1. if you type /limbo right now, whatever game you're playing it will send you to it's lobby

    but if you do it in pit, it sends you to arcade

    we need to riot pit can't get dumped in arcade
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  2. superstampy127

    O no pit is going to arcade
  3. O M G this is SO SAD

    how could HYPIXEL do this to us?!?!?!/11111!??!?!

    I am literally shidding and crying rn

    omg minikiokaibkiabkikikakbloon-senpai-kun-chan-sensei-kohai-onee-onii-chan-san hwo could you do this?!/11/1/1/
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  4. Oh nO gUyS, we'Re toO lAte!
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  5. Is that real?
    I'm too lazy to check lol
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  6. TimothyIsBawss

    TimothyIsBawss Well-Known Member

    I'll be honest

    Ima be mad if The pit ends up in the arcade
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  7. forgot to update this, but it actually depends on which pit server you join. across a couple servers i found /limbo puts you in

    Arcade (most common)
    Build Battle

    so maybe it's alphabetical or smth idk
  8. @Minikloon No no no no no no no no no no no lol PUT IT BACK
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  9. maybe it depend which games that you last played, but the pit should be release to duel not arcade because it is pvp.
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  10. No Pit should get own lobby
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  11. maybe but it must have a lot new modes and shop and cometic to have it own lobby also it must have a parkour challenge but i think hypixel will not spend money to create a new server and modes and cometic such as kill efect , death cries, victories dance when ranked top 3-20 at majour events or another victori dance when prestigem. if the pit want it own lobby it must need to have a new system and mode and stuff.but the admins will rather create a tower wars lobby because it seems more popular.
  12. Pit is not Duel there are many players in same thing. Its most like Mega Walls but infinite
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  13. if the pit is going to have a lobby it must need to have a majour update but it do not have reason to have its own lobby and putting to arcade is not a bad choice at all because you can earn coins very fast.
  14. it is a pvp games it must need to have a lot new modes and a better system and stuff to have its own lobby!
  15. the biggest reason why it is hard to have its own lobby is it is just a pvp game that do not have a lot of unique part.arcade games are mostly games that are not so popular and dont have a reason to have its own lobby!but reax the pit is mostly be moving to duel not arcade.
  16. it's not moving to duels.
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  17. maybe it is not moving to duels but the lobby that can aceapt the pit is neither arcade nor duels.people at forum want the pit to have it own lobby but it can be happen because of what the pit look like right now, so it will have 70% moving to duel 20% to arcade and 10% having its own lobby.
  18. i mean it cant be happen right now not can be happen
  19. Welp... the pit is going to minigame hell. Rip
  20. No it's not, if you look closely the other games don't say what version they are but the pit does ;)
    If the pit really was in arcade it wouldn't have the version showing. It would also say "new arcade game" above it.
    The arcade games say the amount of players playing on the bottom but the pit says it on the top and "click to play" is on the bottom. The pit NPC is looking slightly lower too... or is it just my imagination?? Lol

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