1. So I had this weird idea because alot of people did this with number's on the Forums,
    so basically [STAFF](s) will have to say a animal that start's with "A" and they'll have to put 1 beside the "A" like this "Example - 1" so it's easier to see the order, the same thing with [MEMBER](s) they'll just have to start with "Z" and then they'll have to take "Y" after "Z" And then [STAFF](s) will take "B" afte r" A" etc.

    We're counting up to 100,
    Please follow the rules.

    By ~ [MVP++] TheAncientBook [DAILY]
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  2. SlashBoop

    SlashBoop Well-Known Member

    Uhmmm A?
  3. A?
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