1. I enjoy doing this and i have collected so many ember pieces and ember rods. It is called killing the magma boss. OK let me explain. Before you start calling me a non or bad, ill just say it is very enjoyable and that it is very competitive. There are at least 1 or 2 superior people and lots of strong and tarantula as well. It ACTUALLY requires skill ( not really but getting there the quickest with aote basically decides who wins). It is very enjoyable when you outdamage people with better armour and swords because a few hits more basically means you have won.
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  2. batoes

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    yes skill when a strong with tara helm gets a maxed runaans and all hpbs when some lapis nons has a savanna bow
  3. Honestly I think dragon fights require way more skill and preparation than magma boss fights
  4. U can legit one tap the boss with a Slime bow there is no skill involved
  5. Dragon fights aren't challenging whatsoever
  6. They do require some degree of skill. Magma fights on the other hand is just pure meleeing and bowing.

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