1. Today on January 23rd 2020, me, Spinominus_Rex, has reached 380,000 kills as 26th player in Hypixel Paintball Warfare's history. I got the final kill in Gladiator, in a red team, and fortunately won the match. A new big milestone has been achieved. When played first games in summer 2015, I wouldn't have guessed to be this close for 400k milestone five years after. This is simply great I'd say.

    All statistics at the moment:

    Kills - 380,000
    Deaths - 173,844
    Ratio - 206,156
    Wins - 7,039

    Killstreaks - 72,485
    Shots - 17,572,603

    Kills per death - 2.19
    Shots per kill - 46.24

    Thank you for reading and giving attention. Have a good day or night, wherever you just live.
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