How do you think campers should be punished? I'd like to know.

Poll closed Jan 3, 2018.
  1. Permanent ban from Murder Mystery game

  2. Temporary ban from Murder Mystery game

  3. [Camper] tag in Murder Mystery game (lol)

  1. Networte

    Networte New Member

    First of all let me just point something out. I am aware that if you get 10 gold and you are the murderer or innocent that you can get 1+ bow shot to kill the murderer or another player.

    Campers ruin Murder Mystery. All they do is when they get to become the murderer is find the detective and kill them. Then they just wait for people to try to get the bow and kill them with ease. Sure there can be tricksters who jump and grab then shoot but, only a small amount of people know how to do that. Or even what the concept is. In my personal opinion campers deserve to be banned from Murder Mystery and Murder mystery only. (Unless they hack or break another rule on Hypixel.) The only reason I believe this is because campers RUIN THE GAME! All they do is sit there! It's pathetic if anything. I see them a lot actually and it is very annoying. Here is one of those examples I have: 2017-08-03_22.35.27.png

    Honestly this is pathetic. You can see about 8 people dead in the same spot. It's just stupid how people do this. I hope that the staff read this and respond to this thread. And maybe even take action about this issue.
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  2. Just don't be stupid to walk to the bow when you see someone camping next to it and you are fine.
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  3. Does it bother you that much? It's an easier strategy than finding all the innocents one by one and killing them off.
    Personally, I wouldn't camp too much, but it does seem like a viable way to win the game.
  4. _nurd

    _nurd Well-Known Member

    Quacking QUACK
    cheap but useable strat lol
  5. Oh my god that text hurts my eyes XD

    Also, your poll is insanely biased -- there's no option for just doing nothing.

    When the murderer camps, the game is easy. You know exactly who the murderer is and where they are. Then, just get gold until you have a bow and shoot them. Or just wait until the end of the game and wait them out.
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  6. don't go for the bow when there's a bunch of dead bodies next to it

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  7. farewellminecraft

    farewellminecraft Well-Known Member

    Camping is a valid strategy that can be countered by getting the one-shot bow or, as you said, jumping in and shooting the guy quickly. It's not my fault that people are stupid and run to the bow like that.

    would go 4 camper tag tho
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  8. The murderer's going to lose if they stay by the bow the whole time anyway, unless everyone is stupid enough to take the bait, which will almost never happen.

    Don't go for the bow if there's someone guarding it, but instead leak the name of the person.
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  9. The 3rd poll option made me LOL so hard...
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  10. NeoSniper

    NeoSniper Active Member

    When you see a bow next to a bunch of dead bodies, the smartest thing to do is to walk straight towards it. Obvious sarcasm
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  11. triggered
  12. Another dumb thread. When you see someone camping around the bow, and they're not taking the bow, you should have enough braincells to realize they're the murderer and you should stay away.
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  13. Sir,
    I would like the [Camper] tag for myself

    -jhmaster2000, professional camper.
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  14. How about you dont go to the bow and you camp the win, there are many alternatives to this just outsmart them and use common sense.
  15. [​IMG]
    Banning people for this is just stupid...

    YES, bowcampers are extremely annoying and perhaps one day I would not mind a feature annoying the murderer when (s)he stays too close to the bow, although banning people for it? Ahw hell no.
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  16. MoonWolf28

    MoonWolf28 Well-Known Member

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  17. Dude what are you talking about those people down are camping in the woods
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  18. I find this post somewhat ridiculous. Bow camping is a legitimate strategy, although it can be annoying to the innocents. However, there are multiple solutions for innocents who are trying to defeat a bow camper. You can just collect a ten gold bow and shoot him/her without the help of the detective bow, or you could tell everyone in chat who the murderer is so they can kill him/her without you risking your own life. Banning people for using a (subjectively) annoying strat seems quite over the top, don't you think?

    Don't take this personally, just stating my thoughts.

  19. b i a s e d p o l l
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  20. SqueakBooster

    SqueakBooster Active Member

    Just work it out with your teamates. There's a reason why there's more innocents than murderers. The chat exists because this is a team game, not a oh who will survive till the end or who will kill the murderer.

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