1. Hello,
    I have an idea for housing where when you do /rollback t:<time> r:<radius> or /co rollback t:<time> r:<radius>
    it will rollback within that time and within that radius.

    Also, you can do /inspect or /co inspect and when you break a block it will tell you who placed/broke that block (Helpful to stop griefs).

    (Its all in the plugin CoreProtect: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/coreprotect.8631/)

    Q: Who can use this?
    A: If Hypixel decides to add this, then they can set that in the permissions menu for ranks.

    Q: What exactly does it track?
    A: Griefers?

    Q: What impact would this have on the servers?
    A: It will protect hard worked on maps from getting griefed. This plugin is super lightwieght and easy to install.
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  2. Could you provide more information?

    Who can use this? what exactly does it track? What impact would this have on the servers (ram/cpu wise)?
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  4. Well, CO-OWNER, OWNER and thats it can use it. And I said the impact, it can prevent griefers, not only on housing but on all the hypixel servers.
  5. wait.. but housing is the only sever that u have creative on... ?
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  6. Yes?
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  7. this is the worst idea ever i think this should not be implemented because its a bad idea
  8. It is a good idea! Useful for free builds!
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  9. erm so this is good but i think the admins wouldn’t make their own plugin and commands to do this.
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  10. Whats the reason, because the reason you gave is telling me nothing.
    How is it the worst idea?
  11. Rollback commands mean the server need to make backup which is going to take more space, and the recent update which reduce max player is to prevent this. So rollback completely goes against the update of reducing max player so we can have a better experience
  12. This would stop 90% of all griefers, the only types of griefers that could survive this update would be:

    -Ghost Griefers
    -TallGrass Griefers

    Oh and there already is enough lag in pvp housings
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  13. I don't really encounter Griefers or actually really have problem with them since I don't give perms to random people so I would like an explanation to these terms, thank you
  14. Well,
    If you where to have a freebuild house, than....
  15. Ghost griefing is when you grief very slowly in a way that the owner doesnt notice until its too late
    TallGrass griefing is when you place blocks outside the plot (tallgrass above the plot) and the owner cant remove it without resetting
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  16. No, I think it's best to just keep watch of people you give build permissions to. The plugin might not be easy to install into Hypixel considering there's hundreds of thousands of houses on the server. The plugin makers might want money too. Just seems like too much work for a problem that can easily be avoided.
  17. Housing would've crash every 20 second
  19. CoreProtect is free. And they are using world edit aswell, thats free...
    So Im not exactly understanding what your saying
  20. your dum take a wild guesss

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