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  1. -left-

    -left- Well-Known Member

    You guys won't stop blaming minikloon and no one pointed this or made a thread like this, So I will.
    Minikloon is a really hard worker and the only reason he couldn't update pit for many months was because he worked on other projects. He never forgot about us, he just wants to update the game but he cant since other projects have a higher priority. For example: Tournament, halloween update, holiday update, all those things were more important to a server than just to one game! Because for example only 400 players play pit on hypixel. But thousands and tenths of thousands participate in the Tournaments.

    Another thing is: Minikloon promised us pit update in march, well it didnt happen because you can't always predict the future! Especially when it comes to coding, you have to check everything and make sure that there is not a single bug, making sure that players actually like your update!

    This all what I just said came from official sources.
    By the way, they planned five updates for the pit! I think that minikloon wants to do all five, to make us really happy! He probably will officially release the pit next update, maybe they are secretly making a few new maps and pit's own lobby?

    Other thing is, Minikloon works really hard and no-one notices it. That is disturbing. Look at his youtube, twitter, he even time-to-time tests new features in pit lobbies! Look how much he cares! Let's support him and stop saying bad stuff about him :)
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  2. AdammroHasLeft

    AdammroHasLeft Active Member

    They attack mini ew
    They should try to do minecraft minigame to see how its hard
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  3. I agree with that we shouldn't blame Minikloon for everything, but there's some things people feel like should be obvious, myself included.

    The Pit is a prototype game, which means it's full of bugs and exploits. When a game 'graduates' from PTL it basically means the dev deemed it bug free. So we have a game with a lot of bugs and a very active community (Pit has a higher player count than most games on Hypixel). That should take priority for updates, right? Before 0.3.9, nearly every game got an update before Pit did. The ones that didn't only have 2 digit playercounts or was Build Battle. I understand other things kept happening but 7 months without an update for a PTL game is ridiculous

    Another thing, communication. Everyone was hyped when 0.3.9 came out with Mini saying more to come in March. On his twitter on March 31, Mini posted a screenshot of either BW or UHC. I felt a little betrayed. A forum post just saying something along the lines of "update postponed but we're working on it" would've made things SO much easier. Just anything to reassure us we haven't been forgotten.

    So yes, we can't blame Mini for everything but he isn't entirely innocent either.
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  4. Everyone has a failure at some point.
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  5. Its sad seeing an old player side with minikloon, he changed projects and "quit" th
    it wasent really a failure, he left the development team until the higherups screamed at him to start working on pit again
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  6. Also fun fact, MINIKLOON HAS DIRECT CONTACT WITH A FEW PLAYERS, via a group called Pit Conclave, a discord made for players that help Minikloon add stuff to pit. These players include StevenTreeWork (Owner of Pit Community), TacNayn, Automized, and a few more players (Maybe more were added as well). Many of these players are from the Hypixel Player Council but a few of those players are not. Mini, Automized has account shared and Auto, Tac, and Wayvern are part of a dupe group with a big duper you probably know of called MajorEvent, you really want those type of people in the Conclave?
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  7. owly

    owly Active Member

    It'd be appreciated if you messaged Mini himself instead of going around leaking shit on the forums trying to stir the pot.
  8. why not, shouldnt the general public know about it
  9. owly

    owly Active Member

    Considering the group is private; no. Message Mini with proof of your claims and he's gonna respond in a way the team deems appropriate.
  10. I can expose whatever I want, if it comes into my knowledge, thats where Freedom of Press comes in, if the press gets the hands on private information, legally they are allowed to post and publish that information, and thats what I just did.
  11. owly

    owly Active Member

    I wouldn't assume public laws apply to a private company unless stated so. Companies have non-disclosure agreements for a reason. You're probably better off deleting the replies.
  12. But an admin who has went through literal years of promotions and training shouldn't make this big of a mistake
  13. Microsoft also failed with Windows Phone.
  14. He's an admin on Hypixel the biggest Minecraft server on planet earth, he has went through a lot of training and promotions for years and yet you are taking up for him? Yes no one is perfect but he has had more then enough time to actually release some content or at least TELL us what's going on and why its delayed.
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  15. What does that have to do with anything at hand? We are talking about the pit, Minecraft, hypixel. Stop taking up for him as if he actually has an excuse
  16. I get that the pit has many updates in the future, but many players are angry about the fact that Minikloon has not been giving any notice of when these updates are coming out. Especially when an update was promised in March, and nothing happened, people were upset with him. Though, I’m grateful because I know how much time and effort he puts into pit.
  17. I see nothing in the rules that would "punish" me for leaking information
  18. Melofors

    Melofors Member

  19. -left-

    -left- Well-Known Member

    If he did, still, this topic needs to be at the top of discussion. I didnt see his thread anywhere in the first few pages, that's why you can call it dead

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