1. The Big Damage Calculator:
    Since the original by Not_A_Neko sadly is outdated and has not gotten any updates for way over a month now, I feel like it is time to get out my edit. So here is my updated and upgraded version of his great work:
    >> Link to the NEW, updated and upgraded Spreadsheet <<
    1. Log in to your google account
    2. Under 'File > Make a Copy' and copy the Spreadsheet to your google drive account.
    3. Fill in all the Talisman/Accessories in the 'My Talisman' spreadsheet including the reforges.
      You can select if you have them in your inventory or your bag so that you can disable all those in the inventory with one click at the top of the page.
    4. Fill all your stats in the 'My Stats' spreadsheet. You can look those up in the SkyBlock Menu and with asking Maddox the Slayer in the Tavern.
    5. Fill all your armor, and weapon stats in the dark yellow marked fields in the spreadsheets 'Sword Damage Calculator' and 'Bow Damage Calculator'
    6. Now everything is set up. The reason for such a long setup process is so once it is all set up you can change one value when Hypixel tells you so in e.g 'Skill Level Up' message. Then you just need to change one number instead of multiple.
    7. You can now start to change values and see how the damage behaves.

    The Fixed Original:
    And for those of you who prefer the clean old, but restricted version. Here is a fixed version of it:
    >> Link to a fixed version of Not_A_Neko's calculator <<

    Status of the newest Calculator:

    Hypixel has changed some things in 0.7.2 and made old things more relevant and I'm collecting all the data I can get about the new Slayer Quest Update. I got a good portion of it covered now so I released it but it is far from comlete. One thing for example I haven't added yet is the Zombie and Spider Defence of the tarantula and Reverant set, because I dont know much about it yet.

    Testing and Bug Reports:
    Please respond with the following two things if you think something is wrong or you want to confirm something is right:
    1. a share link to your filled copy of my calculator with all your stats entered
    Untitled spreadsheet1 - Google Sheets - Google Chrome 2019-09-23 12-40-22_cut(2).gif
    2. a First Strike to an unharmed (maybe even just spawned) Enderman / Zealot screenshot):
    Press F2 while playing Minecraft.
    Then press T to open the chat. Pressing on the timestamp in chat should now open the screenshot just taken.
    Now you can just rightclick on the picture and open the directory where it is saved or - under windows 10 - you can just click copy and that way you can paste it in you reply.
    Here is how such a screenshot should look like:
    • reforged enchanted Slime Bow and Magma Bow (with used ability and without if that is possible and usind and archery porion)
      • I am working on the Archery potion working with those bows.
        (already have one data set for the Magma Bow from Jason-Y, but i need more)
        • I now got a Magma Bow myself but the damage calculator works fime with Archery I and III potions. Either Hypixel fixed something or it just works fine for me...
      • The rest should be fine, but I'd like to have a little confirmation for the Slime Bow.

    Credits - Big thankyou to these guys:
    Jason-Y - tested and confirmed that the Pigman Sword works correctly, tested the Magma Bow (incl. Archery III potion) and tested and confirmed Execute and Giant killer works fine.
    SuperiorArmor, FantaUvaXD and Woerrr - provided the data needed to figure out the Leaping Sword bug
    BitterSweetDeath - had the idea to add some armor set bonuses, suggested to add weakness potions and AotJ and told me that dragon hunter goes up to lv5 and found a spelling error
    LappySheep - for the Emerald Blade Formular over here

    SuperiorArmor - Told me that something is wrong with Shredder and Midas' Sword
    Dimerite - told me what exactly was wrong with the Midas Sword calculation
    SoshJam - brought me the idea to add a Fairy Soul calculator
    zirkill007- told me about some hats
    FlamingoMan - suggested a new formating
    espen_100 - had the idea to add an armor stats calculator
    SphtMarathon - for telling me that I swapped some pigman sword values
    - had the idea to add crit and strength potion effects

    Changed since the latest major update 10.0:
    • Fixed the Mastiff set bonus the third time - lets see if i find any other bracket errors and stuff like that with it
    • Added some Talisman
    • Added some Flux orbs
    • Fixed the Mastiff set bonus and the shaman sword - this time it looks good but its still a bit odd...
    • Fixed the Mastiff set bonus - I hope (somehow you cant solo the t4 wolf in my calculation which should be possible)
    • Fixed a bug with the fight duration
    • Added the time out state to the slayer calculator assuming it is 180s but I don't know.
    • Added the 3 Zombie Hearts with their HP/s doubling ability and some other armor and weapon abilities
    • Fixed a typo (HP/s instead of EHP/s)
    • Added the Live Steal having different damage/healing values for different type of mobs
    • Added Talisman Defence Effects
    • Added a Slayer Boss Survival calculator at the bottom of the Sword Damage Calculator
    Changed since the latest major update 9.0:
    • Fixed Bane of Arthropods
    • Added all mobs, weapons and stat incrementors I could get my hands on so far.
    Changed since the latest major update 8.0:
    • Added a list of mobs for the Execute and Giant Killer enchantment
    • Removed the override oprion because of the new health and defence calculator. You could still write in the cells next to the stats as it was before. I just removed the formating, but I did not change the formulars.
    • Added Bane of Arthropods and Smite as well as final damage for Spiders and Zombies
    • Added a health and defence calculator including some armor set boni. I dont know how the growth armor set ability works...
    • Added End Stone Sword ability checkbox
    • Added Moskito Bow ability and other leaked stuff - or at least i think I did...

    Changed since the latest major update 7.0:
    • Added Magma Cream / Slime Ball Munition switch for the Magma and Slime Bow
    • Fixed the Night Crystal I destroyed in 7.4. The strength effect still dissapears for a short time when switching between day and night on the Hypixel side. So if the Damage calculated is to high or to low, keep in mind that it could be that youve looked up your stats or dealt damage at that exact moment.
    • Added a small option to the talisman list. You can now select with one checkbox, if your aditional talisman overflowing in your inventory are equipted or just the ones in the bag.
    • Magma Bow got tested by Jason-Y, so i could fix it.
    • Pigman Sword got tested and confirmed to work correctly by Jason-Y. Thank you for that.
    • Added the four leaked Dungeon Update Weapons but without the abilitys because I can't test these yet
    • Fixed entering zero Fairy Souls
    • Fixed entering non valid input in the Execute Formular
    • Fixed entering non valid input in the Giant Killer Formular
    • Added a more precise calculation of the Execute enchant
    • Added a more precise calculation of the Giant Killer enchant
    • Made a toggle switch for the First Strike enchant
    • Changed Stat wight Calculator
    • Fixed Shredder and Midas' Sword
      Thanks to SuperiorArmor for telling me
    Changed since the latest major update 6.0:
    • Made the selection of the Leaping Sword bug checkbox automatic
    • Added Traded Fairy Souls Calculator
    • Added a link to go to this forum post
    • Added the Spider Hat, Creeper Hat, Blaze Hat, Blobfish Hat and Pufferfish Hat
    • Added a checkbox for the Leaping Sword Bug (crit damage multiplier is multiplied by 1.2 when holding a leaping sword).
      Big thanks to SuperiorArmor, FantaUvaXD and Woerrr who provided the data.
    • Tested and Fixed the End Stone Sword Ability
    • Reformated input cells and added altering colores to the talisman list
    • Added the formular for the Emerald Blade Coins using the formular mentioned by LappySheep
    • Tested and Fixed the Superior Set Bonus
    • Tested and Fixed the Monster Hunter Set Bonus
    List of old changes from the first changes I made to the original by Not_A_Neko to the changes I did to my last major version 6.0
    • Fixed the Magma Bow Damage only doubling for magma cubes.
    • Removed the Refraction Bonus because it does not effect the reforge stats for the damage.
      I assumed the opposite because it does affect the defence and abillity stats.
    • Fixed the additional arrows of the Hurricane Bow.
      I didn't know that none of the enchants apply to them until I could test it.
    • added Weakness pots
      (the results should be wrong, because Hypixel has to fix a bug that i've found during testing.
      And yes I already reported it. This should be fixed one day and then the calculation should be correct)
    • added Aspect of the Jerry
    • fixed the Stat Wight Calculator
    • you can now see the actual Crit Chance behind the word in brackets e.g. Crit Chance (106%)
      That way you can estimate how many Talisman you can reforge from Godly / Zealous Talisman to Itchy and still get 100% Crit Chance.
    • added Talisman Calculator, Foraging Level and Fairy Soul stats
    • added a Mana field for the End Stone Sword assuming that the damage is calculated the same way as it is with the End Stone Bow. Tell me if I'm wrong.
    • added a bow damage calculator incl. Archery potion and bow enchants / reforges
      • If anything is far off please tell me, but if it is just 2 or 3 damage points it is probably just the calculation of the Snipe enchantment for more than one arrow. For the Snipe enchantment of extra arrows I've done an approximation, so a tiny variation of a few points is ok.
    • added an armor stats calculator [thx for the idea espen_100]
    • added potion effects Strength and Critical [thx for the idea Enderslayer_MC]
    • the Sharpness bug in Hypixel SkyBlock has been solved.
      This changed how the enchantment damages and the combat level damage is calced.
    • added a list of Swords (copied from the Megit Spreadsheet) so you don't have to input the Sword stats manually
    • added a list of Reforges (copied from the Megit Spreadsheet) so you don't have to input these stats manually
    • added a field for a Hot Potato count for you to play with
    • added a field where you can insert the ammout you've paid for the Midas' Sword for you to play with
    • added some test fields so you dont have to look up your stats all the time when you overwrite them.
    • added the critical enchantment
    • removed the Superior bug field because it has been solved by Hypixel
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2019 at 6:53 AM
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  2. Dimerite

    Dimerite Active Member

    Love all the additions it's even better now. Thank you very much!
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  3. LinkYep

    LinkYep Member

    Result are perfect, now I know that I can't OS with my AOTE lel
  4. Can you add the monster hunter bonus as a check-mark to it? (like the old superior bonus)
    Im not saying its a good set, but it would be interesting to see how the damage compared to the ender and dragon sets :)
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  5. I would like to ask to add a "Potions" field, whenever you drink a potion of Crit/Strength so it adds up to your current stats and you don't manually add them to your final ones.

    It could work like a checklist (like the Reforges/Weapon Field), and you select the various levels of that specific potion.
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  6. Bro2owenz

    Bro2owenz New Member

    How do i use it? It seems like its cool
  7. You copy it under File > Make a copy to your google drive accout
    Nice ideas! I'll think about how to add those.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2019
  8. Added it in, but I need someone to test if my assumptions are correct about the Monster Hunter, the Crystal and the Superior Set Bonus. If they are not, I would need a screenshot of the input and the correct damage that is dealt to try and fix this.
    Cool Idea added in right away :)
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2019
  9. Your Pigman sword values are off. It's 200 damage, 100 strength, 5% crit chance, and 20% crit damage. You have chance and damage swapped.
  10. Thanks! Fixed it right away!
  11. Added a bow Damage Calculator.
    If anything is far off please tell me, but if it is just 2 or 3 damage points it is probably just the calculation of the Snipe enchantment for more than one arrow. For the Snipe enchantment of extra arrows I've done an approximation, so a tiny variation of a few points is ok.
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  12. Could you fix the spelling error on dragon hunter and also make it go above 1? Max dragon hunter is 5, apart from that: amazing work :)
    Ill use this spreadsheet all the time now to squeeze out those last few damage in the boss battles :D

    Also I got an error if you only have leggings on, with the bow dmg calculator. Got a mistake with STR value that then ruined every single other dmg stat. This could probably easily be fixed by just doing like you have done with the sword dmg calc.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2019
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  13. Thx, it is fixed.
    I now assumed that dragon hunter V makes 5 * 8% = 40% more damage. Is that correct?
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    • fixed the slimebow: added 50 Crit Damage
    • added a Mana field for the End Stone Sword assuming that the damage is calculated the same way as it is with the End Stone Bow
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
  14. Update news:
    • added Talisman Calculator, Foraging Level and Fairy Soul stats
  15. LinkYep

    LinkYep Member

    Damn this is really great
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  16. Oh, I just realized that. Thanks, i fixed that, too.
  17. I just wish you wouldnt have to bump posts in this forum so they would stay relevant. I swear posts die after 10-20min
  18. Yea, sadly you're right. There should be one forum for usefull guides and spreadsheets, one for questions and one for flexing and other stuff or something like that.
    Looking on the bight side: At least in this post there is something to bump with: updates, bug-reports and discussions.
    And this post has already over 850 views and 10 useful reactions. Thank you all for that! It makes me very happy to see that you like what I've created :)
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
  19. Do you have any idea what weight actually means? I think the thing neko did about it was judging which stats contribute most to dmg if you get 1 or 5 more of that stat, but to me it seems a bit off. I get 2% crit, and take away my str pot, but the system still wants me to go crit. But apparently if I had 5 more statpoints, it would be better with str? But why is it that I remove 20 str, it still wants me to go crit then? I guess since Im using a full strong set, with full fairy souls, the highest str sword in the game and also foraging levels and the best reforges, that the formula doesnt need more str, and wants crit dmg instead. Still makes me wonder if str is that much better than crit, when Ive changed around 20 reforges now to get more crit and I keep getting more dmg....

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