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  1. No. What in the world is this?

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  2. Yes. I don't know what it is.

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  4. Yes. And I know what it is.

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  1. When I was playing a game of uhc, I found what looks to be 2 chunks that had just disappeared. The walls of these chunks were covered in ores, all the way up to dirt level. When I tried to mine the ores, they just disappeared. I didn't try to walk on it (I didn't want to lose) and the world border was close so I had to go. Has anyone else seen this or know what this is??

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  2. It’s a glitch with mc where chunks don’t load. Hypixel has the fake ores since you can’t see them w/o X-ray and it’s used to counter xrayers
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  4. In order to fix the chunk glitch, u want to run about 25-50 blocks away from it (but in an angle where u can see it), then just simply relog.
    It usually works for me, but sometimes it doesn't work, or sometimes it won't fix the full chunk error
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    This is a pretty common issue within' UHC since the world is extremely huge it has to render in a lot of chunks and as stated above their ore system does play into effect with this "bug". I personally just re-log when I come across this issue and it fixes it, however, you can try and run a few blocks away since that can sometimes help too but re-logging (If you can without dying haha) is an easier fix in my eyes.

  6. 2016 called, they want their thread back
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