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    Hey hey,

    Get ready to be spooked, because this year's Halloween Event on Hypixel has finally begun! We have been working hard to add brand new content alongside all of your favorite additions from last year's event.

    This spooky update contains these NEW features:
    • SkyBlock Halloween Cosmetics
    • The Hypixel Store has spooky 25% off sale! Five Spooky Bundles are available which contains a lot of items, valued at an 85% discount!
    • Updated SkyWars, Bed Wars, and Murder Mystery Spooky Loot Chests with a bunch of new cosmetics!
    • 17 brand new Halloween-inspired game achievements
    • New Murder Mystery Special Quest
    • ONE new Murder Mystery Map
    • TWO spooky SkyWars & Bed Wars Maps each (4 total)
    • Main Lobby: Reskinned lobby, random lightning returns!, 3 brand new Turbo Bat Racers courses, new Candy Basket hunt, and Spooky Scary Skeleton room
    With these returning features from previous Halloween events:
    • Main Lobby: Pumpkin Smash, Turbo Bat Racers, Undead Shooting Range
    • Build Battle Halloween Hyper Mode
    • Spooky SkyWars games (formerly "corrupted")
    • Special modes and bonus quests for SkyWars, Build Battle, Murder Mystery
    • 5 reskinned maps for Bed Wars and SkyWars
    • Halloween Mystery Boxes earned from The Spooky Man
    Keep reading to learn all about the spooky additions!

    Updated Spooky Main Lobby


    The Main Lobby received a spooky redesign for this year's event! Here are some of the things you can do:
    • Candy Basket Hunt (Find all 25 Candy Baskets. Listen for the heartbeats!)
    • New Turbo Bat Racers courses (behind the spawn on the left-hand side)
    • Pumpkin Smash (to the right of the portal)

    There are 25 Candy Baskets hidden in the Main Lobby! Find them all for an awesome reward!

    With this update we have also added brand new lobby cosmetics which you can find in Halloween Mystery Boxes! Of course all Halloween-themed lobby cosmetics from previous events are still available in this year's Halloween Mystery Boxes.

    • Dark Energy Cloak (Legendary)
    • Dark Angel Cloak (Legendary)
    • Twisted Cloak (Legendary)
    • Magma Boss Suit
      • Magma Boss Suit Hat (Legendary)
      • Magma Boss Suit Chestplate (Epic)
      • Magma Boss Suit Leggings (Epic)
      • Magma Boss Suit Boots (Rare)
    • Headless Horseman Suit
      • Headless Horseman Suit Hat (Legendary)
      • Headless Horseman Suit Chestplate (Epic)
      • Headless Horseman Suit Leggings (Epic)
      • Headless Horseman Suit Boots (Rare)
    • Treat Fountain (Rare)
    • Graveyard (Epic)
    Click Effects
    • Skull Click Effect (Epic)
    • Wither Skeleton Morph (Rare)
    • Cave Spider Morph (Rare)
    • Bouncy Spider Pet (Legendary)
    • Killer Rabbit Pet (Epic)
    SkyBlock Halloween Cosmetics


    You can claim these cosmetics via the Spooky Man in the SkyBlock hub!


    Sprays (in order left to right, top to bottom)
    • Another Dimension (MVP++)
    • Creeper (VIP)
    • Eek! (MVP+)
    • Let Us In (MVP)
    • Porkchop (MVP+)
    • Trick Or Treat (MVP)
    • Undead Jerry (VIP+)
    • Whoosh (VIP+)
    • Zombie Grave (MVP++)
    • Flying Bats (VIP+)
    • Candy Bowl (MVP)
    • Ghost Book (MVP+)
    • Cauldron (MVP++)
    • Halloween Candles (VIP+)
    • Stacked Pumpkins (MVP)
    • Illusion Glass (VIP)

    Minion Skins
    • Undead Minion Skin (MVP+)
    • Skull Minion Skin (VIP+)
    • Killer Minion Skin (MVP++)
    Bed Wars, SkyWars, and Murder Mystery Spooky Loot Chests


    During this Halloween event, you will be able to receive a free Spooky Loot Chest by visiting the Shop in any SkyWars, Bed Wars, and Murder Mystery lobby!

    All Loot Chests received by leveling up in Bed Wars and all Loot Chests received through Halloween Quests in Bed Wars, SkyWars, and Murder Mystery will be Spooky Loot Chests.

    Spooky Chests contain the new Halloween cosmetics as well as the existing normal and previous Halloween cosmetics. Spooky Loot Chests can only be purchased or unlocked during the seasonal event, and you can buy Spooky cosmetics directly using the game's currency!

    ▶ Available in Bed Wars, SkyWars, and Murder Mystery


    Sprays (Bed Wars, SkyWars)
    Kill Notes (Murder Mystery)
    • Boo! (Rare)
    • Fake Vampire (Epic)
    • GG WPumpkin (Legendary)
    • Perfect Sword Throw (Rare)
    • Scared (Epic)
    • Skeleton Says Hi (Legendary)
    Victory Dances
    • Haunted Victory Dance (Legendary)
    Projectile Trails
    • Bone Projectile Trail (Epic)
    • Pumpkin Pie Projectile Trail (Epic)
    • Twisted Projectile Trail (Legendary)
    • Wingman Projectile Trail (Legendary)
      • This Projectile Trail does not need to be unlocked again in Murder Mystery
    ▶ Bed Wars Only Halloween Cosmetics
    Island Toppers
    • Skeleton Thumbs Up (Legendary)
    • Candy Basket (Epic)
    • Gravestone (Rare)
    • Boo! (Rare)
    • Candy Corn (Epic)
    Shopkeeper Skins
    • Enderman (Epic)
    • Killer (Rare)

    ▶ SkyWars Only Halloween Cosmetics
    • Clown Balloon (Rare)
    • Ghost Balloon (Legendary)
    • Tombstone (Rare)
    • Bubbling Cauldron (Epic)
    • Castle (Common)

    ▶ Murder Mystery Only Halloween Cosmetics
    Final Words
    • Trick Or Treating (Epic)
    Knife Skins
    • Healthy Treat (Enchanted Apple) (Rare)
    Halloween Maps
    This year we added 5 brand new Halloween maps to Bed Wars, SkyWars, and Murder Mystery!

    Bed Wars Darkened

    Bed Wars Trick Or Treat

    SkyWars Undead Isle

    SkyWars Witches Brew

    Murder Mystery Spooky Mansion

    We have also enabled these reskinned Halloween maps from last year's event:
    • Bed Wars Eastwood
    • Bed Wars Speedway
    • SkyWars Shire
    • SkyWars Strata
    • SkyWars Tribute
    Seasonal Quests
    All quests from last year's event are making a comeback with adjusted rewards! We have also added a Halloween quest to Murder Mystery.

    Bed Wars Special Daily: Nightmares

    Bed Wars Special Weekly: Pumpkinator

    SkyWars Special Quest: Harvest Season

    Build Battle Special Daily: Hyper

    Murder Mystery Special Quest: Killer Instinct

    New Achievements
    We added 17 brand new Halloween-themed achievements across the network, adding up to a total of 115 new achievement points!
    • All Baskets (2019) - 5 Achievement Points
      Find all Candy Baskets in the Main Lobby
    • Five Baskets (2019) - 5 Achievement Points
      Find five Candy Baskets in the Main Lobby
    • Clock Tower Trip Completion - 5 Achievement Points
      Complete Clock Tower Trip in Turbo Bat Racers
    • Pumpkin Jump Completion - 5 Achievement Points
      Complete Pumpkin Jump in Turbo Bat Racers
    • Seaside Drive Completion - 5 Achievement Points
      Complete Seaside Drive in Turbo Bat Racers
    • Clock Tower Trip Great Time - 10 Achievement Points
      Complete Clock Tower Trip in under 0:42
    • Pumpkin Jump Great Time - 10 Achievement Points
      Complete Pumpkin Jump in under 1:05
    • Seaside Drive Great Time - 10 Achievement Points
      Complete Seaside Drive in under 1:15
    • Killer Loot - 5 Achievement Points
      Open 1 Murder Mystery Spooky Chest
    • Spooky Looks - 5 Achievement Points
      Open a Halloween Mystery Box during the Halloween Event
    • Pumpkins Will Rise - 5 Achievement Points
      Win a game of Murder Mystery while wearing the Pumpkin Animated Hat
    • Devil's Ride - 10 Achievement Points
      Place in the Top 3 in Turbo Kart Racers while using the Diablo Turbobrine Kart Skin
    • See Through - 5 Achievement Points
      Activate the ability of the Ghost Hat in Paintball
    • Fear The Pumpkinator - 10 Achievement Points
      Complete the Pumpkinator Special Weekly Quest in Bed Wars
    • 'Tis The Season - 10 Achievement Points
      Complete the Harvest Season Special One-Time Quest in Skywars
    • Be Free - 5 Achievement Points
      Punch a Bouncy Spider Pet in a lobby
    • Secret Achievement - 5 Achievement Points
    We have also enabled all Halloween achievements from last year's event!

    We hope you enjoy the new updates! As always, report all bugs here so we can fix them as soon as possible!
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