1. After games, of course.

    EDIT: I had to go which is the reason I didn’t put reasons. I think you should at least be able to say gg when muted because it isn’t really letting you say much of anything, and it lets you show sportsmanship even when muted.
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  2. You didn't include the reason why?
  3. but why is the real question? gg mean good game/great game
  4. Although I see why you want this, I don't necessarily see a point as to why this should be implemented. If you're muted, it's for a fair point. They could always change this, but it's best to just wait out your mute until you can say GG again, unless you have a really good reason as to why this should be changed. How the system works now is perfectly fine.

    I like the thought though!
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  5. Added my reasoning. Sorry I had to go xd
  6. I disagree, I think that you still shouldn't be able to speak when muted. After all, you are responsible for what you did and knowing as you would miss out on extra karma is a mini consequence. Furthermore, it doesn't make sense to change the current system as it works fine as it is.
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  7. It isn’t really speaking, it’s merely saying “good game.” I couldn’t care less about karma, I just don’t want to come off as toxic or salty simply because I can’t say gg.

    Just because something is fine does not mean it can’t be better.
  8. not saying gg isnt toxic
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  9. Oh boy, you know how many people who didn't say anything wrong to be muted still got muted? And their mute appeal was denied?
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  10. You’d be surprised at how many people think it is.
    me, twice in 2 months
  11. If someone were so about sportsmanship to where they'd have to say it even while muted, they wouldn't be muted in the first place.
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  12. *Ahem* false muted *ahem*
    Jokes aside, that’s a good point. Still, does that make the proposition invalid?
  13. False mutes are incredibly difficult to come across in the first place though, especially ones that aren't appealed. Mutes require sheer evidence to happen, and the only way a false one isn't appealed is if the user took too long to appeal it. The only way I can see someone thinking their mute was false is if they don't think something they said was offensive, but that doesn't mean someone else wasn't offended.
  14. Just wondering - how long is too long?
    Also, everyone seems to be a special snowflake here in 2019. It’s hard not to offend anyone.
  15. Few months usually (if a mute even lasts that long).

    And you're not wrong, but if you don't say anything that could be offensive in any way, there's no reason to be muted. I've never (or at least in the past few years) said anything that could be taken as offensive, and in turn, I've never been muted. It's just a matter of thinking before typing.
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  16. Short post gtg soon
    Saying some offensive things shouldn’t get someone muted..
  17. If they add this they should probably remove the karma you get from saying GG for people who are muted.
  18. Saying any offensive thing should get someone muted tho. That's the whole point of muting people.
  19. Swearing once or twice shouldn’t be mutable
  20. You know, my account is muted rn. 1 week. "Rude or inappropriate" the only thing I remember saying in public chat before getting muted was:

    "Mr. Sandman
    bring me a rat
    make it the softest
    that I've ever pat"

    Legit. Maybe, I could've gotten muted for "spamming". But I wasn't, and my mute appeal was still denied.
    Something else. Imagine you get a 3 day mute. So you go and make a mute appeal.
    The appeals thingy takes 1 day to respond. They basically say, "24-48 hours to get the proof (which they won't even show) so we can determine whether we should unmute you or make you continue your punishment."
    So you wait 48 hours to get the reply. Doesn't matter if it was denied or approved, your mute is already over. It was 3 days long... remember?

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