1. For the sake of the economy, afk pools should be entirely removed along with any kind of dropper/grinder/drowner especially those using unstable. This is the best way to stop new OP farms before they even start.

    Every time a new farm comes up, it goes unpatched for a while (magma took forever and unstable/raider's was a bit faster). This is long enough to completely destroy the economy.

    The point is to grind things or to use minions working by themselves. Minions without afk are much easier to balance properly since all minions have a well known speed and function. With afk, farms range from normal to 10mil+ a day which is crazy.

    EDIT: maybe afk pools should be allowed. Instead, a bigger debuff can be applied if the minion does not collect and unstable's ability can be disabled on private islands.
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  2. HolidayJoy

    HolidayJoy Well-Known Member

    In your case then, pig afk farms should be bannable. Then the pigman sword economy will go crazy and break.
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  3. Somehow it is also not good to ban all afk pools. I use mine mainly because of my mobtower. It doesn't get as much as 20+ minions of the same type, but I don't necessarily need to put minions there and can use the places for other minions whose resources are harder to farm (like cows, chickens, sheep etc.). I also think it's stupid that there are always new farms with which you can collect millions of coins by standing afk... If banning afk pools is the only way to stop that, I'll have to subordinate myself to that.

    But I noticed one thing. Even normal Minions produce a lot more if you walk afk on your island in the pool.
    If you are offline in the same period of time, you get much less.
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  4. u just salty u can’t pay the electricity bills
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  5. When a non cant pay his bills and complains.
    Also he is just jealous of some people who make afk farm for a living but dont break the rule of hypixel. While himself cant even afford one lol

    Take the L
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  6. Also wanna mention that 10+million afk farm is patched. So it wont be a problem.
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  7. First, the non. maybe check my API stats first.
    Also I know that the 10mil farm was patched - it took too long.
    This will prevent new farms from being used which will mean the economy will not break.
  8. Maybe afk pools should be allowed for some projects. Or, minions can be rebalanced to make up for this. The pigman sword is already useless (tacticians and AOTD).
    I think the most important fix is unstable armour.
  9. Hapyl

    Hapyl Active Member

    TheIcarus ICA
    I actually think that AFK farms shouldn't be a thing. Like at all, even in Vanilla Minecraft, they kinda ruin the point of playing for me.
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  10. Dont worry lmao
    hypixel staff gonna patch those op afk farm within 3 days and people waste tons of money to build those farm and cant even make a profit :)
  11. I disagree - the original magma farm costs nothing and makes so much. It was also not patched for a very long time.
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  12. MarioG204

    MarioG204 Well-Known Member

    Fezzy POG
    Your API settings aren’t even on
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  13. You can see my fairy souls and my armour.
    I keep it off so the government can't spy on me xD
  14. bro magma farm was nerfed a lots of weeks ago
    i lost a tons of money because of that
    but magma farm is still the most efficient and the most stable farm i ever had(im still using it and i can make 400k+ a day with 8 t9 magma minion + enchanted lava bucket + super compactor 3000)

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  15. I never said it was in the game recently, only that it was in the game for too long.
  16. staff has nerfed the time between action so its not as good as clay lol
    clay is still the best and it was also in the game too long
  17. I totally agree with you.
    If someone like to make profit/progress without doing anything, they should play games what are designed to be like that..
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  18. Clay is not AFK. Also, there are new farms all the time. unstable on mobs is still a thing - you get drops from mobs that don't take fall damage (chicken, slime, magma..)
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  19. Spleckk

    Spleckk New Member

    Banning AFK pools would wreck the pigman sword. It's bad enough it took me 3 WEEKS of AFK'ing and buying enchanted grilled pork chops off the AH. Without AFK pools, it could take up to 3-4 months to get a sword that's worse than the tacticians which only takes a few days of work.
  20. burh magma is not afk also lmao
    i dont afk on my magma farm XD

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