1. [yes I know, no one is even level 30 yet and im already suggesting for prestige, its for the next guild update :^)]

    After hitting level 100, You can be able to change your tag to [TAG] --> [TAG], You can have the option to make it bold or not.

    The rewards will be some mystery boxes (5 stars), Personal boosters, Arcade coins, Guild features and cosmetics.
    Now of course, we want to make the rewards worth it for people that are grinding hard for levels.
    There can be a cloak where it's a golden helmet and above it, it's a sword (flame particles) etc

    Now. I could've made it much more detailed but I prefer hearing people feedback first to see what they think and I can slowly update this (likely wont due to laziness)

    Thoughts? :D
  2. @BulbJake

    here is your undetailed suggestion.
  3. BulbJake

    BulbJake Well-Known Member

    IfOnly I

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