Do you agree that defaults aren't nons?

  1. Yes

    25 vote(s)
  2. No

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  1. Its kinda stupid to call someone something because they dont have money to buy something.
    The people calling defaults nons is wrong because MVP+s like myself could also be nons, it depends on how you are in game.
    Nons are the people "helping" with your slayer bosses, leeching your dragons, begging for you to bid on their dirt, just annoying you in general.
    Defaults are the people with the clear names. Defaults can actually be smart.
    Just because someone doesnt want to spend money on a block game, doesnt mean they are a non, it means they are probably spending their money on better things than the ranked people like myself.
    So with that said all of you people calling defaults nons please stop, it gets annoying.
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  2. No one calls default ranks nons.Non is type of person.Maybe there are ppl who call defaults non
    But still VIP,VIP+,MVP,MVP+,MVP++ can be a non.Everyone can be non no matter which rank he has
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  3. Jayaverman is a non( jk don’t ban me)
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  4. For me, they're different things
    Default rank : Someone that doesn't have a rank
    Non : Crybaby that is on full ender or related and is annoying, can be a VIP or MVP
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  5. That definition is archaic, and is no longer the current definition.

    Nons are, according to most forum users, a certain type of person who is (and im generalising), annoying.

    I suppose this change in meaning was to do with a huge war between the ranked v unranked. God, this community confuses me.
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  7. [Admin] Non has joined the chat
  8. By this logic we should stop calling poor people poor
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  9. If the definition of being poor changes, yes.
    In this Community the definition of non changed from a default rank to someone who is just annoying. Those with no ranks are just defaults. Those with no ranks and are annoying are nons. Those with ranks and are annoying are nons.
  10. Stfu non
  11. Are you new to the skyblock forums?
  12. Defualts are people that dont want to spend money on a minecraft server. Or simply dont have the money. They are not Nons. I dont get why people even call defualts nons. In my opinion its just dumb
  13. Nah I'll still call them nons
  14. No, a non is someone without a rank
  15. He's a non in disguise
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  16. ur right but most of the ppl i call nons are defualt
  17. Somnium08

    Somnium08 Member

    It's because Nons = Non Rank, It's not an insult
  18. everyone are nons
  19. IG88_0x

    IG88_0x Well-Known Member

    I call nons nons
    not defaults, not ranked players, just nons

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