1. ~- Starter mode -~
    ALL kits will be at level one, Each game has 10 players. You need to have less than 500 kills to play this mode. There will be custom small maps for that mode.

    Why should we add this?
    As of right now Nothing is helping new players. There is to many X's. Before you say "We have no kits mode"
    What IF SlyproX is playing no kits mode and everyone but him is new to blitz, SlyproX can use it as a grinding mode, Which isn't fair for no players

    - Can help new players

    - There won't be any X's
    - There won't be any pros

    - Small player base

    - Hackers can ruin the gamemode
    - it might not help new players

    Sorry if this is a horrible idea, I haven't made a blitz idea for a long time.
    I still want to help blitz SG.

    Tell me what you think!
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  2. FO0T

    FO0T Active Member

    Galex GALEX
    It's a creative idea but i don't think it's a good idea because there is going to be a LOT of hackers.
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  3. Maybe you should be lvl 5? and higher?
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  4. I like the idea... but as said above, hackers would ruin it :c
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  5. NKM already exists. There is only so much you could do to help new players. NKM games should start faster though, a lot faster. As fast as SkyWars games start. Maybe with fewer players as you said. That way, new players aren't bored to death waiting when they could be playing SW instead.
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  7. This would never fill if it's only 24ppl maps
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  8. You act like slypro is the best at pvp. He is good, not the best. And just because you are new to blitz does not mean you are new to pvp. Ive killed countless level Xs on my alt and my highest kit is archer 6
  9. Sueshe

    Sueshe Well-Known Member

    I know that bsg can't support another mode so either this mode or the other modes will take an unnecessary hit.
  10. Arvxyx

    Arvxyx Well-Known Member

    More Problems:

    - Level 1 Kits are GARBAGE and hard to distinguish between
    - NKM exists
    - You would need to show us an example of these "custom maps" to give us a better understanding

    I know you're trying to help the bsg community out but this would die fast. No kit mode is simply better, so what if I get an extra leather helmet from my level kit.
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  11. CrazyWallsBoosterLol

    CrazyWallsBoosterLol Well-Known Member

    NKM helped good enough for me when I first started..

    Bsg community is like 600 or something (dont remember, havent checked in a while)
    lets say around 350 Plays KM, 100 NKM, and 150 starter.

    Literally would split the community up even more, and People With bad timezones wouldn't be able to play due to all the splitting.
  12. its pretty much mini maps, some maps are smaller versions, like a mini version of winter and a new map for that mode pretty much xD
  13. Arvxyx

    Arvxyx Well-Known Member

    yes yes but the dimensions and stuff. if you really want to commit to an idea you gotta do stuff like this, maybe even have a friend or you yourself make a sample
  14. I don't want to be negative but this idea sounds like it's going over the top a bit, that and blitz is basically dead, I don't think this would save it
  15. -Moxhi-

    -Moxhi- Well-Known Member

    Actually slypro is bad and he toggles lmao
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  17. -Moxhi-

    -Moxhi- Well-Known Member

    The three times I fought him, I comboed him out of this dimension, he dipped for a second, came back and all of a sudden could aim and click at 12 CPS lmao
  18. eggs dee

    didn't want to disrespect him so i called him good
  19. firebreather257

    firebreather257 Well-Known Member

    You really want attention and to get something pinned don't you?
  20. No? I have made 21 threads this past week most of them are ideas or milestones.

    Ideas don't get pinned ._.
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