1. Hey!
    My friend asked me if I could do factory reset to her phone (Samsung Galaxy J1 mini). I agreed because I had that phone and I knew how it worked. So I basically did a factory reset then reboot. She didn't remember her google account I used forgot email and then reset password these went smoothly and we got email and password as well. (You can not skip the log in page) And now whenever we try to log in it says - Unable to log in due recent password change try again in 24h. It has been more than 5 days. Please help I feel really uncomfortable with her :(

    Thanks ❤
  2. Help?
  3. PostSorcerer

    PostSorcerer Well-Known Member

    Visit a genius bar or another repair shop they might know what to do
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  4. Husky

    Husky Well-Known Member

    Go to Best Buy if you have one around where you live
  5. Bakura1

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  6. try contacting google or samsung support, they should be able to help you!
  7. make another google account
  8. We aren't tech support.
  9. Tried but nah
  10. Tried posting in tech forums but hypixel players are lot handsome and clever
  11. Greninja

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    You're not funny
    As others have said, try contacting Samsung and/or Google and if not take it to some sort of repair shop.
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  12. Thanks :D <3
  13. First, try making another google account with the original as the backup email/phone number, try to login from the new account.

    If that doesn’t work, you should probably take your phone to a Best Buy, or contact Google or Samsung support.
  14. factory reset it again
  15. this is why I like apple

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