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    The Halloween update is here, with plenty of things to do and earn!

    Here are the NEW features this edition:
    • Updated Bed Wars Spooky chest with 16 new cosmetics​
    • 20 Halloween-inspired game achievements​
    • Build Battle Halloween Hyper Mode + a new set of Halloween backdrops​
    • TWO fully new Murder Mystery Maps and a dozen new Halloween cosmetics​
    • Corrupted SkyWars games + 2 reskinned maps​
    • Special modes and bonus quests for SkyWars, Build Battle, Murder Mystery (+ updated Pumpkinator!)​
    • Main Lobby games: new Turbo Bat Racers course and Archery minigame, new ghost locations​
    That is on top of existing features from last year:​
    • Main Lobby - Ghost Hunt, Pumpkin Smash, TBR, spooky themed​
    • 5 reskinned maps for Bed wars and Sky Wars (8 total)​
    • Halloween Mystery Boxes earned from The Spooky Man​
    Click to read all the spooky details!

    Spooky Maps
    This year we remodeled 2 SkyWars maps: Fossil & Strata. That's on top of the ones from last year.
    We also created 2 brand new Murder Mystery maps!​




    Special Quests & Modes
    Sky Wars

    During Halloween, SkyWars games have a chance of corrupting during solo/team insane mode games. It is a one-time chest refill containing special spooky items. You have until the end of the Halloween event to complete the Harvest Season quest.
    Build Battle

    The Hyper mode features 100+ spooky themes.
    It also has slightly modified rules:​
    • 4 mins to build instead of 5
    • 12 players instead of 16
    • No theme voting
    • Faster voting
    We also added 6 Halloween-themed backdrops available with Build Battle coins.​



    Bed Wars

    We updated the Pumpkinator quest to only reward up to 5 pumpkins from regular kills per game, but drops 2 pumpkins for final kills and bed destructions.


    We added about 20 game challenges for achievement hunters to complete during the Halloween period. There are also achievements for new Halloween content like the Archery range game in the far back of the main lobby. Progress on tiered achievements as well as relevant unlocked achievements were kept from last year.

    We also updated the locations of the ghosts in the main lobby, with a new set of achievements for them.


    New & Exclusive Cosmetics
    There are four sources of new unlockables across the update:
    1. Bed Wars Spooky Chests
    2. Exclusive cosmetics from Store Bundles
    3. Murder Mystery Loot Chests
    4. Build Battle in-game shop (new backdrops)

    On top of the 30+ existing exclusive cosmetics in the Spooky Chests, we added 16 new ones!

    Throughout the event, you will also earn Halloween Mystery Boxes by playing anywhere on the server.
    If you are VIP, VIP+, MVP or MVP+, you can also get free Mystery Boxes at the Spooky Man in each lobby.

    Thanks for being part of Hypixel this October!
    We hope to see you in game finding ghosts and smashing pumpkins and cool cosmetics.
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  2. farewellminecraft

    farewellminecraft Well-Known Member

    @Minikloon Why are there no SkyWars halloween cosmetics? There were SkyWars easter cosmetics from the easter chests, so there is precedent. So what happened this time? (especially since the SW cosmetic system came after the BW and MM cosmetic systems). I'd really like to know because I really want those cosmetics.

    here's a thread about it: https://hypixel.net/threads/hi-im-a...t-the-halloween-update.1847695/#post-14137043

    oh and the exclusive bundle ones don't count, where's ghast rider, batcrux, and the like? to my knowledge even the bundle ones aren't in the menus yet, nor is ender cage EDIT: the bundle ones were just added but not the normal ones

    Just...why? why only Bedwars and not duels or sw? (or any other game on the network) It just doesn't make any sense from any standpoint.

    Are skywars spooky chests not profitable for some reason? That's the only reason I can think of (even that doesn't make much sense), since it's not that you can't add cosmetics to skywars at this time (because the bundles have a couple new SW cosmetics) or that you can't port them (to my knowledge the current cosmetic system was designed for easier portability) or that these games aren't supposed to get halloween cosmetics (it got easter cosmetics, and again, bundles). Even bedwars got some new ones that weren't in the bundles like the final kill shouters and the soul ripper effect and the kill messages that are probably the easiest to create. Why not SW?

    I'm really hoping that they're still coming and just aren't complete yet.
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  3. Stannya

    Stannya Well-Known Member

    Blue Crew BLUCRU
    S P O O K
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  4. First Page boys gimme them ratings!!!!

    Edit: Yes! Let’s keep getting dislikes!!
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  5. Hype!
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  6. Hype!!!!!
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  7. creditkarma

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  8. UHC Update please!!!!
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  10. Rodan

    Rodan Well-Known Member

    Kraken assault speed run is harder than dark souls 3 for these reasons
    Hitboxes are messed up
    Half the time they don't register
    Bat can't fall straight
    Missing 1 checkpoint makes you fail
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  11. Hype
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  12. SKDemon

    SKDemon Active Member

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    Ayy first page!

    Finally! Ive been waiting since the beginning of October :p. Cant wait to complete the new achievements, glad they added more than 4.
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  13. MagicTin

    MagicTin Well-Known Member

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  14. Yeah, and it's really nice that you keep achievements of 2017 ;)
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  15. voidy

    voidy Well-Known Member

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  16. HOIPE!!!!
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  17. AMAZING!
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  18. Exciting stuff but theres no VampireZ ach? :thinking:
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  19. flyyy_

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