1. OptimusRojo95

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    As someone who lives for min maxing, not being able to carry all the talismans in the bag drives me mad, and having some of them in the inventory wouldn't be that much of a problem if they stopped adding new ones every update. Collecting every talisman in the game should be feel rewarding, not a punishment (having less inventory space).
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  2. OptimusRojo95

    OptimusRojo95 Active Member

  3. Lmao no we don't.

    Trade out your common Talismans for rarer ones when you get them.
    The Talisman Bad is acting as the current "Damage Cap" preventing people from just stacking absurd damage and making most combat encounters pointless.

    I mean, if you really REALLY wanted to be super damage,
    Carry all your extra Talis in your main inventory, Theres enough space to fit literally all of them with some room left.

    That enough to max out your damage on slayer bosses and Dragon fights.
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  4. If so, the talisman bag is quite bad at that job lol the only thing most players can't one shot is the bosses or maybe the runic mobs
  5. EnderCode

    EnderCode Member

    that's why they got called "boss" lmao
  6. The hard reality is thats what happens when you think with a "late game" mind set.
    Its only after you get Rare and Epic Talis that you start getting into the 1 shot range for more difficult enemies.

    The Tali Bag balances out the mid game, since unlocking the larger bags to take time
  7. ExiledShot

    ExiledShot Active Member

    yes larger tali bag pls
  8. Yessssss. I need more space since I need 100% crit chance with over 400% crit dmg
  9. I barely have any talismans and despite having the largest accessory bag, half my inventory already full. Pls make the next bag like redstone 14 or something.

    As for having a damage cap, if hypixel introduces things like the slayer bosses that have an absurd amount of health and the only good rewards from the slayer quest requires stacks on stacks of the boss drop to make something decent, then a bigger bag would be amazing.

    Lets make grinding for something not take 400 hours.
  10. noob can’t even 1 shot runic zealots :v

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