Second Special Mob is a decaying zombie.
    This guys health is 10k and deals about 150 damage per hit.

    The decaying Zombie has a very small chance of dropping his weapon. This weapon is his shovel. Now this shovel is a rare weapon. it does 100+ damage and grants +60 strength. Also the item ability is too throw the shovel (similar too the mechanics of murder mystery.) The ability costs 70 mana But its worth it!

    Lastly On the list of The decaying Isle is a place called "The resting place" This place opens only at night and allows you to exchange money with other players. Also, It allows you to get a recipe called the trader. The trader allows you too do this wherever. Even outside of the resting place! The trader is made of a remnant of the eye in the middle and 8 enchanted blocks of gold on the outside.

    Thank you for reading this thread. If you agree, Please leave a like or something :) Also I was going to do 4 or 3 originally but then I ran out of time. If this gets positive feedback I will do more (Perhaps another boss :) )

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  2. mikestah

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    While this was an entertaining read, I'd much rather see the next update be balancing or more substantial content (such as dungeons) before they add any more areas.
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  3. I agree, This is just after really ;-;
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  4. very good idea
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  5. Put this suggestion in the suggestion thread please.
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  6. This looks awesome. We still need a wither boss fight ;)
  7. Definitely a good read and very interesting. I would recommend you start a youtube channel or something with good edits and you could definitely start something like Block-Gestions or something.
  8. Creeper, Awww man
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  9. Perhaps You could link me there? :)
  10. drakonsuper

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    Next update is dungeons confirmed
  11. hUh.
  12. This is GREAT!
  13. should add this idea. how much time have you spent on this?
  14. 2 seconds
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  15. OverSiri

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    honestly, how much time?
  16. Gio


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    Somebody give this man a job @ hypixelstaff
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    This is great but you should also include some talismans to add
  18. Can add some soon, Will update it in about a week or so
  19. Idk, Bout a hour. Not that creative :p
  20. Zhirst

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    The only problem I have with this is possibility of getting your items destroyed maybe lower the legendary percentage just a little bit maybe like 70 or 65.
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