Do you want this added or do you prefer it the way it is?

  1. I like it the way it is.

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  2. I would prefer to see this added.

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  1. So you know defender's blue scroll. The one that grants a teammate immunity at the cost of re-routing 25% of that damage back to yourself? Yeah that one. Most other skills, you can tell when people are using it or used it on you. The little chat messages tell you about damage and healing. What I was wondering was why no one but the person who used intervene gets notified that they used it (Even then, the person only gets a small popup above their xp bar..)

    My suggestion is to make it so that every second that intervene lasts, a message is send to them. A message would also be broadcasted to the person casting and receiving the intervene as well as when it ends.

    To the intervened player:
    • Upon using intervene: » "DEFENDER" intervened you for "TIME"!
    • Every second as intervene lasts: » "DEFENDER"'s intervene will wear off in "TIME"!
    • When intervene wears off: » "DEFENDER"'s intervene has worn off.

    To the defender using intevene:
    • Upon using intervene: » You intervened "PLAYERSNAME" for "TIME"!
    • Every second as intervene lasts: » Your intervene on "PLAYERSNAME" wears off in "TIME"!
    • When intervene wears off: » You intervene on "PLAYERSNAME" has worn off.
    "DEFENDER" and "PLAYERSNAME" will be the color of the team they are on.
    "TIME" will be light green (Like the time on powerups)
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  2. Miss Melissa

    Miss Melissa Well-Known Member

    Also the defender hears this little ding when the ability is cast on someone, but others receiving the intervene hear nothing. Fixing that would help as well.
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  3. I'd add that to the thread but this thread is meant to be an easy addition. That one would be a little trickier than chat messages.
  4. @Pran_ ???

    Yes, this would be very helpful!
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  5. JPS111

    JPS111 Active Member

    sometimes it says that *red defender's intervene hit you for x amount of damage when I'm on blue.
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  6. Battleslay1000

    Battleslay1000 Well-Known Member

    intervene lasts, like, what, two secs lol
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  7. Miss Melissa

    Miss Melissa Well-Known Member

    2 seconds at level 0, 8 seconds at level 81
  8. 6 seconds at 81 actually. Base of 3 and the last upgrade doubles the duration.
  9. Yes, please!
  10. Yes pls... Countless times I've Intervened someone only to have them run away...
    But instead of every second, I really think it should just be beginning and end...
    Chat is already crowded with stuff as it is...
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  11. It was really to give someone that is intervened the exact time they can do certain things such as jumping into moshpits. I want it so that people don't really have to count the time themselves but rather have the exact time displayed to them. I find it would be more useful as this way they know when they could take potentially deadly courses of action.
  12. Like, there's a timer above where your armor usually displays... I think it works on the receiving end, but I'm not sure...
  13. I've never seen it for the duration of the length of intervene. Also, chat won't be spammed with damage messages due to the intervene so I think a message every second would be fine.
  14. Well considering the absence of Defenders...
    Lol... It works on the giving end; I see "INT" with the numbers counting down...
  15. Ah well I stand corrected. But still, whi constantly stares at their jotbar for buffs, I would rather a chat message. :/
  16. Eh, I guess it's up to you...
    Like if you do my suggestion, you can see the message, then look at the countdown...
    But it is your suggestion ;)
  17. This could be good.
  18. Then again, why not both :p
  19. Shouyi

    Shouyi Well-Known Member

    Steal My Acorns DESU
    6* seconds.
  20. There was a time where I intervened a flag carrier to protect him, and after he captured the flag he shouted to the other team and said "lol you guys are bad I didn't take any damage in that flag run".

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