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  1. requiring a wooden singularity would make it a flex item
  2. But which Player wants to spends millions for a rare talisman?
  3. the bottom one is more balanced
  4. the bait ring is a rare talisman people spent over 17m on, so not only is this one cheaper it has an amazing ability.
  5. Ye but i dont have bait Ring and i wont spent 4 Million on this talisman. This would be only for highend Player. But i wanna get this talisman for midgame player
  6. i suppose a better way would be to make it without wood singularity but instead of perma fly just extend duration of soup to like 10 minutes
  7. Maybe you have to craft an enchanted oak bowl out of 3 stacks of enchanted oak wood
  8. i like the idea but it seems to sophisticated... perhaps replace bowl with stack of e wood
  9. It could be a talisman with storage. There you can put in magical mushroom soups. Whenever you double jump on your island, it consumed 1 magical mushroom soup. It's duration is extended to 5 or 10 minutes.
  10. That could be a good idea
  11. Bumpp
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  12. its an effect, they would behave very differently
  13. why cant server behave something like that? it doesnt matter if you fly for 10 minutes or infinite
  14. Bump bump
  15. Yoy bump got me lol.
    New talisman, what its stats
  16. Infinite flight or the mushroom soups give you 10 minutes flight instead of 2
  17. It could be a talisman that increases the time of mushroom soup by a certain percentage, possibly different levels of the talisman (uncommon, rare, epic, etc), could raises the % time increase.
  18. Ye that is a good idea. But how would you Upgrade it then?

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