1. Skilled Players Alliance

    Hello! Welcome to the official thread for the Skilled Players Alliance. The SPA is a group for skilled players on the network, and will allow them to have fun with each other and play games together whether it be casually or competitively. Our goal is to merge the different high-raking guilds and players into one massive group of players from all games. Basically, it's a fun VIP lounge for Hypixel veterans. (NOTE: So it is no longer confused for one, this is NOT a guild.)

    Discord Server

    The SPA will have an organized Discord server with roles and staff to make it more central to the modern gaming community. It allows all members to chat with each other in both voice and text channels, and when we eventually host events, will be a great hub for all who decide to participate in the event. It also gives the alliance the tools to broadcast new ideas and updates to the entire alliance in a few simple clicks and to listen to music or meme with it's other members.


    As this is an alliance for skilled players, we do need to have some requirements in place.

    Network Level 100+
    1,000+ Overall Wins
    1,300+ Quests
    Must have Discord

    If you do not meet these requirements, you may not become a full member, however, if you are confident in your PvP skills, you may duel me and have a chance to become an Honorary Member. To duel me, please friend oTeal#2665 on Discord and we can arrange a good time for us to duel each other.

    Application Format

    Please copy and paste the format below into your comment and answer all of the questions to apply. If you are accepted, you will receive a direct message on the forums telling you what to do next to join the alliance. If you are not accepted, we will reply to your comment with the reason of denial. If you are denied, feel free to reapply whenever you 'fix the reason of denial.'
    • IGN:
    • Discord Name & Tag:
    • Network Level:
    • Quests Completed:
    • Overall Wins:
    • Will you be generally mature and follow our Discord rules? (Basically just don't be rude is our rules.):
    • Anything else we should know?:
    If you applied, thank you for your interest, and I wish you the best of luck in getting accepted. If not, then that's fine too. No matter what, have a great day, and I apologize if this thread looks unorganized.


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    • IGN: Swqpping
    • Discord Name & Tag: Swqpping#4848
    • Network Level: 161
    • Quests Completed: 1,536
    • Overall Wins: 7,588
    • Will you be generally mature and follow our Discord rules? (Basically just don't be rude is our rules.): Yes
    • Anything else we should know?: Idk
  2. i would
    but i got banned for a half year for no reason
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  3. That sucks. False bans are the worst.
  4. Accepted. Check conversations for more information.
  5. I think you posted in wrong section lol
  6. No..?? This isn’t a guild
  7. Caleb

    Caleb Well-Known Member

    It sure looks like it, I’d make some sort of note that’s its not lol
  8. You don't need to be skilled at all to get those stats

    With your 1 W/L ratio in duels I don't think you should be the one judging pvp skill
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    • IGN: Oofnerator
    • Discord Name & Tag: BryanTuberMC#0715
    • Network Level: 86
    • Quests Completed: 1028
    • Overall Wins: just 1100 something
    • Will you be generally mature and follow our Discord rules? (Basically just don't be rude is our rules.): Yes
    • Anything else we should know?: I am Chinese, 15-year-old rn and I like helping ppl out through forums and in game. I know I do not fit the requirements of Hypixel level 86 but I don't think my pvp is that bad, I am active in everywhere includes forums. I think you should give me a try on that. I added your discord we can pvp one-day :) . I am an expert on Hypixel as well :)
  9. Nice Alliance :eek:
  10. Messisteve
    More than 2k wins
    I’m good at the bridge almost diamond in it
    Also top 100 in it, 72 place I believe
  11. We have other testers from my guild, if you think you I’m too trash for your time. Also, you need to put time an effort in. I’m not talking skilled in only PvP. Skill comes in many other forms such as reaction time in Hypixel Says, or knowing what to buy and where to go in Zombies. So even if the wins don’t come from PvP games, they still require skill. And often you will need to go out of your way for special quests or something of the sort, which, guess what, requires skill.
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  12. I regret to inform you both that you have been denied. It was because of lack of one or two of the listed statistics, however, please feel free to arrange a time to duel me if you would like to try for honorary member. Thanks for your interest nonetheless, and have a great day!
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  13. Alright. I did so, I see how it could look like one if you hadn’t asked me whether or not it was. Thanks for the feedback.
  14. If you weren't unbanned after an appeal, it wasn't a false ban.
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  15. Not necessarily. There’s like a 99% chance you’re right, but people have before appealed for a false and gotten denied, when it wasn’t a legit ban.
  16. quests aren't hard to get done. even just doing easy quests you could get 1.3k in a few months
  17. if you weren't actually hacking you probably had a use at your own risk mod get you banned, which isn't false
  18. ^^ using any other mods then the allowed ones make a so called "falseban" justified
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