Option to disable being murderer/detective?

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  1. murst

    murst New Member

    I thought of this for a while and I think this would be a cool add-on since some people don't want to be the murderer or the detective (like me). I kind of like being innocent a lot so that I don't get a free bow or have to be stealthy with killing others, you can just kind of be in the open all the time. It can also create a challenge when you're in a 1v1 with the murderer too. I don't know if anybody else feels this way, but it's only a SUGGESTION for an OPTION to, so feel free to oppose me on this.
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  2. Bakura1

    Bakura1 Well-Known Member

    ArtOfWar ART0W
    Just leave at the start of the game if you get murderer or detective. Your chances won't decrease.
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  3. Someone please confirm.
  4. Bakura1

    Bakura1 Well-Known Member

    ArtOfWar ART0W
    Okay, I just tested this out and it turns out you lose your percentage as a detective.
  5. Could lead to a lot of boosting though. I can see people making giant parties to murderer wins, kills, and hero wins, which is something I'd like to avoid. If you don't want to be the det/mur, you could always leave as well.

    Remember kids, there's no excuse for party abuse.
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  6. *a group of people decide to queue together and have both roles disabled so they instantly win every game*

    I find it slightly troubling that a full party can queue together enough to fill a lobby to start the game timer. I'm surprised that people haven't boosted like this so much yet.
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  7. AquaGalaxy_

    AquaGalaxy_ New Member

    I like this idea but like the comments say it can cause some issues!
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  8. Sssshhh...
    You're giving them ideas..!
  9. :)
  10. They could prevent large parties to join murder mystery modes with this, plus people leaving isn't a healthy solution because what if lots of people leave while the game is about to start, then they would have to wait again. And if they are murderer or detective in game, then it won't be fun when they leave and they might spoil the game
  11. I'm not sure about Double Up, but the other gamemodes require 12 to start which is the maximum amount that a party is allowed to have. Having a drastic change would impact large parties for guilds and friends. Honestly, allowing any size of party is about as bad as the potential of cross teamers.
    Also, having the detective leave is not that bad, but having the other murderer leave in DU really slims your chances down of winning. I'd rather have a teammate with 0 kills than none at all.
  12. Personally whenever I'm murderer, I get extremely annoyed by people who leave the game as it is basically -1 kill. Then again the only reason people care about murderer kills is because there is a leaderboard for it when everyone knows it should be a murderer wins leaderboard (not kills).
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  13. I do agree with you Murst it would stop a lot of games from ending very suddenly because the murder / detective quits. Because they don't want to be the detective or the killer!
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  14. If the Murderer quits before killing a new one is chosen and their percentage is kept. The Detective quitting doesn't change anything as the Bow drops anyway.
  15. I think it would be very useful
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  16. Ghez. This is the ninth time i have seen a post saying this. If you are murd/detective just LEAVE THE GAME! You dont loose percentage. And who dosent want to be murd? Maybye it would be nice for some people. However its kinda just a QOL for people that dont want murd/dect.
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  17. Read the replies before answering to not give people the wrong idea.
  18. But then if you left and rejoined, unranked players probably won't be in the same map again, which would be a hassle if they wanted to play in that specific map as an innocent. Of course I do think that the idea of adding this option should just give you a chance of being inno instead of inno 100% because then that won't be fun.
  19. Point made. However why a CHANCE. They already have a CHANCE of inno. I think if they do 100% inno, if they want to play that way, they can. However you made a good point about the maps. But i still cant think of a reason why you wouldnt want murd/dect. Maybye disable them seprately, so if you dont want dect, but want murd, you can disable your chance to get dect. This would not increese murd chance, just disable detective chance. Same can be done with murd, but who dosent want to murder innocent scildren for virtual currentcy?
  20. This seems like an easy way to just boost your own stats by choosing whether or not you want to get a role. This should not and probably will never be implemented because it'd also ruin the game experience of other players. The chances are collective of everyone, so if people decided to offset specific role chances, other players would gain what they want or don't want as well.
    It's just easier to respect and learn the game if you want to play. As bad as it is, just skip the game when you get the role.
    If you think that the map is more important than the game, then you shouldn't really be playing.
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