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    I'm sure most people that have played Skywars for a while know what the /who command does. If you don't, all it does is simply display every player in your game in chat and sort them by team in gamemodes with teams.
    Let's face it, noone really uses it these days. It had a use in ranked skywars when people used it to see other players' rating, but that has been removed a while ago. The problem is that the command does nothing that tab doesn't. It shows players by team once you're in the game, and it shows their ranks in a pre-game lobby.
    I suggest that every player in the /who list gets their skywars level and prestige color next to their name in /who. I believe this would make the command useful as you could check what level of experience the players you are facing have.


    Would this cause more targetting?
    I suggest that nicking makes the player show up as a random star between 1-12 (the lower levels that most people have). This would make them blend in and not get targetted. However, similar to higher ranks/known players that play unnicked getting targetted now, this could cause players that are unknown but have a high level to get targetted more.

    What if I don't want my star shown?
    You can manually disable it in your settings already (for chat). I suggest that the same thing would apply to /who. Players who do not want their star to be seen could hide it through a setting, but it would be on by default.

    Can I make suggestions to add onto this thread?
    Yes! You can. If you think my suggestion is flawed, please vote for 'I like the idea but would change something' and comment on the thread with your suggestion! I will read all of them and add suggestions with credits if I believe your suggestion would be good.​
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  2. Cords

    Cords Member

    Calm C
    Hope this gets added. Great suggestion !
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  3. I like this suggestion, especially the touch about if you toggle off your own star, it wont show on /who

    Well thought out
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  4. Thank you!

    Thanks! I think making it have anti-targetting features is very important with grinders in mind (or ranked players potentially too, although skywars level doesn't matter that much in ranked)
  5. iTinn

    iTinn Active Member

    HyperLeague HYPER
    Good suggestion but i still find it kinda useless for me
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  6. Is there anything you can think of that would make you use it?
  7. iTinn

    iTinn Active Member

    HyperLeague HYPER
    Maybe make the stars show in the tab rather than in the chat (if possible). I already have the automp mod
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  8. I think that is a great idea but it should also be in UHC and BW
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  9. I can definitely see that being useful! However, just like in Skywars, there should be a way to disable your star before this should be added to their /who outputs.
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  10. chqv

    chqv Well-Known Member

    any excuse to flex my sw star/prestige is an upvote from me
  11. like levelhead, each player can change their level display into any level that is below it.
    for example, a 200 lvl player can change his lvl display into 20 lvl but he can't make it 250 lvl.
    If the skywars stars display system is like this, maybe better
  12. I didn't think of it as a flex but I'm glad you would like it!

    I personally think that players who are nicked should obviously be protected from having their real star shown, but not others. I think it would be confusing if I could change my star to a lower one at any given moment (while unnicked), when it's quite an important stat in Skywars.
  13. What is the point if u gonna add this with option of u can disable showing it to the public..... who would even want it to be shown if no one wants to be targetted... that's why ranked rating was removed because that reason.

    Atleast this command wouldnt affect randos who have less than 10 stars.... if u want to flex it just type in the chat.. this doesnt give u more than targetting... because why would u want this else to be added for ? Be Logical
  14. I know that people like @chqv and I would love to have our star on display. Other players would rather have it disabled, so I think this (in my opinion) better version of /who should follow user settings like the chat counterpart does. The reason why I would want it to be added is to do /who at the start of the game and judge if there are good players in my game. Another possible way of using it would be at the end of a game, when few people remain. If the last player is a lower star player, you could assume they're on their spawn island still, and look for the last player there.
  15. I like the idea!
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  16. Okay so if u want to flex you stars talk in the chat and that's it :)
    Also u want to know the good players in ur game ... that's the same reason for rating removal issue from knowing who is the best...etc which causing targeting and cleaning them asap....

    The last point that think why compasses were added so u can spot the campers in thier islands easily^
  17. Thanks!

    I understand that you can chat, but I don't want to spam chat when people could see my stars on their own command. I wouldn't target the highest star in the game but I guess others could, so you do bring up a good point there. Finally, compasses only get into the game after a refill, which takes a very long time after you could've already won the game. That's a completely different issue though, which I won't get into on this thread.
  18. If this gets added, here's what's gonna happen:

  19. If people use this to leave games, they should probably make it only visible once you're in your cage in teams and once you're out of your cage in solo (just like how corrupted games only get announced in your cage in teams and out of the cage in solo, because that's when your stats start counting, meaning people who would leave games at that point would lose the game automatically).
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  20. rmfc

    rmfc Active Member

    Madrid MADRID
    Guild Master
    If you can disable it in /who but still keep it when you type in chat, then I'm all for it. Good idea, but it will have the exact same type of problem as the ranked rating and targeting, but in every gamemode.

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