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    Almost everyone who grind slayers have the same problem: underleveled people ruining your fight. They mess up the aggro, they mess up with life steal, and the mess up with the game's difficulty itself. The most popular solution to this is to make only the selected players to hit the boss, but I have a different approach.

    One of my fondest memories while playing this game was when the slayer bosses were first introduced. A party of 2 wise armored players noticed me on my full superior gear and asked me for some help. Being a solo player and having no experience on party quests, I liked the experience of working together to accomplish a goal. It was a good experience for sure.

    A typical slayer boss fight looks like you're being cornered and struggling. Not knowing the negative effects of teamwork, many underleveled players can interpret this look as a need for help. Even though their damage is miniscule, it might be a small help. This is huma nature IMO, and therefore, should not be blamed. What should be blamed is the game design itself. Simply disabling teamwork is highly unnatural, and I think the problem should be approached from a different standpoint: fixing the aspects of the game that discourage teamwork itself.

    So what made this cooperative gamemode turne into a game that is most effective when you solo the boss? Where are all those party quest strats that went well on the forums? What made helping become a troll?
    1. First off, Life Steal. The more you hit, the more you heal. The more other people steal your hits, the less you heal. This enchant is designed to discourage teaming. However, there's no mentioning that this is the case, which means that newer and weaker players are more likelty to be unaware of this fact. Maybe the enchantment should be less effective and slayers should be toned down so that the enchantment is less important? This could make teamwork less of a troll.
    2. Invincibility frames on bosses also hinder teamwork from being effective. The more the people, the more DPS there should be, but because of these ticks, the DPS is cpped, people can steal hits, and life steal is less effective. Removing them could be the best way to enhansce the teamwork experience.
    3. Slayer bosses are too easy to aggro. IDK how they chooose their aggro chains, but maybe they should be fixed so that they only hit the player with the most EHP, the one who dealt the most damage, or maybe the one who spawned the boss. A stable aggro system will help plan cooperative strats and stop random helpers from luring the boss away.
    4. Helping Slayers have no rewards. I know that helping is shunned upon, but what about dragon fights? Everyone in the end are technically helping the fight, and they are getting a bit of frags. Maybe in terms of slayers, you could get about 1 flesh/web/tooth when you deal a certain amount of damage to others' slayer bosses.
    5. Everyone knows that knockback is terrible in circumstance including bossfihts. Making Slayer bosses resistant to kb would not only make the experience more pleasant, but also advantageous for teamwork since the boss won't be tossed around. (Thanks for reminding me.)
    Some might argue that this could discourage players from crafting slayer specific armor sets, but I think they are still viable even with the cooperative advantages. These armor peices are locked behind higher slayer levels, so you can't use them in early slayer progression anyeays. Recruiting teammates can get a bit inconvenient and hard sometimes, so soloing would still have its advantages.
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  2. So about 1 and 2, you are essentially saying "Let's remove life steal so Vampirism is the only way to heal even though that's not exactly possible because you need to kill to get the healing off that, not hit. Admins did not intend the enchant to discourage teamwork, remember, it was made BEFORE slayer bosses and stealing invincibility frames wasn't such a bad thing back then.

    Number 3, they do target the person with the most EHP but I don't believe they count the Zombies and Spiders Bulwark, which they should count and be added into the maths to see who the boss targets.

    Number 4 literally just makes the situation currently even worse, people will want that one extra tooth because... I don't know why they would want it for the amount of time it takes but whatever. It encourages hitting the boss.

    My solution would be to ban the nons from the game, that way all of us can do slayers in peace

    ok, my solution is a joke but would be pretty nice.
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    1, 2. Do you think that unintentional side effets should be ignored? Is disabling life steal during boss fights still problematic?
    3. So all we need is a bugfix?
    4. Well, teamwork is a troll nowadays, but if it gets fixed, who knows if it's it's gonna be worse?
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  4. They should improve the education to new players, like a sign or hologram at spawn saying that you shouldn’t help other players’ slayer boss if you deal way less damage than them

    And seriously if you encountered this situation for a lot of times, you will soon go insane and blame on them, it is just a matter of time, there’s no way to make the players rage less other than improving the education or just simply block them from hitting
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  5. 1,2. agree
    3.Letting the boss kill the non is actually a pretty effective way to get rid of them
    4.The boss is gonna get knocked all over the place
  6. CivetKitty

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    A hologram like this is easy to ignore, and not helping struggling players is against the bright side of human nature. With the game being more and more competative and lacking cooperative content, fixing anti-teaming measures and encouraging teamwork should be the way to go instead o
  7. CivetKitty

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    Then make the boss immune to kb. Thanks for reminding me of another teamwork discouraging measure.
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  8. Slayers are almost always done solo, and making it teamwork will make it too easy and discourage the act of obtaining good gear for the boss

    And some new players do it intentionally

    Dungeons will be a teamwork mode, unlike slayers, slayers is just a mistake tbh, the dumbness of the new players+the grindiness of slayers completely ruins it

    Well at least grinding svens in the secret cave is fine cuz the ender set noobs dunno how to get in/the noobs get one tapped by the weakest wolf there
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  9. Making it immune to kb will make the bosses impossible to solo, it’ll literally hit you every hit tic
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  10. I use the no kb slime head bug (without actually wearing the slime head) to fight them, I guess its time for them to do this cuz it is unfair?

    This is just a joke though I always use that bug
  11. CivetKitty

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    They knock you back though.
  12. Normally you fight them against a wall
  13. They should introduce a slayer area for every category, like the wolf cave just with more mobs and make it so only you and your party can hit the boss
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    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    They made it so everyone can hit it for a reasom, you know.
  15. Disagree with 5.
    If slayer bosses take 0 kb then I'm fucked with wolves
  16. Just make it so we cab select who can hit our bosses such as party members

    Then teamwork can still happen without changing the content or difficulty of the bosses
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  17. If you want to prevent nons from helping you with Sven, it's really easy (and risky af)...

    I do it with t4, since it's "Truly Painful" and I can let my walking nuke 1-tap the non by me punching it
  18. CivetKitty

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    You totally missed my point. My idea is to make helping not a troll. It's human nature.
  19. Humanity doesn’t exist on Hypixel
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  20. Well, if they go troll on my t4, I pull my reverse card up my sleeve...

    The troll gets trolled

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