1. Im the only one tired to see peoples spamming in every skywars game to join they'r idiot guild? Like literally every game russians spam about join a idiot guild. Why don't they get muted?
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  2. You can advertise your guild/party/housing but not social media
  3. BryanPY

    BryanPY Well-Known Member

    Serious ERROR
    Since it’s not against the rules.

    If you think it’s annoying, you can use /ignore add [player] or
    So you won’t see those messages.
  4. Hello there!

    Advertising your guild is not punishable, however spamming is. If you think the user is spamming it to much in the same game/lobby in a small amount of time you can use /report.

    Hope this helped!

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  5. It's a bit annoying, but believe it or not, some people actually join these guilds.
    Spotifi you are literally just night mode Minikloon.
  6. What seems to be the problem about that? haha
  7. Absolutely nothing night mode is cool :D
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  8. dnomyaR

    dnomyaR Well-Known Member

    IfOnly I
    Oh yeah, every time I join lobby and the "welcome message" is :"Don't have guild? Then join our guild! /guild join GUILD!"
  9. Nightmode is better.
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  10. I don’t really care about these people I just ignore them
  11. Wait... you can’t advertise a guild on social media? Why o_O
  12. No you can’t advertise social media on hypixel
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  13. Ah, I read it wrong :p

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