1. (Update: now, more accurate!
    Guide: https://hypixel.net/threads/tutorial-how-to-one-tap-zealots-with-aspect-of-the-end.2227172/)

    Lot of players msg me to test indivual cases of why they weren't one tapping zealots. So I decided to make a spreadsheet that will tell you if you are able to one tap or no, and in case you can't, what you can tweak to reach 13k damage


    You have to introduce your stats, in the top left block, while holding your sword. To do this, you have to Hold your god sword == > Open menu with E ==> Left click on the nether star, this way, you will access the menu while holding the sword.
    This stats include almost everything: armor, talismans, pots, critical V enchant... so you don't have to do anything else but sellecting your enchants.

    Now, the great part is the What If? Here you can test what effects switching from zealous to itchy will have (you have to manually add the -% and the +% correspondingly), or you can add the effects of potions without having to drink them.
    [Work in progress: stats calculation of re-reforging talismans: you introduce rarity, amount, reforge you have and reforge you want, and it will calculate how stats will change]

    (Note: Strengh adds a raw number, not a percentage. Ex: Strenght V adds +40 Strengh, not 40% of your total Strenght)

    I would apreciate some feedback on what could be improved and if it was useful to you!

    ----------------------------- FILE LINK ------------------------

    To edit the file, you need to be log in with Google. Go to the file, and make a copy of it
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  2. Something is odd, I crit for 7920 and the spreadsheet says max crit 6803.
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  3. EmSeeDeeEm

    EmSeeDeeEm Well-Known Member

    Can you put this for a couple more weapons such as 50m midas, pigman sword, aotd, just so we can see how much we can/should deal
  4. Bump! Now it is accurate and you can introduce a custom sword!
  5. P4iiin

    P4iiin New Member

    is the base damage for everyone?
    on the left side bottom
  6. Nooo, in the base stats you have to fill yours. Hold your sword, open Minecraft menu with E and click the nether star to open the SB menu and see your base stats while holding the sword

    Then change the data I put in the base stats for yours
  7. _3rik

    _3rik Well-Known Member

    First Place Frags FPF
    huh, it says i can do max 12.2k dmg but i do 14.5k :/

  8. P4iiin

    P4iiin New Member

    can u give me permissions to edit my stats?
  9. Why does no one cares about lethality? It reduce the defense and helps the damage a lot
  10. Zach1809

    Zach1809 Well-Known Member

    Because it's only effective on the second hit i'm pretty sure, so if you one tap it doesn't really matters. (I think).
  11. You need to make a copy of the file and you can edit that copy.
    You have be log in with a google account to access that possibility
    It’s in the file menu -> make a copy
  12. I think lethality only works with armor not defense, that or what Zach said
  13. Reducing the armor effect means lowering the stats of the armor, therefore lowering the defense.
  14. Yeah but zealots don’t have armor
  15. EzCheeezy

    EzCheeezy New Member

    Wait so if I do 301 crit can I one shot zealots?
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  16. Is the base stats outside or inside the end?

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