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  3. Plancke rankist doe

  4. Dab monster

  5. Jake paulers unite

  6. Do YOU know da way?

  7. arena brawl ded?

  8. The meaning of life ish

  9. Mass cringe

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  11. SPARTA!

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  1. coollogo_com-2763173.png
    Episode 1: Battle of the Versions: Reloaded
    Hypixel and the gang were flying on Rezzus' ship to New Meme City to continue the 1.9 battle they've fought before Orange decided to be a true non and help the ULIR. Don't blame me that I forgot the story just fyi ;)

    "ARE WE THERE YET!!!" Atan cried from the deck.

    Hypixel heard him cry for the 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000th time and simply scared him off....

    With old memes!

    "OMG," Hypixel squealed, "The enemy ships power level..."

    And immediately Atan peed himself and jumped into the Giant Toilet Statue below. Meanwhile, the evil @F1scherman and his despicable 1.9ers prepared themselves and their lazy shields upon the arrival of the righteous 1.8ers. (1.12 is the best tho, am I right? jk 1.7).

    f1sh commanded his army with his slimy 1.9 attack cooldown sword. "Remember kids, target the people on Pocket Edition!"

    "But the Hypixel pocket edition..."


    Over the skyline of the city, ForumJelly, the Hypixel Knights, and of course the Lenny Faces ran by @Omnic (i miss u iEat) and @Dance-Dog (<3) approached for the 1.8ers, as the salty UHC tryhards, mega wallers, sweaty ranked skywars tryhards approached for the 1.9ers. They came closer and closer, raising their magic powers and getting ready to rumble...


    @SimonCowell was a rankist and joined the 1.9ers

    Good plot twist right?

    Drop that like on me, eh? Hit that subscribe button for more videos!

    Now back to the story, Hypixel, NoxyD, Plancke the Rankist (he's keeping that title, literally 100 votes for his rankism last season) and Rezzus are commanding their battle, summoning Lenny faces, cupheads, knights and jellies to strike the tryhards, as Hypixel (below) is....
    As Hypixel's mom gets him a Mt. Dew, the 1.9ers start to lose, as their super short reach destroys them! However, from afar, a new threat jumps in. Over the mountains of the city and from the rooftops are nothing...


    (maybe the ULIR, idk?)

    They swoop down and defend the 1.9ers, as an ambush of Memeplexers and Pukecrafters charge! The 1.8ers become seriously outnumbered! Soon enough, the owner of Memeplex rises from the ground.

    "No fair I thought we said no server warfare!" Hypixel wined.

    "Is it because you'll lose to our awesome player count?" the Memeplexer replied, smirking.


    Hypixel laughed at the owner's foolishness, and fired out his fanbase, easily crushing Memeplexes fans! But out of the blue again was the return of the three headed ghasts, led by @IceDragoon and Minikloon! The ghasts fired at Plancke, who did whatever he could to shove the nons in front of him and fire snowballs at them before he got burned. Now finally, Simon Cowell rode his trendy Jake Pauler cycle across the sky, dropping the X on everyone!

    "Simon!" Hypixel shouted at him, "Why did you join the 1.9ers, you coward!"

    "Simon," Simon told Simon (Simon Says Simon So Often), "I'm sorry, but I'm in love with the 1.12 parrots!"

    As Hypixel gasped in horror and vomited out sloth warriors to fight for him, NoxyD used his super shiny sunglasses to melt Simon's tires with the sun's heat. Rezzus then 2 hit combo'd Simon to the ground. Meanwhile, everyone else escaped, because why not have this fight go on?

    Rezzus started as the sassy bad cop.


    Simon looked scared and confused, and has...his pants were brown. I know too many toilet jokes, whatever. Be lucky this ain't have no teletubbies.

    "I uh..."


    "Because Roblox is advancing, ok?!"

    NoxyD stopped Rezzus and decided to be the good cop.

    "Now if you tell us what Roblox's plan and decisions are involving that and this attack, we'll give you a cookie!"

    "YAY! I want my cookie first tho"

    Noxy runs across the lands in search of a cookie, only finding a single mint cookie in his cabinet. Knowing no one can eat such a disgusting creation, he applied chocolate sauce and gave it to Simon. He spit it out in shame.

    "WHAT'S THE PLAN!" Noxy screamed at him.

    "I told you to get me double chocolate, golden glazed cookies, not mint!"

    "Tell us or face the dab chamber!"


    "Tell us"


    "THE ULIR!!! HOLY...."

    Suddenly, @Omnic's lennys rushed past the scene, sweeping Simon away. The Lennys are naturally neutral and rambunctious. Seriously, they run over grannies!

    "We lost that non! GET EM!" Plancke declared as he donned his redneck cap, and before they could start chasing them, I started the ever so precious image of...
    To Be Continued
    Episode 2: Lenny Wars?

    Recap: Simon Cowell switched teams 'cause of 1.12 parrots and Omnic became insane and joined his fellow Lennys in a herd. Also ULIR, Nooblox, Deadish Games, and J.P. Possibly memeplex.


    And it will not be seen today because why not

    Jk so......

    Memplex Tower, 3:30 PM, The Minecraftian Core

    The owner is sitting at a pizza table with Jake Paul, Sanic the Hoodgehog, Orange, and the Robloxian King. He tells them his demonic plan:

    "Ok guys because Hypixel is stealing our glory and keeping Minecraft alive, we aren't able to reach our full potentials. My suggestion is really simple: Steal Hypixel's idea and release it before they do!"

    Everyone lmaos and then Orange replies: "You're...(laughs) telling me that... we should continue doing that? LOOK AT FRICKIN' MASTER BUILDERS!"

    He rolls over and dies of laughter. He rises as a ghost.

    "YOUR STUPID IDEA KILLED ME!" Orange screams at the owner.

    Jake Paul declares, "Actually why am I hanging out with you noobs? I'm bigger than all of you combined!" and leaves in the most disgusting way imaginable:

    He kills the dab as a meme! :O

    "Okay," the Robloxian King states, "Why not just....kill Minecraft and their own game production? We kill their main income and then the spawn! We'll boogie our way there!"

    The rest nod in agreement as if they understood that.

    However, emerging from Hell, the Disco King @Nootella emerges. "Did someone say boogie?" and then does the most dad-like dance moves known to mankind. "But in all seriousness I think you guys should just take their former allies and attack them. Maybe 1.9ers?"

    "Just curious," Orange points out, "I thought you're a Hypixelian. Aren't you a traitor?"

    "They destroyed my friend noot!!!!!!! NOT NOOT NO NO NO NOOT NOOT!!!!!!!!"

    As he nooted, a race of Lennys past the building unexpectedly, which gave a brilliant idea.

    Hypixel HQ, 5:00 PM

    Hypixel's warming up his hot pockets, as NoxyD observes the area and Rezzus and Plancke attend an anti-rankism rally. That's a different story though that it totally more interesting but let's focus on Noxy and Hypixel. All of the sudden, an army of Lennys emerge from the mountains, led by none other than the traitor himself: @ChromaffinityHailfire and @Omnic who was persuaded with donuts.

    $5 you bet Simon would be the leader of the Lennys

    As Chrome led the Lennys into the battle, NoxyD summoned the sloth warriors and sent the city into lockdown, when Hypixel and Noxy jumped into combat, defending the town. Easily outnumbered, they screetched like little girls for help, as the great and mighty @Horus_The_Local flew from out of the skies on Watchdog with @dogsrfun as his savage assistant in memes. Ramming into the Lenny Armada, the ULIR launched something that even the great Horus cannot defend against:

    Robo clones of his guild members!!!!!!!!

    As the clones were launched into the area, @NurdNotNerd summoned a tidal wave against the Lennys, pushing them back into the mountains. However, this didn't work, as it caused everyone's pants to become wet. You can see where I can go from here on that ;)

    "NURD OMG THESE ARE MY BEST PARTY PANTS!" Hypixel shouted. "These are more precious than my sloth teddy bear collection!"

    Nurd mocked his sloth teddy bears, but told him: "At least they aren't stolen by the Lennys."

    And if you knew it the Lennys ran past him, stealing the teddy bears. Because I wanna. NoxyD immediately jumped on his hoverbike, grabbing Hypixel and Nurd, riding to those Lennys. As they disappeared into the herd, the bike rammed through it followed by Hypixelian Tanks and Jeeps, collecting the bears as they went. When they approached the final Lenny with a teddy bear, Hypixel recognized it!

    "Slothy McSlothicus!" he awed at it as if it was his soul mate, jumping fiercely at the Lenny before being carried by the herd at such a fast speed that Noxy couldn't even get close to him. But soon enough, Nootella the Disco King emerged, wrecking the city with his datedness and laser eyes.

    "Everyone back to base," Noxy ordered, as he thought about what happened and got everyone to fight against the Disco King.

    Will Hypixel save his Teddy Bear? Will the Lennys run over Hypixelia, or vice versa? Will Episode 3 be better? Who knows!

    To Be Continued....

    Also please give feedback about this episode, as it has been weeks and I wanna make sure my memes aren't outdated. Thanks!
    Episode 3: The Raid of Fortnite Pizza

    As Hypixel attempted to get back his Teddy Bear, the Lennys retreated to an evil lair high in the mountains of Roblox. Grabbing his Teddy Bear from one of the Lennys, he was forced into a dark cellar room with the rest of them, as a speaker arose from the front of the room.

    "What is this?! Let me out you filthy animals!" Hypixel got super angry.

    A lenny replied, "We're filthy? I can smell your onion breath from here!"

    "I'm sorry that I love onions almost as much as sloths. Not my fault for eating."

    "SHUSH NOOB BEFORE I TAKE THAT TEDDY AND MAKE YOU JOIN 1.9!" The speaker announced, as it was revealed to be Sanic the Hoodgehog. He continued,

    "We have a very special member of the world with us here today. Please boo and throw your Emoji Movie blu-rays at Hypixel!"

    The Lennys were reluctant, as they have high enough IQs to realize how brilliant The Emoji Movie really is. They threw cabbages tho they hate that stuff

    "Anyways, I was thinking about partnering together and to make a truce to take down a new game, Fortnite. If we can kill it off now, we might save Minecraft AND my franchise!"

    *everyone holds in laughter

    Everyone peed themselves and fell over from that incredibly bold idea that is so ridiculous that even I wouldn't think it. Ok I would but that's a different issue.

    "Continue...." Hypixel told him, curious about the situation.

    "Well...." Sanic replied, "Didn't you already copy the idea with Battle Royale?"


    "Thought so. I heard that the developers of it have a secret base located in the best stronghold in all of the lands: A pizza joint."

    "Wait what"

    Later on, Hypixel called upon Rezzus, dogsrfun, Horus, and Plancke to help. Soon enough, like a desperate faction owner who wants his base to get raided, Hypixel allied them. To help them infiltrate the Pizza Place, Sanic gave them his best men (#RespectMen) and woomen: @Bc_Dino the body shield, Orange the traitor, @akkrox the Cube, and @IceDragoon the nooby drawing psychic wizard. No good description name has 4 words, right?



    Fortnite Pizza, Internet Explorer Galaxy

    After taking Hypixel's savage portal system to the worst galaxy ever, they arrived at the Pizza Palace: Fortnite Pizza. With no visible sign of danger, Rezzus and Plancke crept into the place, and just as they arrived at the door, electric fences, lazers, and machine guns appeared! Plancke quickly demoted Rezzus to a non and made him into a human shield, jumping over the fence with a seriously bad battle cry.


    "Why don't we just have the traitor cover us while we go in?" Horus boldly suggested, hinting to Orange.

    "You know I'm still an admin, right?" he fiercely replied. "I can ban you. This is a Christian server sir."

    "Liar it's Austrailian"

    "You're kidding me....um...I didn't swear enough? Ok........... &(*#^$*&@#[email protected]&#^*#&@ is that good?"

    While they chatted about nothing, Icey spotted some mods guarding the Pizza Place, and used his mind control powers to hypnotize him. He threw his body around like any reckless GMod player does during their first week and got him to allow them access into the building. When they entered, he took his outfit as a disguise and absorbed haste from his body to fight faster, 'cause why not? Let's also not talk about how that mod unfortunately was wearing....ugh......poop emoji shorts. Terrible.

    As they went in, they snook around for people, as akkrox found a secret document with info about Minecraft vs. Roblox vs. Fortnite.

    "What is this?" He asked as he read. Rezzus went over with shock and told Hypixel, "They're making us pull a Mineplex!"

    "Oml like they did with Master Builders!"


    Suddenly, a black spirit entered the body of dogsrfun and turned his eyes black and red.

    "I am the Spirit of Fortnite," it proclaimed, "Now get out of my amazing pizza shop before I cook you all into dead memes! HAHAH!" it left his body afterward for no reason at all but to confuse people.

    Bc_Dino then ran away screaming like a little girl off into nowhere, as a man appeared behind them.

    @BastionMain, also known as firejets2. Being a nerdy Roblox kid with glasses and a bad death sound, he pulled out his plastic swords.

    "Lol I just trolled you salty kids. That's just a black RC car with particle effects :p"

    Plancke, a RC car master, was super salty over this and left the shop for a few seconds. He flew back to Hypixelia quick, grabbed all his cars, snowballs, salt, and useless nons, and set them up in the shop for 20 minutes.

    "FIRE!" He shouted when he was done, aiming for Bastion. His parkour skills were too dank though, as he reflected all the snowballs back at him. Knowing how useless Plancke is with defenses from this, Icey mind controlled him, akkrox, and Orange and threw them around like ragdolls, mercilessly beating the evil Bastion.

    Crying with salt, Bastion screamed, "OMG WHY WON'T LET ME TROLL YOU EVIL MAN!!!!!!"

    Orange, good at roasts, told him, "Cause you troll like your mom."

    Actually he sucks at them all he does is make yo mama jokes.

    "Cause Roblox stinks worse than a birthday cake of puke and Almond Joys" dogsrfun came back, wearing swag glasses.

    Anyway, Bastion hid in a vent, as a secret passage opened out of the wall.

    "Should we go in?" Rezzus asked after pointing it out.

    And that's for YOU to decide! Vote for an option!

    a) yes
    b) no
    c) go back to Hypixelia
    d) fight the Classic Games
    e) 1.9 battle
    x) I forgot to count my alphabet
    84) other

    Episode 4: The Fortnite Base, TM
    HEY GUYS before this episode starts I want to give a special shoutout to @Bc_Dino for making the best fanart ever. He is a total savage. Also no one responded to my choice vote option at the end of Episode 3 ;(
    Also cause I'm also savage I'll just combine most of the choices lol

    The gang crept inside the stinky wall passage, smelling of rotten cheese and dead memes.

    "What is dat smell?!!" Plancke expressed in anger, surprisingly not blaming it on the nons.

    "I bet the nons did this," Rezzus added, since he is probably the new Plancke.

    Soon, they approached a bright light in the tunnel, traveling closer to it. The party of Hypixel, Rezzus, Plancke, Orange, akkrox, IceDragoon, Horus, and dogsrfun arrived at none other than the true core base of Fortnite. Filled with dystopian aircraft, decayed buildings, and a tall tower at the core of it, with cyan neon lights surrounding the place. Armies of Fortniters were marching outwards toward many gates, commanded by someone who sounded like a combination of Pennywise and Ronald McDonald. Although both of them sound the same, same clown smell too.

    "Hypixel," Horus asked him, "Why isn't your base as dank as this one?"

    "Well they don't have a Baskin Robbins, that's for sure."

    Arriving out of a large portal machine, a Baskin Robbins AT-AT appeared, as Hypixel smashed his face into a wall. Orange, wanting to be in good terms with Hypixel again, stood up with a plan.

    "Plancke, load up a RC car and some snowballs. Drive it in through that portal and using some cool technology stuff, get us there and find a route. Then destroy!!!!!!"

    They all smiled evilly, as Plancke realized, "Won't we need someone to unlock the doors?"

    Dogsrfun, packed with a secret shrink ray I didn't mention, shrunk down inside the car and said in a high-pitched voice, "I WILL!!!"

    Plancke laughed as Dog entered the RC car, driving out past the rows of soldiers. The car sped right between legs, activated a turbo charge and went on a nearby railing, diving into the portal.

    On the other side, Dog rolled into a robot factory hallway, jumping out of the RC car before it ran into a door. The car stopped right before hitting the door, as Dog reverted to his normal size and tried to unlock the door.

    "Alright, let's rumble!" Horus lead, as akkrox stopped him. "Look!!!"

    A group of the 1.9ers returned, led by @F1scherman. They charged into battle first and rammed headfirst into the troops, acting as a distraction. From another side of the battlefield, a plastic-bag wearing doge army led by @ChromaffinityHailfire attacked every soldier that possibly could, as the Lennys also jumped in to help Hypixel.

    The group decided to run around the sides of the base as Dog unlocked the doors from inside in his RC car. From afar, Bastion swooped down with an elytra with Chrome as they ambushed Hypixel!

    "I hate it when someone convinces my Lennys that 1.8 is better! IT'S NOT!!!!!!!!!" Chrome screamed as he karate kicked Hypixel down to the ground, as Bastion pulled out his phantom parrot sword. Using a nearby rope, Rezzus grabbed onto it and swung at Bastion with his feet, knocking the sword out of his robo arm into Chrome's back.

    "OMG OMG OMG!" Bastion cried as he ran away, fearing Chrome's rage. Hypixel, wanting to calm the scenario, took the sword out of Chrome's back and threw it at Bastion, pinning him down as Plancke fired snowballs at him. Hypixel took out his Mickey Mouse Band-Aids and fixed up Chrome.

    "Ey, thanks. Maybe a 1.9 truce?" Chrome asked him.

    "Sure..." Hypixel replied, skeptical of his true intentions.

    From inside, Dog found 3 1.8 slave factory workers: @Dance-Dog, @VoidArrow, and @TheComputer8423. "Please help us get of the factory, dada." Computer pleaded as he can't end a sentence without saying dada or daddy.

    Dog let them go, as Dance-Dog looked at him and noticed he is very similar to him.

    "Wait are you my brother?" Dance asked Dog, as he shockingly realized that the answer was yes.

    Dog said, "Yea." Quickly, they high-fived and morphed into a Superdog. Why? Because I have an imagination. VoidArrow guarded them with his crossbow powers as Horus and akkrox got to their location.

    Sneaking inside, Horus and akkrox hid behind a corner, stealing a guard's Super Shredders. They rapidly squirted water at another guard before running away, flipping a water bottle and landing it on the guard's face, soaking him.

    Meanwhile, as the remaining people in Hypixel's party entered the castle, @Omnic swooped in and smacked Chrome in the face.

    "What makes you think those Lennys are YOURS?"

    "Well, they all came to live with me."

    "You offered them chocolate chip cookies they can't resist sweets!"

    Hypixel got very annoyed, telling them, "GUYS! Let's just take this out on the guards! Omnic, pretend the guards are Chrome and Chrome, pretend the guards are Omnic."

    Both of them asked, "How can there be more than one of us?!"

    "Cloning, boo ya mind blown lets go!!!!!!!!!!!" Hypixel replied, charging in. He rammed into the party of the Dogs as he entered, hitting his arm.

    "Okay, let's go back then!" He ran back around outta the place, and turned around again realizing that their reason behind going to Fortnite HQ was to destroy them. They all ran up into the tower as Horus and akkrox entered a secret file room.

    As a coding genius, akkrox recognized the room as Fortnite's file room, as IceDragoon teleported to him and pulled out a flint-and-steel. "Files?" Ice observed, stealing them from the database and smashing the circuits when he absorbed all the info. Yes, he is a computer.

    Suddenly, through his awesome hearing, Horus heard incoming voices. "We gotta get out!" He whispered, as they climbed out of a window. Jumping out, a menacing yell ringed through the base.

    "THE FILES!!!!!!!!!"

    As the group reunited, a sudden burst of astatine was released through the base, as Ender Dragons crashed into the base, setting it into flames. Now the question is, how will they get out?

    STAY TUNED KIDDOS #Episode5Hype

    Okay spoiler: The Classic Games are going to help. Why not?

    Also, I have mentioned the possibility of a Hypixel War discord. Change your vote above to add yes discord. 20 yes discord votes = Discord. I will leave the link public on the thing. Happy April Fools and Easter!

    Episode 5: Unlikely Alliances and Nonlike Rebellion

    HEY dudezz plz support on YT ty so much

    So anyway, the huge party of Hypixel, Rezzus, Plancke the Non Slayer (his official in-game name), dogsrfun/Dance-Dog as Superdog, akkrox, Orange, IceDragoon, Horus, VoidArrow, Omnic and his lennys, Chroma and his doges, and TheComputer8423 needed to escape from Fortnite HQ in the Middle of somewhere (I think Internet Explorer). As Ender Dragons came and attacked the base with fire, the team rushed for the hole in the wall which they came through, only to find that BastionMain sealed it up!

    "WHAT ARE WE GONNA NOOOOT" akkrox panicked, turning into a noot for a second.

    Right behind them was F1scherman and his 1.9 army, fighting off the Fortniters.

    He ran straight into TheComputer and fell over on top of him (NOT LIKE THAT) as Computer said his favorite word.


    "EWWWWWWWWWW" F1sch screamed, running away with his army, letting the Fortniters attack Hypixel's crew.

    Hypixel, angry at TheComputer, threw him straight at the Fortniters. However, the sight he saw in the sky frightened him even further. It was none other than the Classic Games Air Fleet, led by the traitor @SimonCowell! Fearing capture, and knowing he couldn't escape, he directed the party.

    "Chroma and Omnic, take your armies back to Hypixel HQ. Superdog, akkrox, Orange, and VoidArrow, get into Fortnite Manor and take it down. Plancke, Rezzus, Horus, and IceDragoon, stay with me in case we get knocked."

    As the groups went to their specified areas, the flagship landed safely, with @UnRanged telling them to get in. As they did with their hands in the air (like they just don't care :), the ship entrance slammed shut as the airship turbine engines spun and fired it back up into the skies of the Browser World. Simon's crew, consisting of UnRanged, @Astatine, his second in command, @Nootella the Disco King, @BastionMain, and the Classic Games Crew.

    "Welcome to the official fleet of the Classic Union!" Simon declared with the rest of his crew.

    "Just curious," Rezzus asked, "How many stinking groups are in this story?"

    As I don't like when my own characters question my story, I made him have to stop whatever he's doing and dab every 5 seconds. Yes even when sleeping.

    Hypixel, thrilled to see they are on good terms, tried to figure out more about what is even happening in this story. "So, catch me up to speed, what the heck is even going on?"

    Astatine jumps in as 2nd in command, as he tells what's going on: "The ULIR is stirring up a rebellion with a large group in Hypixelia, while it has you do the dirty work and take out Fortnite so Roblox can be the most popular game. We just don't know which group."

    Pretending he was listening instead of playing Fortnite on his phone, Hypixel said, "cewl bro."

    "Is that Fortnite?" Ranged looked at it. "No, jump around the door and shoot, don't just walk in."

    "No shoot the floor first to get them to fall," Plancke joined in, knowing nothing about Fortnite.

    And yes that's what they discuss for the next hour

    So after that happens, the group arrives in a Season 1 location: The Land of the Forgotten! Below as they past the tundra of icicles and shards, the crew observe none other than a classic non rebellion.

    "OML I knew it was gonna be the nons!" Simon and Plancke both declared, throwing snowballs at them. The rest of the group parachuted down onto different spots on the battlefield. As they went down, they could hear the voice of Sanic leading.

    "The time to rebel is NOW! We will rule Hypixelia and trump all games with huge walls!"

    so many trump jokes gosh

    "NOT SO FAST!" Superdog arrived out of nowhere (probably hid in the flagship's bathroom) karate kicked Sanic, as he threw pudding on him. Bastion grabbed his Sword of Justice, striking a lightning bolt at him. As the rest of the clan tried to control the nons, Sanic burst. He split apart to reveal a floating baby in a bubblegum bubble. Why? Cause I thought of it. In a high pitched squeal, he told them,

    "Look! I'm sorry! I have to get Roblox on the map before PUBG rises and swallows both us and Fortnite!"

    He disappeared into the sky, as the group considered his words. Finally, Rezzus had a brilliant idea.

    "Let's attack PUBG even if he's lying!"

    Since no one else had anything smarter to say and no one gave me any plot ideas, they went off to attack PUBG. Cause..wait why do I say cause after everything lol

    Also, I have mentioned the possibility of a Hypixel War discord. Change your vote above to add yes discord. 20 yes discord votes = Discord. I will leave the link public on the thing.

    Episode 6: The PUBG Air Fleet of Nothing But Fortnite Cloning

    Written by Season2Hype and UnRanged (MY FIRST NON-SOLO EPISODE!)

    Faster than Sanic could run around a green hill and smash ladybugs, Hypixel, Plancke, Rezzus, @Astatine, @BastionMain, and his friend Genji jumped aboard Rezzus’ flying boat ship. But before they could depart in the midst of a night flight from the Land of the Forgotten, UnRanged jumped out of his scratchy blankets, put on his Valentine’s Day socks, and snuck on the ship, handmaiden from kotor 2 style!

    Wait what is that game lol

    Anyway, as they departed and snuck away, Ranged crawled up from the porta potty below deck which he snuck in through revealed himself to the party with a “SURPRISE!” Smoke bomb included.

    Plancke’s ears rang with bells and whistles as he gasped in shock, but Ranged silenced him by telling him, “No worries, you could use all the help you could get.”

    Hypixel wiped the sweat collecting on his forehead from that, and commanded, “Into the sleepy chambers, meatbags.”

    As they traveled into the night through the rain and the clouds, Astatine started getting bored and asked, “Ranged, got anything to do? I’m soooooo borrred and all Hypixel has are sloth crossword puzzles with the answers already written on them”

    In reply, he answered, “I’m pretty good at rockin’ places with Grade-A puns and jokes. Might need to plan an attack or something.”

    “So THAT’s what help we’re getting from ya.” Plancke sarcastically exclaimed. “VIPs are the scum of Hypixel, a slight notch above nons…”

    “I can help with much more than that, Plancke the non slayer!”

    Plancke, fascinated by his new and savage title, did the only thing he remembered from Wayne’s World.

    We all know what he’s about to do.

    “I’M NOT WORTHY! I’M NOT WORTHY!” Plancke cried in joy, bowing down to Ranged. “I will serve you forever, friend!”

    Weirded out as heck, Ranged told him, “Uh...ok then.”

    Meanwhile, aboard deck, Rezzus listened to the quips and puns of UnRanged from below deck, cringing so badly at the puns that he almost turned the ship upside down. Yes, his puns shake the boat!

    “You know what makes me smile? My facial muscles.”

    “Why did the tree fail the test? It was stumped.”

    Hypixel, standing furiously behind him, was about ready to toss him off the boat, armed with an inflatable duck and some oxygen tanks.

    ‘Uh..I’ll stop..just, keeping out flies, I guess..” Ranged stuttered, trying to slip out with worse excuses than ones made by George Washington. He ran back into his quarters, while the crew went back to work.

    Ranged suggested the idea of going to a remote island in the middle of the Chrome Seas, for reasons he explained. “I’ve got myself a pretty lavish airship, \capable of dropping normie repellent gas (tear gas that only works on normies) and thermal bombs (superheated bombs that melt many things when detonated). This comfortably fits a large crew, but we need one more dude to drop the bombs. I know of some guys down in the islands, and they got a lot of men ready to rumble.”

    Hypixel applauded the idea, exclaiming, “...And off to the chrome seas we go!”

    UnRanged told Rezzus the coords, and off he sailed through the Chrome Seas of Cheese. Soon enough, they saw the beautiful, tropical mountains and landscapes of the island, decorated with large, sunken aerial ships and villages.

    As they arrived, Bastion and Genji spotted the somewhat large airship and in unison, said “NOIICE!”.

    “JINX!” Bastion slipped in with his Bastion wit, and Genji went in search of a vending machine to buy him a Coke and get out of the Jinx.

    They landed below, where a few natives welcomed the group, consisting of @F3ra and @Bc_Dino from earlier episodes.

    “Welcome to the Isle of Nons!” F3ra declared, as Plancke immediately recognized half of the nons that he tormented ruled the island. He swam off, being chased by all of them besides BC and F3ra.

    Peeing himself at the hilarious Benny Hill-style run, Hypixel felt welcomed. “Thank you, and who are you? Also hi BC we didn’t forget how you ran like Plancke at Fortnite Pizza.”

    “It was self-defense,” BC replied, using probably the lamest response ever.


    Anyways, F3ra explained, “I run this island with my guild, Infamy.”

    Bunch of info for hours and then she says,

    “Also, we’re friends with Horus.”

    Just at that alone, Hypixel immediately allied these people and told them about their plan to raid PUBG since Horus was a fun dude in Season 1, right?

    F3ra, loving it, spoke to the rest of Infamy. “Although I am aware of being inept in combat, I wish for you and me to fight with Hypixel, I’ll plan, you figuratively and literally drop the bomb.” The others cheered and yelled in a gleeful response as they helped Hypixel construct the coolest air and sea armada ever. Ok, not Navy Seal level of cool, but they’re up there!

    They voted and named the flagship and main bomber “The Donald” as they departed to PUBG Forces Base, far away in the Land of the Popular. Ranged channeled his energy as he and Rezzus flew The Donald to the PUBG base. However, as they flew, they encountered no one but the amazing GEOTUS (God Emperor of the U.S.), the golden @TheDonald, flying out of the water on a giant Golden toilet !!

    “YO WHAT ABOUT THE SPANISH INQUISITION 2.0 WHERE THE SPANISH COME TO TRY TO CONVERT EVERYONE TO PASTAFARNISM” He shouted on the phone to some dude, before spotting the crew.

    The whole crew (which now consists of Hypixel, Rezzus, Astatine, Bastionmain, Genji, Ranged, F3ra, and BC) stood in shock, with the entirety of them in silence.

    “Oh, I was just expressing my love of Italian food. I see you’re on some kind of mission with all those dank transport vessels and that awesome name painted on the side of your boat.” Donald defended his weirdness.

    “I am welcoming of weirdos”, Ranged told him, as Hypixel warmly replied to TheDonald. “‘Ranged here had this ship and he agreed with our plan to pulverize the normie-filled PUBG base, so he gave us access to this airship on the Island of Nons. We loaded it with bombs and built one of the coolest fleets known to the internet.”

    Donald was sick of the PUBG fanatics and joined their crew, adding some street cred to their fleet. He then had the Secret Service transport his toilet, while he set in and fortified the flaws in the hull by using a water jetpack and some concrete. And hair gel too but we can’t mention it here. Whoops.

    Ranged hooked up his AHCN (Anonymous Hacker Collective Navigation) to the control panel, both activating autopilot and cloaking the ship in stealth.

    Bastion couldn’t wait to gun down the PUBG normies, constantly asking, “Are we there yet??”

    “Are we there yet?”

    “Are we there yet?”

    “Are we there yet?”

    “Are we there yet?”

    “Are we there yet?”

    “Are we there yet?”

    “Are we there yet?”

    Rezzus had finally had enough of it, and slammed the door to the cabin, while he and Ranged sat in their captain’s chairs and respectively surfed the Forums and 4chan. The rest of the crew conversed and chilled with the new members.

    The AHCN then detected a nearby threat and in the most monotone Emoji Movie voice ever, declared: “A warship chain by the name of “PUBG iemr32n 7b-4y9 $kru3 k!113r$” is approaching and getting ready to fire at this vessel.”

    The PUBG fleet looks like this. Credit to Sega, from Sonic Heroes, 2003.

    Everyone freaked so hard!! As they were approaching the warships, Ranged calmly told them, “Let me handle this” and jumped out the window, and used his abilities with Karakot (smash heroes character) to warp to the top of some of the enemy airships. He dashed straight down into the engines, plowing huge holes in the process. The normies on board recognized his terrible origin of 4chanity, and announced, “It’s a 4chan user! MEME HIM UP!!!”

    Ranged used an extremely loud REEEEE to rupture the air balloons, sending the ships of PUBG tumbling into the water! Ranged used Karakot’s teleporting abilities to get to the next ship, while Bc_Dino attacked a nearby battleship with Bastion and Genji in formation, slicing through the cannons. F3ra led her guild into battle, grinding down rails onto the surrounding flagships. She used her brilliance as a tactician to lead her allies, and they ripped up the sails of some of the *older* ones (more outdated ones than shoulder pads). However, they got cornered by the enemies, and couldn’t fight as F3ra, unfortunately, doesn’t know how to actually hold a sword! (ok she knows but cant pvp :()

    So you know what they did?

    Into the water...they jumped in slow motion.

    As Hypixel noticed them go down, he flew down with an elytra unknowingly, saving them while promoting 1.9+ to the crew! NOOO!

    Meanwhile, the PUBG crewmen dashed off the abandoned ships with their ropes and chains, as they mostly missed when they jumped to nearby ships, humorously plummeting to their deaths. Ranged teleported to nearby PUBG ships and wreaked havoc, causing multiple explosion chain reactions! He went BERSERK. screeching and hewing the normies with gusto.

    The crew fired heavy artillery at the ships, with the exception of nons :)D). Donald caused confusion by blaring his savage wall memes at the enemies, blocking them into corners and air, while Astatine channeled his anger and tried to ram into an enemy, accidentally hitting off Rezzus!

    “Oops!” Asta went, looking into our cameras (yes I record episodes before I write them), shrugging before being thrown off by Superdog, arriving at a random time for some reason. Uniting as one force, the group headed towards the main flagship and charged. Ranged used his teleportation ability to open the main gateways with Donald, armed with a gold jetpack. Donald reached it first, and soon enough, the crew placed the explosives and jumped back to their fleet!

    As the PUBG flagship went down, the rest of the ships retreated to their home, as the group pursued.

    “Nice job, Ranged. That’s how you really sink your show.” Hypixel told him, referring to his terrible puns.

    Ranged replied, “Uh, thanks. I don’t even know how I did it.”

    “And that’s the real way to surprise me!”

    They laughed, heading straight for the enemy, with a heavily boosted morale.

    However, behind them, was another…


    This is the first Episode of the Epic Hypixel War that is NOT entirely written by me! Part of this episode was composed by @UnRanged, whose savage ideastream led him to become a member of my new Hypixel War writing team! Please remember to vote yes for the Discord and give feedback! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

    Also, instead of 10 episodes from last season, we are going to expand this one to 15 episodes to fit all the awesome content we got!

    New recruits in this episode are @F3ra, @UnRanged, @Astatine, @BastionMain and Genji, and @Bc_Dino! If you guys want bigger roles, please notify me!


    Episode 7: PUBG Needs Better Nacho Pizza

    Written by Season2Hype and UnRanged

    Always start with a quirky title

    Anyway, the party has entered the mystical realm of Popularity, passing the Chrome Seas. Unbeknownst to them, the Classic Games Union, led by SimonCowell, is right on their tail. Simon smirked evilly as he approached the oblivious targets, ready to bomb them shag carpet style. Armed with him, Astatine secretly videotaped the crew as they traveled, ready to strike them down with his powers. Soon enough, the party of Hypixel, Rezzus, Asta, Bastion, Genji, UnRanged, F3ra, BC, and Donald landed upon the docks of PUBG Forces Base.

    “BC, do you know if it’s safe to go out?” F3ra asked him, making sure that she doesn’t get wet when she gets out. No pun intended.

    He looked at her a bit, and replied, “We’re going out either way, we have to stop PUBG! I want my nacho refund from them, and if I have to *&*794)#@(...”

    She threw him out of the boat to test the water, as he swam to the shore.

    “It’s clean.” He informed her.

    Meanwhile, Rezzus and Ranged had formed a friendship as captains, and wanted to fight in tandem. Hypixel and the others limbered up, when they suddenly heard a thump in the side.

    “Hey guys we got a new Duck Dynasty episode, by gollys!” exclaimed some rednecks with cameras, which triggered the group with their superior intelligence.

    Before he could ask about why, how, or anything about how they could even film them, they grabbed a bunch of Pepsi cans and blurted,


    However, that was the least frightening thing about them. Hypixel immediately recognized the face of the lead hillbilly.

    “Horus?!” He realized. (plot twist!!!)

    Discovered, he panicked and ran away with the rest of his crew inside the base, notifying the PUBGs.

    The members of the crew became enraged harder than the baby of Joe McCarthy and Kim Jong Putin. Feeling betrayed, Hypixel led them up to the front of the PUBG base, where they barbarically put on viking hats and rammed through the front door.

    Ranged quickly crabwalked into the base, still screeching with fury. As they charged in, a sudden burst of rain poured over the land, and a sudden boom occurred as a shower of astatine dropped on Rezzus’ ship, exploding it to pieces! Watching in tears, Rezzus immediately stole some of the Super Shredders in the base. Noticing the Classic Games crew coming up behind them, he fired warning shouts and screamed,


    UnRanged quickly cast a Seiken, turning the outer walls nearby into dust finer than Speedy Freezes and continued to crabwalk into the base, scaring away the normies. As Simon approached, the group ran into the next few rooms, attempting to find the core and destroy it without a plan. Rezzus and Astatine (whom Rezzus is unaware of being a traitor) led the search, scattering and submerging into the dark corridors of the lair. BC covered for them by posting a bunch of dank memes on their forums, while F3ra saw a few more coming in the distance. Hypixel pounded pulverized weak walls, collapsing the rooms, while Genji and Bastion doubled up on the PUBG armada with swords and shotguns.

    Meanwhile, back in Hypixel HQ, a riot was occuring in the streets. NoxyD, trying to control the situation, attempted to get to his desk to Skype with Hypixel, as he and @VoidArrow (who I totally forgot about in the story, oops) tried to calm down a bunch of nons after seeing Plancke running away from the Isle of Nons via a YouTube video. Noxy ran through the alleys of town, followed by nons that were piled up like Gremlins. Trapped in a corner, Void fired grappling hooks out of his crossbow structure to the top of Hypixel Tower, and carried him up. Heading up through the cubicles, Noxy found his laptop and closed out of all 1 zillion of his tabs, waiting for Skype to respond before the nons climbed up the building.

    Back at the PUBG base, Donald shot some PUBGs with a NRA rifle that peaked out of his golden floating throne, while Hypixel knocked down some walls. In the middle of decomposing, he saw a familiar face in a tube: PLANCKE! He was scared by the nons to the point that he was loopier than the Daytona 500. Hypixel called out to the rest of the group, and before he could break open his pod, Minikloon smoke-bombed in and stopped him.

    “What do you think you’re doing? He’s almost done being transformed!” Minik defended his actions.

    Hypixel, confused, asked: “TRANSFORMATION? Is he becoming a Teletubbie?”

    “No, I’m extracting his rankism genes.”

    Minikloon smiled while he thought of Plancke being a pro-non, as he explained his plan. “You see, Sanic’s goal was to eliminate all the other games and confuse and annoy them to the point where he could usurp them and revive them with Sonic Forces. Now that it failed, I’m just here to serve justice for the nons, for whatever reason they got angry. I honestly don’t know where the story even went until now.”

    “Same here, I was just looking for my sloths and now I’m trying to eliminate game bases!”

    “Just as planned. You go around and do the dirty work, infuriating everyone, while Chrome and I take over the Internet by coding and destroying the true core of the operation: HYPIXEL WAR HQ!”

    So THAT’s why there’s barely any episodes!

    Anyway, as the groups came closer and realized that, the Hypixel Knights entered with Horus, as they filmed the event on YouTube TV. Watching, Noxy and Void panicked, and desperately went through the hours of code within Hypixel and immediately contacted me and UnRanged Official at our HQ. But back to the story, Loon smirked and pressed a big red button on his wall.

    “In approximately 9001 minutes, or 6 ¼ days, the worlds of Hypixelia, the Internet Explorer Galaxy, and everything else will collide and reset. Until then, whoever controls Hypixel HQ, Fortnite Pizza, and PUBG Forces will have control over the future of the Internet. I’ve linked this to a livestream on Twitch and it WILL clear up everything! Between then and now, logic is being removed from the code!”

    BC smarted, “You seem smart enough to tell us your plan on public TV. What else do you have, nacho pizza?”

    “Yes, and it tastes…”

    “Tastes like what?”

    “Your mama. Also the timer starts now.” He exclaimed, fading up towards Sanic.

    “Wait is there a way to stop the timer?!”

    “You gotta capture all three places at the same time and find the center area.”


    He faded away, leaving everyone puzzled and crazy. However, he then reappeared, pressed the button, and said, “Actually nevermind that’s boring. Chrome, take over Hypixel still with the nons.”

    And as he said those words, Chrome did such, and soon enough, Hypixel panicked, breathing into a plastic bag with all his might. He kept breathing and blowing, breathing and blowing, until his face became red, and he…

    Passed out! GAME OVER?

    THAT’S EPISODE 7 AND oml what happened!

    Well, me and UnRanged will try to correct the Hypixel War’s coding. In the meantime, we’ll take character requests, plot requests, etc., and more to bring back the story.

    Now, for a final: After 7 episodes, we’ve finally gotten more than enough votes for a Hypixel War DISCORD! Yea, that’s right! The Discord will be accessible via either the Changelog right below the story. Welcome and thank you for endless support!

    Cheerios! - Season2Hype and UnRanged

    Episode 8: Logic Reload
    Written by UnRanged and Season2Hype


    As Hypixel awoke, he discovered that he was quite far up from the ground, being carried by a cloud of moisture and dust. Observing nuclear warfare below him, he questioned about what the heck Plancke did to annoy the nons enough to destroy Hypixelia. But F3ra and her nons were fighting against the other nons somehow, on top of the PUBGers. Bastion and Genji chopped down enemies as Donald flushed enemies down his golden incinerator. Ranged screeched, exploding the PUBGers as Rezzus placed gravity explosives around the base, remembering that his actual ship isn’t blown up. Via a toy walkie-talkie, Rezzus hacked into Hypixelia’s security system which he hacked the Internet from via logic, and hijacked all the TV channels on the Internet.

    “HEY PEOPLLLLLLs sub to my YT channel, since I am part of the USSR (United States of Secret Russia?)). Also gravity explosives are going to go off, bring out some umbrellas!” Rezzus shouted to the world.

    Watching as everyone slowly rose up to the clouds with him, Hypixel turned around to see Minikloon, armed with a red button armed remote, who smirked and told him,

    “Did you think I wouldn’t have a little anarchy with my plan? I’m a Loon, after all.”

    “Out of all people,” Hypixel asked, “...why would YOU try to take over my country?”

    “I was just too lazy to smuggle stuff over the wall.”

    “What wall?”

    “It’s my nickname for your HQ, and I wanna climb over and dominate it like my idol, Curious George!”

    “Not Tinky Winky? What did he do to you?”

    “WHATEVER! You’re not gonna be in charge of Minecraft anymore, at all, forever and ever, and I’ll be the King of Roblox!”

    Approaching Naruto style, Sanic came behind Minik the Loon and asserted dominance over him with a teapose tackle dab and a teabag.

    Understanding nothing about what he warned, people continued fighting along, and he remembered something even better than the explosives!

    “You know that weird Mass Shadow Generator thingy you said you had laying around while you were binging KoToR 2?” Rezzus mentioned to Ranged, looking like a stalker.

    “Activate it.”, Ranged replied. “It’s in orbit, and it’ll take a while, so get a poker deck out to pass the time”.

    Up in the sky, the confrontation with the enemies continued. Hypixel was frustrated with Sanic, and thus they exchanged taunts. However, before things could escalate, the great and almighty RicochetRocketX floated out of the skies on his wild Milkybar with @TheComputer8423 after curing his daddy syndrome, stopping them before they could do anything to his writing HQ. Sanic and Hypixel froze as he spoke cool enough words to stop them from entering a Star-Wars-ish duel (Hypixel plz add a lightsaber duel mode to Duels, ty)

    “Bow down before the Almighty Lord of the Meme Kingdom!” Comp declared. “I want you serfs to give Rico a VIP rank during the summer sale right now, or he’ll erase Hypixelia from the story!”

    Both of them paused, with Sanic bursting in laughter and Hypixel confused.

    “Wait…” Hypixel thought. “How would there be a Hypixel War without Hypixelia?”

    Rico just realized how stupid Comp made his idea sound. “Good point, you win. I give up with trying to deal with you two in the story. @UnRanged, take care of these buffalos. I’m too lazy to write and my favorite Dorito Cheese soap opera is on Vimeo via piracy. Comp...wait I gotta search for "you're fired memes...”...here we go!


    Then, Rico flew back up to his awesome castle in the sky to watch his soap opera, kicking the writer copy of UnRanged down to the skies to write the rest of the episode, because Rico’s lazy. Comp immediately hid after shooting a few beams of lightning from the sky, echoing the word "mama"!

    Sanic and Hypixel exchanged the words of nerdy Jedi fans before battle, before Sanic went sweaty tryhard at Hypixel’s wit and attacked, cueing some Brazilian dance fighting simultaneously. Hypixel counterattacked every move Sanic threw at him via moonwalks, dabs, rick-rolls, and Russian dance moves, but Sanic was prepared, nearly overwhelming Hypixel, until BC and Genji, copying Sanic, Naruto-dashed on Chinese-pollution towards Sanic, knocking him off balance and making a sound like a Lego piece on a floor when he hit the ground.

    “We’ll have to get out of here before that Shadow Generator thingy Rezzus mentioned activates!” BC warned, and the trio did so and escaped to Rezzus’ ship with Comp, which somehow got up there with the rest of the crew via...plothole sailors.

    The PUBGers and Asta felt confident that the crew had been defeated, but were incorrect. The gravity turned extreme, collapsing the PUBG base and everything in it like a toy Angry Birds structure (those existed), but Sanic escaped before that could happen. Unfortunately though, the plothole sailors started secretly preparing their reviving magic…

    Anyway, let’s jump to another plot thread for no reason :)

    The crew (now consisting of Hypixel, Rezzus, Bastion, Genji, Ranged, F3ra, BC, Comp, and TheDonald) rendezvoused at the ship, tired more than the real UnRanged after he pulled two all-nighters in a row. They saw a silhouette in the distance, and recognized it.

    “Plancke!” Rezzus called. “Where have you been?”

    “Well, after the grey men chased me throughout the island, I was tackled by KOTH tryhards and put in a rehab center, where I learned to love my fellow grey men I also started binge watching Grey’s Anatomy and learning Big Bang Theory trivia.”

    “...............Let’s go in and rest.”

    Hypixel and Rezzus slept as normal, as BC and F3ra planned out some stuff for the Roblox battle. Bastion and Genji polished their equipment and traded stuff on the internet black market via some stolen VBucks from Fortnite Pizza, while UnRanged continued binging KoToR I and II as usual. Plancke couldn’t get to sleep, because someone poured coffee into his holding container while Minik removed his rankism genes (that sounds very bad). Hypixel suddenly woke up, suddenly having a obvious epiphany of what was happening back in Hypixel.


    Plancke defended his new love of the race. “But I don’t wanna, I love nons!”

    Hypixel gestured to a sci-fi footlocker and told him to stick his feet in it and stay.


    Rezzus and BC launched Rezzus’s ship, both taking turns playing songs on iTunes, with Rezzus looping “Despacito” and BC booging to Earth Wind and Fire, as the others prepared for battle and tried to turn Plancke into a non-killing machine again.


    Thanks to UnRanged, Comp, Astatine, and everyone else for doing my job for me (again) and helping make this awesome series! Please remember to vote, leave suggestions, comments, and constructive criticism, etc. and join the HYPIXEL WAR DISCORD! Much love to you guys, and thanks so much for over 7.9k views on Hypixel War Season 1 and 6.2k views on Season 2! <3 - @Season2Hype

    Episode 9: City Raid!
    Written by UnRanged and Season2Hype

    As the Donald flew over the city, the crew reeled in the chaos. Nons flooded the streets, and Chroma’s Lennies ravaged the province. Chroma flew in an oversized Harold toy, trying to use fire and vegetables to break through to Hypixelia’s code and servers. Players were nowhere to be seen, and the only people attempting to control the situation were NoxyD and VoidArrow.

    “This looks like a job for us!” Hypixel exclaimed as if it was a cliche animated superhero show for kids.

    Plancke told him, “I’ll take down those filthy Lennies, messing with my nons!”, just as he jumped through the main door.

    Everyone prepared for battle, and were ordered by F3ra, being entrusted with the role of commander for the Hypixelian forces thanks to her expertise in strategy games.

    “All right, Hypixel and Rezzus, rally the players endangered by the “other” nons and have them help us.” F3ra commanded. “Plancke, Bastion, Genji, and BC, you handle the bad guys AND protect your superiors!”

    Suddenly, Plancke’s hand somehow appeared through an interdimensional portal and slapped F3ra for being rankist. Yes, he can do that. I don’t know how, or why, or what else the nons did to the poor man. I was excluded from when they brainwashed him. Although the Cheetos they gave me were pretty swaggy.

    “Donald, you give Noxy and Void cover fire and try to distract Chrome. Ranged, you copilot with me, I’m staying in here and commanding Infamy.”

    They did their respective duties, as Hypixel and Rezzus went to Housing, which was burning like a person with bad grammar against somebody who won the Universal Spelling Bee. @DrWondertainment flew by on his Wondercycle, supplying weapons to both sides for maximum profit. However, Rezzus was somewhat optimistic and ignored that Wonder gave the enemy team weapons, declaring like a Southerner,

    “Good riddance to the roleplays and non-minigame box housings, I do declare!”

    Hypixel agreed, and they found @YoshiDaYoshi amongst the wreckage. However they recognized him as part of the Pastafarnist Triumvirate.

    “Donald is in the city.” Hypixel and Rezzus said simultaneously. Knowing of Donald’s affiliation with the Pastafarnists, he was overjoyed and squirmed in glee.

    “Take me to him!” Yosh asked.

    Hypixel replied with, “Not just yet, we have to rescue the ranked from the nons.”

    “WAIT!” Wondertainment appeared on his Wondercycle. “I’ll take you there if there’s green paper!”

    “Uh, sure…” Yosh replied.


    @Coolman480 then appeared out of thick smoke on a Fisherprice bike, as Wondertainment gave him a bunch of 20 ton boxes, crushing him nearly.

    Wonder commanded Cool, “Go around and make some dough sir!”

    However, Cool did not obey. Instead, he slammed them down, making a fireworks display via delusion! Wonder then took the Yosh to the city, as Hypixel and Rezzus went on.

    They continued doing so, and enlisted them in the Hypixelian forces. Meanwhile, Donald provided cover fire for NoxyD and VoidArrow, who were respectively using dual Ban Hammers and a grappling hook-loaded crossbow. Donald shot nons and Lennies off of his golden toilet,, using an NRA issued shotgun and a MAGA hat for protection. Genji and BC hewed enemies while Bastion scored pot shots.

    “There’s too many!” BastionMains trembled in fear.

    BC advised him by saying, “Then use a shotgun for AoE effect!”

    He whipped out one of Donald’s NRA shotguns, and mowed them down. Genji went to his neckbeard side and started using a lightsaber, announcing which form he was using loudly.

    “Ataru!” (Aggression Form)

    “Shien!” (Perseverance Form) (Both are lightsaber forms, most neckbeards know that)

    F3ra piloted the ship and gave orders to Infamy, while ‘Ranged shot the nons with a Super Shredder from Fortnite Pizza. F3ra told them to use Plancke’s chemical weapons, which instantly banned all nons that breathed it. UnRanged shot at the nons high in the air with an astatine-summoning Super Shredder stolen from Fortnite Pizza, making miniature mushroom clouds wherever he shot, mostly at the overused Lennies. Plancke scared away all the nons, but slayed the Lennies like he did nons, and hated the Lennies even more than he used to with nons.

    Void grappled onto another building, clubbing a non and sending it 250 blocks down off the tower. Noxy continued crushing the enemies with a trusty Ban Mallet (a downgraded but more mobile Ban Hammer). They were nearly overwhelmed, until Donald came around and shot the nearby nons and Lennies, saying “Go back to China!”, which temporarily made it easier.

    However, the enemies overwhelmed Noxy and Void, and threw them off the building. They reached the code servers, but saw a familiar sight: BC_Dino, who has gained the worst British accent in the world.

    Besides me. Because why not think Forrest Gump is British?

    “Why ‘ello there, up for some tea and MILKYBARS?!?!”

    He then unveiled the Milkybar Kid wrapper from Atan, melting them into what McDonalds uses to make their tendies: pink paste. Void and Noxy got up and held their pose, with BC holding up the Milkybar Kid up for all people across the board to behold. However, the Milkybar had a secret: a..CLIFFHANGER!


    Well, that was Episode 9! This season is going wayyyyyyy too fast! Anyway, thanks for the continued support. It’s been a great ride so far and keep suggesting! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!
    • Season2Hype and UnRanged

    Episode 10: Not Going Down the Last Time

    Written by Season2Hype and UnRanged



    Sub and give us a free dab in the comments below

    The Milkybar rose above the crowd and knocked everyone out, and gosh knows what happened to the bad guys. But Hypixel and the crew got up fast, seeing an apocalypse around there.

    “Well… That was quite a battle...” Hypixel commented, observing the wasteland around him. Shocked at how someone could destroy the bulwark in the madness of the Internet known as Hypixelia, he woke everyone up, as NoxyD and VoidArrow came to them, as Hypixel HQ has collapsed during the fight, imprisoning the writers.

    “Hypixel,” Noxy informed him sorrowfully. “Your cookies and sloths…”

    He couldn’t even hear what Noxy would say next, and went on his knees and shouted,

    “NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY”, just like a soap opera character.

    “Wait dude they’re just captured” Void told him, and Hypixel became motivated again.

    “Let’s get those suckers at Roblox once and for all!”

    Rezzus set a course for the Roblox HQ, and started sailing. The two captains lazed in La-z-boy chairs until they got a call. Rezzus picked it up, and Ranged near instantly questioned:

    “Is it a telemarketer? If yes, yell at him the same way as my grandma.”

    Rezzus said, “No, but he could be useful. He’s @DrWondertainment and probably a real Nigerian prince, and he’s offering a July the 4th deal on a limited Baragwin Heavy Repeater, Astatine Bombs, and more!”

    “I’m not a Nigerian Prince or offering a 4th of July deal, but I now give people a 30% off deal if they hate the ULIR, plus 10% for each large part they have significantly damaged (Fortnite and PUBG), adding up to a 50% deal for you! Additionally, I deal in bath bombs.” DrWondertainment excitedly squealed over his ‘80s phone.


    Rezzus’ first thought: “LETS GO LOKO ROCO MANNNNNNN”

    Immediately, they bought literally everything Wondertainment had.

    However, in the midst of flight, something very strange had occured. A furious bark had been uttered and echoed through the seas of the Internet, sounding a bit like that of a dog. Suddenly, all of the loyal Season I readers and the crew heard the triumphant guitar riff of “Slow Ride”, and as it built to a high wail, Watchdog burst from out of the red sky!

    “HOLY CRUD IT’S WATCHIE!” Horus from Season 1 declared (here come the grammar police), somehow getting on the ship. Seems like everyone has teleporting syndrome nowadays.

    “Who?” Ranged asked, as he wasn’t around in Season 1 to know about the Slow Ride disc.

    Hypixel immediately threw a bag of treats into the sky, as the dog recognized who he was, licking his face with his three tongues. I will spare all of the dog related dialogue I’ve ever heard in movies for you.

    “NO FURRIES! Also, that’s from Season I.” the REAL UnRanged bumped in, who popped in through a plot hole that the death of Astatine caused that was the so big that @Leventego drove through it while he was bored and got a free semi via a Christmas cracker, who was in the commanding ship of the Roblox fleet. I know it may be unclear about who was on the ship, but it was Astatine, the Little Debbie Fudge Rounds I got were good though.

    “What wat” The great and mighty RicochetRocketX piped in, having literally no clue what Ranged was spewing out of his teeth cannons.

    Which led to Ranged firing the worst movie lines in cinema history



    “Umm, isn’t that Cerberus?” Genji interjected.

    Not knowing what a Cerberus was, Hypixel and Rezzus started to pet Watchdog, leaving no one at the helm of the flagship. Not long after that, @TheComputer8423 and @Coolman480 saw no one was commanding the ship, and decided to double manage it like in Season 6 of The Office. Although everyone knows Catholicism would be nowhere with two popes, a few beans, and a wooden mallard.

    Bickering like children, they actually tipped over the ship, shouting, “MINE” and “GIMME THE CANDY WHEEL” as Computer thought the wheel was made of cotton candy. F3ra, realizing the danger, simply had Infamy hurl the two arguing children overboard. Not long afterwards, the Roblox fleet came with their awful fanbase and OOF memes.

    “Let’s see how these Robloxians react to my MACHO MISSILES” Plancke shouted, as he somehow made a jet airplane made of nons, almost like the Wheelchair Robot from Family Guy. It didn’t last long, and the nons in the plane who were responsible for firing the missiles accidentally launched them too quick as the enemy passed by, exploding the plane!

    Hypixel merely sat in the cargo hold, searching for more chips and Mountain Dew, as he forgot to get on Watchdog, and the hacker devourer took off too fast. F3ra gave orders to Infamy, who rended the flanks of the enemy with Super Shredders and more VEGETAbles, as Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump creator) sued them over copyright.

    Bastion continued using and NRA shotgun to deadly effect after Genji hurled him over the ship and Genji dashed over to the nearest flagship, which had the appearance of the Endar Spire from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

    Meanwhile, a terrible sight was seen from afar by the two captains: The Roblox HQ itself, armed in it with @SimonCowell and the Classic Games Union, Sanic, and all the other real foes they’ve faced. Luckily though, all of their allies, even Memeplex, were outside, finding a way to bust in before Fortnite could arrive to trump them all.


    Some nearby otakus whipped out scouters and saw their power level, and the scouter promptly exploded. Genji was unhappy that he didn’t get to chew them in half like soda cans. The Donald touched down at the nearest airbase to the HQ, with the crew armed to the teeth besides Ranged ‘cause his mom started screaming at him, believing the game was filled with raptor monkeys, which delayed him for a few minutes, but he continued on).

    Rezzus’ real ship crashed into a defense shield for Roblox HQ, and as a result, exploded a few of their buildings and let the rebellion in to take care of business! YEAH!


    As they burst in, Watchdog breathed fireballs at the enemies, as he crashed through the window. Rezzus, who was riding Watchdog, got off and revived a few Hypixelians before he could get fired.

    F3ra continued to command Infamy as BC, Genji and Ranged respectively did AoE attacks, swordsmanship, and high DPS, as the rest of them charged in, fighting Chroma and Sanic. That includes literally everyone up from Episode 1 of Season 1, like ForumJelly, the Hypixel Knights, and everyone who’s ever had a cameo in this! Leventego was especially helpful, riding Superdog to the top of base, firing lasers and spreading out a bunch of Memeplex flags, dumping Dog Food cans over enemy heads as he went by.


    However, while he was making repairs to the ship to the ship lodged in the defense shields after he deliberately crashed into it, he saw Fortnite in the distance, desiring revenge. They had obviously picked up some behavior from the Land of Sweat (Season 1 reference!) and started raging, and promptly built towers out of solidified sweat off of their ship.

    (more involving some of Plancke’s nons being imprisoned by the King of Roblox)

    “Let them go, or I’ll summon Ski Mask Men with this disk!” BC said, in defense of Plancke’s beloved nons.

    Being ignorant of the Hypixelian underworld, the King of Roblox said,


    BC used the disk and “Mercyful Fate” by Metallica started playing for its 11 minute duration.. Ski Mask Men came out of the CD player, and promptly trashed and vandalized the place, making the Roblox Tower shake.

    However, the King slowly ripped off his fake rubber skin revealing himself as the vile…



    He quickly dashed and cut down the Ski Mask Men with a foam Lego sword, making the smell of onions flood the tower. “Go back to your smelly onion basement where you came from, Sanic!” Hypixel angrily commanded for no reason. However, SimonCowell, Chroma, and Astatine respectively flew into the base with a Turbo Kart (glitched out cause 1.9 rankist), an oversized Harold toy, and a Kamikaze plane loaded with astatine.

    Astatine jumped out of the plane as it promptly crashed into Plancke’s legion of nons!

    “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD NO PLEASE NO!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Plancke screamed above the top of his lungs, and powered up into a Lenny Robot Suit as Chroma and Simon parked in the kiddie rooms, which looked exactly like normal Roblox worlds.

    Suddenly, @Nootella charged in with a giant Noot Bazooka on his back, and a NootK-46 in his hands.

    “NOOT NOOT” Nootella clucked as he did a General Cluck style rocket jump and soared over the Robloxians, gunning the enemies with his NootK-46, but the smart ones used the dead as meat shields as Sanic consumed a few moldy onion rings and somehow started running so fast that he created an atomic shield around himself, increasingly growing with every additional step, as fire spread around him. Plancke charged up his non beam.

    “NON..KON...HON!!!!!!!!!!” Plancke screamed in a robot voice, ready to annihilate!

    A gray beam erupted from Plancke’s hands, carving a path through the enemy lines, which some Hypixelian soldiers plugged, stating “WE are the revenge of the sand!” and tried to irritate the enemies’ eyes via dancing, thinking they had a lot of sand on them. Even though the sand technique didn’t work, the dancing was awful to the point that it stunned a few Robloxians, making them easy targets for The Donald and his NRA gun.

    Out of the blue, Sanic gained so much speed that he was able to run on air, and headed straight into the sky! Hypixel jumped onto Watchdog in hot pursuit, as the blue blur selected a randomly floating lever.

    “What the heck?!” Hypixel noticed, “Where is all of this random stuff coming from?!”

    RicochetRocketX, sitting under a palm tree and on a beach chair in the sunny clouds above the dark warzone, asked himself the same question, watching from above, as he remembered something crucial.

    “RANGED!” He shouted, “Did we ever remember to get rid of the Random Dimension?!”

    “No, we never made it in the first place!”

    Sanic then sped right past him, heading into the Hypixel War lair. His eyes were filled with mony mony signs, saying like a Saturday morning villain, “By the time I’m done with this, Sonic 06 will become better than this world!”

    Sanic rushed right up to Ranged’s Fisherprice desk, and threatened,

    “Write me in as the winner of the Hypixel War, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!!”

    The real Ranged promptly said, “No u.” as an insult to his ignorance of his own power.

    “But I'm illiterate!”

    UnRanged promptly wrote down something that blasted Sanic out of the wall and sent him plummeting into an unknown chasm to make a baseline for some filler episodes. Unfortunately, on his way down, something quite sinister appeared out of a crack in the ground: A pressure plate!

    Landing straight on it, he activated wormholes from the Random Dimension, 10 for each plothole in this story! The world started getting cloudy and dark, as the colors became neon and inverted! Everyone started getting sucked into the holes, as dust flied and the Hypixel War writers hid in their Indiana Jones safe room fridge!

    As Hypixel fell into a wormhole from the top of Roblox HQ, he screamed one word and one word only.


    [TWILIGHT ZONE NARRATION] Now, no ones knows where the Random Dimension takes you. Okay it takes you to Random Dimension but whatever! Who will escape and save this story? Who will revive or kill the Hypixel War Discord? How will the writers survive in a fridge? Stay tuned in…

    The Hypixel Zone


    Again, a crazy episode! We will be carrying Hypixel War up to 15 episodes at this point or so, maybe 13, and we unfortunately may shut down the Hypixel War discord due to a lack of people joining. If there is revived interest in the story/server, I will consider making a chat channel for it on my new server, which can be found by clicking my signature. Thank you for continued support and love - Season2Hype and Ranged



    Episode 11: The Super Awesome Triple Double Megaton Ending of All Time Finales

    Written by Season2Hype (with an Intro by UnRanged, ideas from the Entire Hypixel War Team)


    Everybody immediately peed their pants and screamed in anger.

    Knowing of the awful fanbase in that sectors of the internet, they knew that it was the most likely place to find Sanic according to the proximity of it. The remaining crew collectively shoveled in Atari E.T games as fuel, and sailed off through the seas of the Random Dimension.

    In the desert of Xbox Live, @OrangeMarshall sat in his Lowes rocking chair, surfing the internet for something to do. He suddenly had an idea reminiscent of Season 1:

    “I’ll attack Hypixel again! Alexa, cue the Blues Clues theme to demonstrate my Christmas cracker sized intellect.”

    Alexa, clearly wanting nothing to do with Orange, buried her head under the sand like an ostrich.

    Meanwhile, Hypixel sat in the random dimension, trying to think of a way to make a massive plot hole in a story he was making as an Einstein-Rosen bridge to the Normal Dimension. He suddenly had an idea, and scribbled it down. However, he was unable to read his baby language like that of Baby Geniuses and screeched in pain.

    In the chasms of the dimension’s canyons, the crew Indie Jones-style (thanks for two Indie Jones references, Rico and Ranged!) rappelled into the chasm known as the Sonic Fanbase, while Black Sabbath’s “Into the Void” played. Darkness surrounded as the dooming C# riff dropped them into the depths of the caverns, while war emerged around them, Hypixelia in chaos.

    To cut away again from the Main Story, RicochetRocketX was trying to climb a former mountain of his base, unaware of what has happened during the entire season. Going through a dumpster diving style-like trial (rhymes) of information, he decided on something awesome:

    “Screw this, let’s give Hypixel a revamp with a nonuple barrel shotgun! And I’ll give Plancke one that sucks up nons like a vacuum! >:D

    Ranged suddenly told him, “But we should have one, it would make it a better plot device! Actually, so long as there are less than 3, it’s fine”

    “By 3 you mean how many times the gun can be duplicated by whoever has it?”

    “Nou, how did you even think…”

    “I used my imagination!” Rico replied, pulling out a rainbow bubble like Spongebob.


    Ranged suddenly came up with a bootiful “IDEA! Let’s randomly shuffle things around the Dimension like slowly collapsing it like a Fortnite Storm! Or maybe like a mystical d&d 5e dungeon! Hand me the d20s”[​IMG]

    “LET’S DO BOTH!!!!” Rico squealed in glee at how funny it would be, and started by giving VoidArrow NoxyD’s admin rank while in the middle of fighting Fortnite underground.

    Hypixel suddenly received a character sheet.

    Class: Internet Sorcerer

    STR: 10 from doing nothing but gaming

    DEX: 12




    CHA: 7 (Trog alert)

    “WHAT AM I, A TROGLODYTE?!?!” He exclaimed, as (random character) found a secret door, taking them out of a mountain. In front of their very eyes was the Evil Sanic Fanbase Mountain!


    However, NoxyD was called by his Dad to come set the table for dinner, as he officially left the role of admin. Void then told Hypixel that he is the new admin, and Hypixel immediately demoted him, as Leventego asked to be drawn like one of his French girls.

    As they started thinking of how to rush it, Rico came down from Hypixel War HQ with his greaty great lawn chair rocket jetpack to help them rush. He brought down @lottery248 with him, as he is a great UNO player.

    “I have Creative mode cheats on and I can honestly teleport you guys inside the base if I wanted” Rico told them.

    “Wait,” Rezzus asked, “Why don’t you just do that right now?”

    Lottery knew Rico was lying. “You know he’s ly…”

    “I don’t wanna. It’s a lot more fun seeing you struggle and make rankist jokes.” Rico cut him off, trying to carry a bad joke.

    They overlooked the defenses again, the towering spires and keep, the bridges of red paint, the rings of fire, and it reminded Rico of his first Minecraft house (which has no screenshots as console edition is mean)

    “Actually, I could get you guys some super shields if you need some.”

    They all bowed their heads rapidly in unison, as Rico got some non shields for them to use. They started crossing into the lair, with relapsing memories of the past. Hypixel remembered their first charge in the Land of Sweat, trying to rescue someone from China...

    Codename_B suddenly waved from inside the base, as he remembered who they were.

    He showed them a suitcase as he greeted, “Hey guys! Thanks for saving me from Technoblade, again!”

    They could tell he was sarcastic, as Technoblade stood right behind him in pig warrior clothing. And behind him was @IceDragoon, armed with his mind-reading powers and a bunch of dinosaurs, running rampant inside the base.

    Ice declared, "Kids these days, with their elytras and their tridents... Back in my day we used Creative Mode to fly, and had to imagine the fish in the ocean, and we were happy! Happy, I tells ye!”

    As that happened, Lottery tried to sneak in the base with his invis cape, being caught by Ice,

    “Oy, you! Get yer damn ocelot off my lawn!" Ice squealed like an old man. He then said the following dialogue that he recommended me, unedited. Crazy.

    [Icey summons a large, feathered creature wearing pixel sunglasses]

    Icey: I bought a dinosaur. Utahraptor, to be specific.

    (Insert character name): That doesn't look very scary. More like a six-foot turkey.

    Icey: A turkey, huh? Okay, try to imagine yourself in the Cretaceous Period. You get your first look at this "six foot turkey" as you enter a clearing. He moves like a bird, lightly, bobbing his head. And you keep still because you think that maybe his visual acuity is based on movement like T-Rex - he'll lose you if you don't move. But no, not Utahraptor. You stare at him, and he just stares right back. And that's when the attack comes.

    [the Utahraptor bares it’s teeth at the Robloxians, which promptly pull out their plastic swords in defense]

    [Another Utahraptor fells one of the Robloxians from the side and reveals a six-inch, sickle-shaped killing claw on each foot before stabbing one into the would-be attacker with a loud resounding “Oof!”]

    Icey: from the other raptor you didn't even know were there. Because Utahraptor’s a pack hunter, you see, he uses coordinated attack patterns and he is out in force today.


    As the dinosaurs attack, Leventego’s French girl paintings come alive, as the rest of the cast

    throughout both seasons attacked the base for a final hoorah, before the sands of time take over. The

    original trio of Hypixel, Rezzus, and Plancke go in to fight, as Ranged, F3ra, Astatine, and more lead

    the charge against the base, and enemies like SimonCowell and the Classic Games Union decide to

    fight against the evil forces. Lottery smashed some mailboxes at the enemies with Leventego as they posed like French Milkybars.

    Inside the base, the metal floors and the sounds of gears, clanks, and forging occur, as Sanic moves around like that of Freddy Krueger. Pipelines of raw hatred and acid of red proportions bursts throughout the base, in destruction. On the other side of the inside, Hypixel, Rezzus, and Plancke decide to split up. And anyone who watched Scooby Doo knows why that is the stupidest thing ever.

    Hypixel creeped through the melting platforms, as Sanic took on the form of Monika (whoever that is, Ranged suggested it to me), as he (or she) started activating traps. Hypixel dodged and ran through the factory blindly, avoiding traps like he was playing Death Run on the Beehive or something.

    Spikes popped out within 10 meters.

    Hammers swung at the speed of sound.

    Saw blades spun at the rate of a 1000 miles.

    Hypixel, being clumsy, blind and scared, ran straight into Plancke, knocking him to a lower level floor, filled with non rats. He immediately reversed to his primitive non-hating form at the sight of them, and took out his snowball gun.

    “ICE THIS FOR ME, NON-Os!” He spewed out a terrible catchphrase that would plague Canada. Throwing his snowballs like Jack Frost, he turned the inside into a Winter Wonderland!

    Outside, the new writers, the cast, the admins and all did whatever they could to infiltrate the Sanic Base, destroying Robloxians, Fortniters, PUBGers, and whoever else stood in their way. Dinosaurs crawled through the base and the area looked like the end of a Dragon Wars game. Ranged and F3ra guitar dueled posers from the games of Evil, as my theme song, “Diary of a Madman”, played throughout on repeat.


    As Sanic ran out of ideas, he headed to his computer room, surprised as Rezzus jumped on him from the ceiling!

    He was like, “OW DUDE THAT HURTS” as I came in and blew everyone away with my six pack

    JK but I do have a 4 pack as of writing this

    In reality, Rezzus chuckled, “That was the literal definition of ‘fall of power.’”

    Plancke then charged in, sandbagging his computer files slowly, as Sanic tried to break free. But he wouldn’t go down too easily.


    Incoming came an Apache attack helicopter the size of Mars, spawning portals all around the fortress. Piloted by Orange, he grabbed several Hypixelians and threw them in, sending them to gosh knows where! As the alternate dimension of Randomness disappeared, so would the rest of the crew if they stayed in any longer.

    “It’s no use!” Sanic quipped, “We’ll all go down together, and I’ll have the greatest amount of toys and win!”

    Confused at how weird Sanic sounded, Plancke replied, “People who die with the most toys, still is dead.”


    However, before anything real bad could happen, Watchdog charged in with the rest of the people as the base was flooded with water and lava, among everything else. Sanic said one word in fear.


    And from the best that I can describe, the situation was “pure chaos”.

    Sanic ran and ran deeper into his computer chamber, as Plancke finally finished deleting all of the base’s files, as the universe collapsed and things got shuffled. It was up to Hypixel HQ’s computer servers whether who lived or lost.

    Hypixel in RL ran to them, banging on them to work, as he broke down a bit, remembering when he first met Rezzus in Lobby 1, when they were talking about how rude Plancke was to nons (Plancke was a mutual friend of theirs). He thought of how peaceful everything was, how many ranks they were selling, and how many sloths they saved. In his head, the song “Baby Blue” played, as he had a few flashbacks.

    Oh and before Breaking Bad fans say it, yes this was the song played in the end of the finale episode.

    Inside the computer, the core chamber of Sanic’s file crashed as he is banned from the Internet, reviving Hypixelia and deleting the Random Dimension. Along with it came a wipeout of the Hypixel War server base, leaving Rico and Ranged to go play some TKR. Then all of the sudden, the power went back on, as Hypixelia appeared again in its glorious state of awesomeness. No more non riots, no more Sanic betrayals, no more alternative games, just good ol’ Hypixel.

    The crew rejoiced as everyone disbanded and started playing their usual games, while Hypixel, Plancke, Rezzus and Noxy, who just came back online, chatted.

    “So, we won!” Rezzus declared.

    Noxy, upset he missed the fight, asked, “How long did it take you to defeat Sanic?”

    “About 5 minutes,” Plancke jumped in, “with a few other casualties too.”

    “That’s how long it’ll take to rebuild this place and make it even cooler.” Hypixel said to himself, proud of his accomplishments and rescues. “Maybe we could continue that 1.9 battle with F1scher.”

    “...Or we could beat up Memeplex more,” Noxy boomed in.

    Plancke had a worse idea. “Let’s haze the nons!”

    “No!” Rezzus realized, “Let’s find Codename_B and ask him what he was gonna say to us before the fight erupted!”

    “How about all of the above?” Hypixel declared, ready to do all those things...later.

    The crew laughed as Orange observed in the distance again, under a palm tree, ready to spontaneously combust.

    “I came close...again!” He beat himself up, even though he really saved the day in the end with the portals.

    Albeit, how would Hypixel know?

    “Anyway, I’ma get off for the night guys. Let’s leave at this.” Hypixel stated, as he logged off Minecraft.

    In the real world, he took off his headphones, switched off his PC, went upstairs from his basement, and on the counter was a Mt. Dew, he had long awaited. Attached was a note that read,

    “For my little trooper. - Mom”

    From the Land of Sweat, to Lenny Land and the Guild Realm, the Land of the Forgotten, to New Meme City and Fortnite Pizza, and off through the Chrome Seas of Cheese and the Random Dimension, he remembered how many admins and sloths he saved, how many guilds were fighting in the war, how many airships he blew up, and overall, how much confusion went into making his world come true.

    Happy as heck, Hypixel chugged the bottle, and said two words that made him feel like the whole Hypixel War experience was, “Worth it.”

    Ending Book Poster by @Leventego

    Welp, from what I know, this is it.

    It's been great writing this story at some points, and I'm very grateful for the ratings, the posts, everything. It means a lot knowing at least a few people find a passion in something I created, and for that I thank you all. Chances are, there may not be a Season 3. There may be one as well. It's been about 354 or so days since Episode 1 of Season 1 came out, and I'd say the series had a good run. Thank you all again, much love.

    Just some tags:
    @UnRanged - Thanks for helping me write the last few episodes. It's been a pleasure working with you, always cool to have a fellow musician in the group. Keep rockin'!

    @VoidArrow - Sorry we couldn't figure out timezones dude, you were a great contributor of ideas and such, hope I added everything :)

    @Astatine - I don't need to keep remembering to tag you anymore for writing sessions! Thanks for your contributions and all, keep being as cool as, well, astatine!

    @ChromaffinityHailfire @Season2HypeNurd @IceDragoon @Leventego and the rest of the awesome supporters of the series from the beginning

    @joshua123_4 - If I remember, you let me post an ad for Season One on your giant mega thread on #off-topic. I forgot the name of it, but thanks, I think it got a lot of views for the series!

    The whole server of Hypixel for inspiration and some great memories, Bed Wars games, memorable deaths, and more. I'll be taking another leave from the server and the Internet, and I don't know how long. I'll be once or twice for 2 minutes and all to keep in touch, been great knowing you guys. Live great lives. Thank you for everything.

    - Rico <3
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  2. Changelog:

    Episode 1 of Season 2 released
    2/25/18: Episode 2 of Season 2 released
    3/13/18: Episode 3 of Season 2 released
    4/2/18: Episode 4 of Season 2 released
    4/19/18: Episode 5 of Season 2 released
    5/16/18: Episode 6 of Season 2 released, first with a co-writer, @UnRanged
    6/5/18: Episode 7 of Season 2 released with @UnRanged
    6/17/18: Episode 8 of Season 2 released with @UnRanged writing pretty much 4/5s of it
    7/1/18: Episode 9 of Season 2 released with @UnRanged, writing 9/10s now
    7/21/18: Episode 10 of Season 2 released, the Hypixel War server shut down
    8/19/18: Episode 11 of Season 2 released, the Final Episode, written solely by me with stuff I took from @UnRanged, @ChromaffinityHailfire @IceDragoon @VoidArrow @Astatine and @Season2HypeNurd
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  10. The Epic Hypixel War is a multi-part series about Hypixel and the gang's evergoing fight against enemies such as the Sloth Kidnappers, ULIR, Memeplex, etc. which anyone and everyone is allowed to contribute ideas and ask to be in it. It's pretty much the dankest web show ever.

    Also I'm about to release part 2 in 20 seconds
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  11. coollogo_com-2763173.png
    Hypixel and the gang get in a 1.9 vs 1.8 battle in New Meme City, but unexpected enemies divebomb the party! It's a hot mess, but a fun one, only on the Hypixel Channel! (invent that plz it'd be so much cooler than Disney Channel)

    Hypixel - Rezzus - NoxyD - Plancke - @SimonCowell - @IceDragoon - @Omnic - @F1scherman - @Dance-Dog

    WANT IN?!
    We would love new people in this! Just comment below with feedback and/or ideas and you're in! If you want dialogue or something else if your part was too small you felt, post!

    We need some help bumping and getting new people in, as well as spreading attention! To help, you can put this thread in your signature, tell people about it, and bump this thread whenever it falls behind by a few days behind or more! Thanks!

    Soon enough, we hope to attract attention from the staff, particularly the admins we have mentioned in this thread! However, we would love feedback from helpers and moderators!


    [​IMG] x10 [​IMG] x3 [​IMG] x3 [​IMG] x1 [​IMG] x1
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