1. Thank you for explaining precisely every achievement it really helps!

    Btw: you wrote "aachievements" instead of "achievements"
  2. Thank you, fixed! :D
  3. Something else I would like to point out is that One Happy Rusher (getting a kill in first 30 seconds of the game) is possible in Normal Mode; the timer for it seems to start after grace period starts. (it's how I got it)
  4. Oh yeah, I got it on an alt in normal mode when I was testing achievements, I just forgot to change it. Thanks for reminding me :D
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  5. Technically you could kill a player using the oink kit but that's pretty much the only other way.
  6. Technically you could also have the oink kit items from a teammate too.
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    Nice guide. Also why did you block me 6 months ago. Also also, are you SANS UDNERTALE??!?!?!?!?
  8. really helped! thank you

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