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  1. Heya,

    so i came up with an idea with an infinite magic mushroom soup. Because i find it annoying to always get one soup out and then put it away. Also you have to craft it so often. Especially if you want to build something big.
    Heres the crafting recipe, made out of 9 stacks of magical mushroom soups and It's an uncommon talisman
    (mushroom collection 9):

    Edit: Here's another way to maybe craft the RARE talisman: Screenshot_4.png
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  2. bump
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  3. chocolatez

    chocolatez Active Member

    i would do ench redstone, glowstone, red mushroom and brown mushroom blocks instead and have it be a rare/epic talisman
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  4. hope ur talking about glowstone dust there bud, make it not infinite but like 1 hour
  5. Lalax

    Lalax Active Member

    So like consume once and is infinite time?
    Or it’s able to be consumed again and again and again
  6. not infinite, servers cant behave like that
  7. the whole point is it wont run out.
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  8. i think op means consume it again and again
  9. I would like to Consume it once on your Island, when you leave, you have to consumite it again
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  10. So like the normal recipe but with their enchantwd Block forms?
  11. Maybe make it so it has unlimited uses, but costs mana/has a cooldown?
    Otherwise than that, nice idea, it would be a cool feature for island builders to use.
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  12. The idea of a cooldown is nice.
    Like a 2 Minute cooldown
  13. Probvaly

    Probvaly Member

    Enchanted water bucket exists already haha
  14. Probvaly

    Probvaly Member

    The idea is cool but the amount of soups you need is way to high. I would never ever use all those soups in my life when I would use them as they are right now
  15. I mean you could use it 1 time on your Island for infinite flight duration. Even if you couldnt use all of them, It's annoying to Drink them All the time. They are Not that expensive.
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  16. CivetKitty

    CivetKitty Well-Known Member

    Is that a custom head texture from https://minecraft-heads.com/ ? I like the concept a lot. Maybe this could be a talisman that you can just use it whenever you want.
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  17. make it so thagt you have a flight height limit or something and every time you want to change your height limit you will have a cooldown of 30 secs
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  18. No, that sounds terrible
  19. Increases mushroom soup duration to 10 minutes
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  20. You just have to search for "minecraft mushroom stew head"

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