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    Hello, Guilds haven't been updated for quite a long time now I believe is 2 years. This thread will be including A lot of cool features and maybe even make guilds fun again.

    DO NOT SAY I COPIED THIS FROM A SERVER OR SOMEONE THREAD, My ideas are 100% not copyrighted ;)

    ~- Features -~
    When you do /guild Settings, a setting will pop up
    Just like this
    There will be a chat setting (just like housing, you can slow chat), and other stuff

    When you /guild list, ofc names will pop up BUT, when you click a officer name or a member name
    this will pop up
    Lets pretend Resident is officer, When you click a officer name on /guild list, that will pop up, You can have settings for him Example
    Kicking Disable
    Inviting Enable

    ~- New rank -~

    The new rank will be called "Co-owner" rank. The Co owner rank will just be like the owner rank, but you can not disband, change guild names, change MOTD, but it can do everything else.
    You can also change settings just like the officer settings and member settings

    ~- Guild lobby -~
    This one is one of my favorites! When you do /guild lobby, it will sent you to a lobby and it will say your guild name
    Where only you and your guild crew can join, it's just a little hang out place for the people that like chatting and stuff, if you have any ideas to make this more exciting then leave them below!

    ~- Guild wars -~
    This will be based of on clash of clans, There will be a new item in the store OR replace the guild fortress with guild wars, When you unlock guild wars, you unlock a new command and its /guildwars
    When you do /guildwars, a menu will pop up saying
    "Do you want to start a war with a other guild" or "Cancel" my idea is that you can look for tags let say There is a
    Winning tag
    Kill tag
    If you do the winning tag, you will need to get as many wins as possible to win, Also sometimes your going to have to wait what I mean by this is, when no one is doing a guild war atm but you, it will wait until someone do a guild war with the same tag as you, When a guild war has started this happens
    The item will be enchanted and the item name will be changed, When you click it, it tell you the rules for that tag, When you win, you will earn rewards, But when you lose, you lose xD..

    ~- Guild levels -~

    This is also based of clash of clans, Guilds will now have levels, When you win guild wars and do well in games, You will earn Guild experience, Each level you will earn cosmic (not sure how to say it help me) rewards, Like banners that can be used in guild lobby, and each level you earn 5 spots for your guild, the max level is 10, when you reach level 10, you will unlock a Guild suit, everyone can use it in your guild
    Once you do /guild shop, this what it will look like
    A new item has appear, Guild rank, Once you click it, it will sent you here

    The glass is the level bar, the enchanted book, it tell you what reward there is, but you can't unlock it until your guild level up, Each level, the Experience increases, the arrow at the bottom right, you can click it and it will show you the next level and rewards, but you can not do that level until you finish the level before that.

    ~- New shop -~
    There will be a New shop, it will look like the blitz and tnt shop, The new guild shop will look like this
    The emerald is the guild banking, Once you click it, it will look like the bsg and skyclash upgrading bar.
    The head is the guild member upgrade, Samething goes with the guild banking
    The EXP bottle is the guild Rank
    The crafting table includes all the special upgrades, Guild party, Guild motd, Guild tag

    The sword is the guild war
    Some of you might be thinking "Why didn't you use the new shop in your other screenshots?" I just starting to notice that the guild shop we have now seems a bit messy. I might update the other screenshots with the new one.

    ~- Guild quests -~

    Guild quests will give you guild experience and guild coins, you can see your guild quests on your shop, there will be a paper at the very bottom left
    When you click it, it will show your daily and weekly guild quests.

    ~- Guild tutorial -~

    I think there should be a tutorial, New players might going to be confused because a lot of stuff changed, A new shop, Guild quests etc, it will be confusing for them, I was thinkin there should be a Guild tutorial just like the hypixel tutorial in the main lobby, it will tell you every command and features.

    ~- Guild Achievements -~
    Guilds Should have achievements as well. I Believe there isn't any guild achievements at the moment. I feel guild should have Tiered achievements as well as Non-Tiered achievements. I will be introducing my Tiered achievement ideas as well as Non-Tiered achievement ideas.
    - Points 5 - Banker 1 - Earn 25,000 Guild coins.
    - Points 10 - Banker 2 - Earn 75,000 Guild coins.
    - Points 15 - Banker 3 - Earn 150,000 Guild coins.
    - Points 20 - Banker 4 - Earn 250,000 Guild coins.
    - Points 25 - Banker 5 - Earn 400,000 Guild coins.

    - Points 5 - Members 1 - Unlock 10 Member slots.
    - Points 10 - Members 2 - Unlock 25 Member slots.
    - Points 15 - Members 3 - Unlock 50 Member slots.
    - Points 20 - Members 4 - Unlock 75 Member slots.
    - Points 25 - Members 5 - Unlock 100 Member slots

    More coming soon.

    - Points 5 - Time to rule the world! - Start a guild.
    - Points 5 - Let's party! - Unlock the guild party.
    - Points 5 - Message of the day. - Unlock the Guild MOTD
    - Points 15 - Max out? - Max out everything
    - Points 10 - No more room! - Fill out your guild full of members

    More coming soon.

    ~- Guild allies -~
    There will be a new command, It's only useable when your guild is level 3. The command is "/guildally <name>" When you do the command it will sent a request if you wanna be allies together.
    (Going to post a new screenshot soon) it will say "Accept" or "Deny" if he/she accepts you will get a message. and you'll both be allies, there will also be a other command and its /guildally list it will show all the guilds that your allies with!

    ~- Guild history -~

    There will be a New command, The command it's /Guild History, When you do that. A menu will pop up. It will show all the guilds that you have made before, It will show the date, Time that you made that guild And it will Show What Date, Time it got disbanded.
    I feel this is a cool idea just so people to see how many guilds they made before.

    Thank you for reading my thread, I know this isn't a good looking thread, I'm not a thread look master :p

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  2. - Added Guild levels.

    - Improvements and added screenshots.

    - Added screenshots.

    - Added New shop.

    - Added Guild levels.

    - Added Guild quests.

    - Added a image.

    - Added a Guild tutorial.

    - Added Achievements.

    - Added Guild allies.

    - Added Guild history.
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  3. Sesame

    Sesame Well-Known Member

    Looks pretty nice, I don't even care how drastic the changes are, I just want the guild update.
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  4. WhyForum

    WhyForum Well-Known Member

    I really like the ideas, but I doubt they will add some of the bigger ones bc the code has to be done really carefully, as it impacts the whole network
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  5. MinnesotaPing

    MinnesotaPing Well-Known Member

    so the co owner can do everything an officer can?
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  6. Yeah, I know didn't really thought out some of the features but I really wanted to make this
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  7. Which ones? and I think they will add it (depends on the votes I get) because if I remember, wasn't the guild fortress like 1000v1000?
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  8. Updated!
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  9. Indestructal

    Indestructal Retired Kiwi Mod

    Nice thread!
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  10. So it's basically just officer.

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  11. SHHHH I legit didn't have any ideas in this thread while making this, then I started to get ideas each minute >_>

    just tell me what kind of features there should be for co owner or new features for the guild itself
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  12. Sportsman319

    Sportsman319 Well-Known Member

    The Guild Wars seems very interesting, as I would love to see that implemented in the next Guild Update.
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  13. Thanks!
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  14. It's Co-Owner. It should have ALL the perms of Owner, minus disbanding, probably
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  15. Eh, in housing for co owner, you can't do everything what owner does so idk xD new features maybe?
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  16. the whole point of co-owner is to be a second owner .-.
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  17. xD. Ok fine :p but give me your poptart
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  18. ArcOfSky

    ArcOfSky Well-Known Member

    I like this!
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  19. Thank you kind sir.
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  20. 5Never

    5Never Well-Known Member

    Guild Master
    yes yes just give me the guild update
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