1. (This is just my opinion)

    From the recent even to of ThirtyVirus being hacked, I've seen a glaring amount of toxicity towards him. Most of this hate is probably because he is a Youtuber and believing that he is just trying to get more publicity or something like that. First of all, just because he is a Youtuber doesn't make him some kind of evil person who is purely just trying to get more people to know him. Think of him as a gamer like us and how he is just trying to do what he can to get back what has been stolen from him. Secondly, for the people who don't like ThirtyVirus, do you really have to say whatever toxic comment you want to post? It really doesn't help with the situation and makes you just seem like a jerk.
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  2. We're waiting for the day that his island gets rollbacked and nobody else gets the same treatment, then skyblock fourms will be on fire
  3. Generally people who receive hate bring it on themselves. Every Skyblock YouTuber I've seen receive hate, has 100% brought it on themselves. Most YouTube Ranks are snakes, it's been proven countless times.
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  4. zKqrr

    zKqrr Active Member

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    This apply the theory "I grind , I earn"
    Some YouTubers, I mean like literally doing nothing but still get free expensive stuff from their fan. I know it's their fan decision to give them stuff but problems occur when they ABUSE their rank. There are many cases regarding them using their ranks to get advantages and I'm not going to talk about them.
  5. No one should be hated on, not just YTers.
  6. I don't mind them making content for their channel by playing skyblock.

    Just don't put boats or stair cases on an auction, knowing stupid kids will bid on them for millions *cough* * cough*
  7. Thirtyvirus had half a pigman sword donated
  8. Greninja

    Greninja Well-Known Member

    ThirtyVirus is literally ruining the forums with the toxicity he brings, we have a valid reason to "hate" him.
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  9. I don't understand why people actually get so angry at youtubers trying to make content, if people have an issue with them just ignore it. Its really not hard to ignore someone
  10. He makes forums that are bait threads in an attempt to gain pity from other people. He brings a lot of this toxicity upon himself. If having a red tag gets you hate, you'd see many more popular YT's getting attacked too. They bring this upon themselves.
  11. oCyph

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    ThirtyVirus is basically tommyinnit v2. A good majority of his bank is basically donated from viewers, but he did do most of the grind himself which yes it’s respectable, but still, he got gifted quite a good amount of money and items. But the fact that thirtyvirus is completely immature when he is in bad situation and the only thing he says is “you’re toxic” or “you’re salty” then he is basically asking for negativity. His immaturity is ruining himself and he fails to see that.
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  12. LongHappyFrog

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    Were toxic because he just does stupid *family friendly word*. He doesn't own up to his mistakes and blames everything on others or avoids certain topics when talked about. I could go on and on.

    EDIT: He constantly acts like a child on the forums for attention which is why i call him ThirstyVirus cause all he does is make posts saying that everyone hates him why is everyone against me when he obviously knows why. He constantly took stuff from his viewers and when asked he couldn't even admit it properly. On a side note youtubers get special predigests and this is what post people hate them. They abuse there powers to do things or even get help from staff when things go wrong. Want someone kicked for a video? Get a mod and they will do it! Want your stuff back cause your island got deleted? Dont worry they are coming to the rescue! You lost 25mil because of a glitch? Don't worry we will give it back! This is the *family friendly s word* people hate because if a normal person lost 25mil to a glitch god knows they wont get it back.
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