1. Ok megawall players are inc to our base, bedwar forums. Saying tips to get better at pvp, need help I am new here, thumbnails if you read it here is what is says= PLAY MEGAWALLS1!!1!!!11!!!1!!1!1 Dear Megawalls players doing this : 8ED75BB5-42FC-4654-89E0-A6B627DF1FCE.png

    OH WOW 3 mega wall player atacking our base
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  2. Isn’t this already dead
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  3. This is the kind of non donor culture we want to exterminate :)
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  4. No a guy with a emoji movie profile picture and some more people r doing this
  5. Convert :)
  6. :L
    This guy top of this text is the guy
  7. see?
  8. Hey pal I didnt start this war :) convert
  9. i dIdNt sTaRT tHE wAR
  10. despacito-

    despacito- Well-Known Member

    bed wars is a terrible game lol
  11. Awesome :3 4 mega wall noobs coming to here
  12. It’s not a war. Just look at the player counts.
    I’m gonna get so much hate from Mega Wall players lmaooooo
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  13. despacito-

    despacito- Well-Known Member

    i do not play mega wall sorry
  14. No check the mega wall forums and go to a forum with that emoji profile
  15. You dont have a right to call me a noob when you spend your whole day on bedwars killing kids who dont know how to read. :) convert
  16. Send me a link please

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